Sex Magi: Manifester dine vildeste længsler

Sex Magic: Manifest your wildest desires

Sex magic is where you use your sexual energy and intention to manifest what you dream of in your life.

You may have heard of the law of attraction , where you e.g. uses your imagination, intention and feeling to manifest what you want in your life.
In sex magic, you actually do the same, but you just boost the manifestation even more with the help of your sexual energy.

Sexual energy is life energy

Sexual energy gives you a creative, fertile and erotically passionate charge and glow in your body, which acts as fuel for your manifestation.
After all , sexual energy is our life energy – it's what we all come from, and it's what we all use to create a baby. So of course we can also use it actively in our other creative projects, e.g. for magical work such as visualizing and moving energy towards a desired outcome.

How does sex magic work?

Actually, sex magic is a practice of self-pleasure, just where you direct your awareness and your pleasure to what you want.
As you touch yourself and become sexually aroused, just stop once in a while and visualize your desire. The more sexually aroused you can be without having an orgasm, the stronger the energy for your desire will be, and therefore more juice and power will be added to your magical ritual.
When one enters a stage of sexual arousal and pleasure, all parts of the brain are automatically activated. During sexual arousal, your brain becomes in high internal activity, where you access your deeper subconscious and enter a deeper stage of presence and awareness. It is precisely at these stages that it is perfect to plant your desire in your subconscious, which you do through sex magic.

Step by step guide

1. Set your intention

First, you must become aware of what you want to manifest. What do you dream about and what do you want to create in your life? It should be a desire that comes from your heart and that really turns you on.

2. Visualize and feel that you already have it

Really feel like you have your wish NOW! Imagine with all your senses that it is already manifested in your life. You can also write it down in the present tense and/or say it out loud three times into the room to really anchor your desire and connect yourself to the energy and feeling of already having it.

3. Charge your egg

Hold your yoni egg in your non-dominant hand and stroke it with your dominant hand. Touch the egg while visualizing your wish. In this way you charge your egg with your wish.

4. Warm up your body

From here you warm up your body to the egg by e.g. dancing, doing a breast massage, touching yourself sensually and sexually. Turn yourself on enough to insert the egg into you.

5. Fertilize yourself with the egg

When the egg is inserted, you can do exercises with the egg while visualizing your wish. Squeeze around the egg as you see, feel, smell and sense your desire in front of you for your inner gaze.

6. Turn yourself on and raise the energy

Activate more sexual energy and just let the visualization go for a while. When you feel yourself reaching an 8 or 9 on the arousal scale, where 10 is orgasm, pause for a minute or two and re-visualize your desire. Then build up more sexual energy and pause and visualize your desire. Keep building sexual energy and pausing until you feel that you have spread your sexual energy throughout your body – until you feel fully charged with bubbling orgasmic passion and pleasure.

7. Orgasm - manifest your desire NOW!

Let go of your desire in an orgasm out through the top of the head, out into the Universe, into the cosmos. Completely let go of your desire. If you don't feel like having an orgasm or if you can't have an orgasm, just imagine the energy being released through your crown.

8. Grounding

Ground yourself afterwards by envisioning the energy being led back to your crown and being led all the way down to your feet and out through the soles of your feet and into the ground - right here where your desire will manifest itself in physical form.

9. Relax and stop thinking about it

Know that your desire is coming and don't think about it anymore. Just follow the impulses, ideas and inspiration you get the following days. You will see that your desire will materialize in perfect timing and more easily and in more ways than you can possibly imagine right now.

Do you want to be guided through a sex magic ritual?

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I send you so much erotic love!


Helen L.

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