Få mere seksuel nydelse ved at pleje din indre ild

Get more sexual pleasure by nurturing your inner fire

What is the inner fire and why is it important for sexual pleasure and orgasms?

If you experience difficulty in feeling sexual pleasure, achieving orgasms, or are disassociative from your body and your womb, then this may be an indication that your inner fire is not being cared for. Your inner… what… you might be thinking. Now I have to explain.

Your inner fire represents your sexual energy, your kundalini energy, and your Shakti energy - the feminine, fluid, wet yin energy that boils in the hearth of the womb and helps you experience sexual pleasure and orgasms.


A personal experience with the inner fire and a warning from an inner older woman

In my spiritual practice, I have gained a lot of experience with my own sexuality. I previously published a blog post about my first encounter with my uterus, where I felt at home in a deep part of myself as a woman. The last time I meditated on my womb, I experienced something unexpected. I saw an elderly woman who was very angry with me because I did not take good enough care of my own inner fire. She was very weak and dying because the fire was weak. When I asked about my sex life, she said that my inner fire was not strong enough and therefore I was not ready for more.

I know that the sexual energy is one of the best things in life and it will never completely disappear! But it can happen that it gets a bit tired and boring, and then it may well be a challenge to get your sex life going again. But hey, it's not the end of the world! My inner sorceress told me to take care of my inner fire in the womb, but how do you do that? I think it's about taking care of your sexuality in the same way you take care of a small pet. Give it love, attention and care and it will flourish and grow! Maybe you should go on a sensual journey with your partner, read up on tantra or try new things in the bedroom. Just remember that the inner fire must be kept alive so that it can burn lustily and intensely!

Here are 4 tips to nurture your inner fire

I understand that nurturing your inner fire can be challenging, but it is important to take steps to do so. If you want to achieve more pleasure and better orgasms and at the same time boost the creative fire in you, follow some of these tips:

  1. Get the energy going by dancing, laughing, playing and touching yourself more throughout the day. The more you activate your body and soul, the more your inner fire will burn brightly.

  2. Create something that makes your soul sing and makes you happy and comfortable in your body. When you do something that feels meaningful and authentic, your inner fire will also burn brighter.

  3. Communicate with your womb and listen to your intuition, your heart and your inner wise sorceress. Follow your inner voice and act on what you feel and are told.

  4. Protect your sexuality and set healthy boundaries in love, sex and in your life in general. Be sure to surround yourself with people who respect your boundaries and values. That way, your inner fire will be able to burn brightly and powerfully.

An invitation to go deeper...

Let's dive into your favorite activities, projects and people who bring you a lot of joy, energy and enjoyment in life! But let's also address the activities, projects and people that drain you and drain your energy. So let's look at what you are creating in your life right now that gives you energy, fun and creative flow, and what drains you. And finally, let's brainstorm what you can do to bring more play, fun and enjoyment into your daily life - because life is too short not to have fun!

  • Identify activities, projects and/or people that bring you the most joy, energy and enjoyment in your life
  • Identify activities, projects and/or people that drain you
  • Reflect on what creates energy, fun and creative flow in your life right now
  • Reflect on what is draining you right now in your life
  • Consider what you can do to bring more play, fun and enjoyment into your daily life – because life is too short not to have fun!


I send you so much erotic love!

/ Helle L.

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