Maria Magdalene – gudinden for ubetinget kærlighed og tantrasex

Mary Magdalene – the goddess of unconditional love and tantric sex

Mary Magdalene came to me when I began my journey with sexual healing in the summer of 2017. There was a period when I constantly experienced her coming to me or leaving again in relation to what I was doing.

At the same time as I went deeper into myself and tried to find out what it was that made me unable to feel myself sexually, I also began to get in touch with a deep sadness and anxiety within me. All these feelings and this deep longing and sadness about my sexuality, made me start praying to the higher powers. I was so down and sad and to keep having hope, I started praying daily and doing a whole ritual about my sexual healing.

And it was after that that Mary Magdalene started popping into my life. Every time I pulled an oracle card from Doreen Virtue's Goddess card, it was Mary Magdalene who came forward with her message of unconditional love and forgiveness. I also saw posts about her on social media and I was guided to do a meditation with her as the focus. As a kind of icing on the cake, in the same period I received a goddess statue as a graduate gift, which at first glance reminded me of something very Christian, which I did not like. But when I took a little extra look at the statue that same evening and once again drew an oracle card, which again turned out to be Mary Magdalene, I looked at the card and then at the statue - it dawned on me that the goddess card and the goddess card the statue looked alike. The statue looked very much like Mary Magdalene!

At that time, I couldn't ignore that it was as if Mary Magdalene was actually trying to communicate with me and help me. Of course the card and the statue are not Mary Magdalene, but to me they symbolize her energy and in that way they are tools to connect with her.

Ever since I started taking care of my sexuality and actually almost crying out to the universe for help to heal myself and feel sexual pleasure and orgasms again; ever since i started getting deeper into myself, preferably deeper into my vagina, i have been through many layers of grief, anxiety, depression, shame, despair and discouragement. There was a time when my hope of being happy and sensual and sexually alive again was almost crumbling out of my hands… and that was when I was at my lowest.

It was during that period that Mary Magdalene really came to me. Precisely because I really needed Mary Magdalene's energy. Her unconditional love, forgiveness, positive energy and heart-opening healing.

Here recently I was again reminded of her presence in my life when I had my first guide contact. Who then turned out to be my main guide? Mary Magdalene of course! I was so moved and sentimental about it, because of course it's her. And what message she gave me blew me away!

In this video I want to talk about who Mary Magdalene really is and why she is so important to the divine feminine awakening that is happening right now in the world. Especially for the women and girls who, like me, have scars on sexuality - which we probably all have in one way or another. Mary Magdalene is therefore more than anything else relevant to all women (and men) right now!

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!


Helle L.

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