Kali - gudinden for ødelæggelse og transformation

Kali - the goddess of destruction and transformation

In my jade egg practice, I often imagine that I am a goddess. One day I thought that I would like to feel like the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and take on the qualities that she represents. So I sat down and closed my eyes and imagined myself as Aphrodite. But suddenly I saw something completely different for me.

To my inner gaze, I saw myself with more arms, dark skin and black hair. I was definitely not Aphrodite. I, on the other hand, was a multi-armed goddess who was very sexual, wild and orgasmic - and I was definitely surrounded by stiff cocks and riding a man with his stiff member inside me.

Later that day I drew an oracle card from Doreen Virtue's goddess deck and I got the Hindu goddess Kali. I felt such an aha experience.

By searching for pictures of Kali on the web, I quickly found out that she of course looks exactly like the dark goddess who came through to me during the jade egg practice. So, she has many arms, black hair, dark blue skin and a wild, uncontrollable energy. In fact, I found several images of this wild goddess riding a man (Shiva) in sexual penetration - just as I myself experienced for my inner gaze.

In tantra, the black Kali represents feminine sexuality and empowerment (also called Shakti). She breaks conventional stereotypes about feminine beauty and sexuality. She is the dominant sexual partner.

Kali is a powerful goddess of destruction and transformation. She has black hair, blue skin, many arms and a wild and uncontrollable energy. She sucks out all negativity and blockages, releases and cleanses so that new good beginnings can take their place. That's why she has black skin. She is almost like an obsidian. She violently pushes us to let go of destructive habits, actions and attitudes, symbolized by the severed heads around her neck and severed arms around her waist. Whether you like it or not, Kali makes things change. It may well feel really uncomfortable, but it is for the best and will begin to open doors to much better times, where you can live out your full potential and life purpose.

I find it wildly exciting, fascinating and fantastic that I have had this experience with a divine energy. Before, I didn't know who Kali is - apart from my somewhat superficial acquaintance with her from the goddess cards. I didn't know she had many arms and a great sexual appetite.

After meeting Kali, I feel that something in my life has started to change. I have been guided to let go of some pretty big things that have stood in the way of me being completely happy and joyful. It's scary and hard - but also wildly liberating in a way. With Kali's help, however, I am safe and aware that I am on my way to better times. I kind of have to let go of the old so that the new can come in. It is the eternal cycle of Life/Death/Rebirth. So I will do that. Let go.


Transforming Kali energy to you, dear Goddess.

/ Helle

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