Hvad er vagina massage – og hvorfor kvinder bør lave en regelmæssigt?

What is vagina massage - and why women should do it regularly?

I would like to tell you about something that is very close to me, namely to become curious again, to feel oneself without judgment and without prejudice, namely to make friends with one's vagina again through a vagina massage.


My own experience with vagina massage

Recently, I have immersed myself much more in a regular vagina massage. I remember when I first massaged my vagina; when I first consciously massaged my vulva and got deeper into my vagina and massaged my vaginal walls and even up to my cervix, I couldn't feel anything at all.

I was completely numb in my vagina, but actually in my entire womb. I was actually completely numb from below the navel down, i.e. completely dis-associated from my holiest place: my pussy and my sexuality.

I haven't always been like that.

Until six years ago, I have always known the magic of my pussy and the warm flow of pleasure. I have been able to feel great pleasure and orgasms. But due to a gynecological procedure with a copper IUD, I experienced being completely disconnected from my pelvis and from my sexual pleasure.

When I started my sexual healing journey 1.5 years ago, I started doing regular vaginal massages on myself. And what came up was so insanely scary. My vagina and actually my entire pussy was just like an empty black hole. I couldn't feel anything. It was like my vagina wasn't a part of me. As if she didn't exist. Even by holding a hand over my lap, over my uterus, I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel my hand touching the skin. So dis-associated was I from that part of me – the magic of my pussy.

But what I also discovered through these vagina massages was that I had some really tender, painful points up at the cervix, and these were points that were associated with a lot of sadness. Every time I massaged myself in the vagina, especially at the cervix, I would start crying profusely or even feel anxious and start shaking.

I got in touch with the part of me that had shut down and become numb and hard from the insertion of the copper coil.

It was scary, but coming into yourself is necessary for healing to take place.


Release of tension, vaginal pain and numbness with vagina massage

If you have also experienced a traumatic experience on your pelvis, your vagina will very well close down and become chronically tense.

Chronic tension can lead to vaginal pain, numbness and stress incontinence. This is what is called armour.

Armor is really something that comes from a mixture of something emotional and physical.

In order to release the armour, one must therefore go to it both mentally and through a regular vagina massage. It may well be that the tension is not released from one massage to the next, but you can release your pelvic chronic tension over time with a dedicated vagina massage practice.


Vaginal massage is necessary to restore a balanced and relaxed pelvic floor

Vagina massager is very important to restore a balanced and relaxed, strong, flexible and vibrant pelvis.

However, we women have not learned to take care of our pelvis or prevent some of the most normal abdominal problems that can occur after childbirth and during menopause, e.g. prolapse, incontinence and vaginal dryness. And this means that many women go around suffering in silence with pain and prolapse and undergo drastic gynecological surgeries to correct something that could have been repaired with regular pelvic care.


Vagina massage instead of squeezing exercises for a chronically tense pelvic floor

Push-ups are almost the only thing we are told if we as women want to improve our pelvic floor.

But many women experience being very tense in the pelvis, much more than actually having a pelvic floor that is too loose. So it is very important to massage and relax the pelvic floor, more than it is to actually strengthen it. If you feel reduced sensation or feel pain and tension, then it is very important to first focus on relaxation and on vaginal massage rather than squeezing exercises.

Because we can't really strengthen a muscle that is constantly tense and that we can't figure out how to relax. In fact, a chronically tense pelvic floor, which many women run around with, can be both numb and very weak.

A chronically tense muscle cannot move, and cannot get the right oxygen and blood supply, and therefore cannot give you the right support for the organs, nor bounce up and down and give you sexual pleasure, as your vagina is capable of to feel.

An overstretched pelvic floor can even lead to incontinence. So just because you can't hold your urine, it doesn't mean that the way forward is squeezing exercises, but perhaps more relaxation through vagina massagers.


Numbness is not a natural state. The pussy is naturally alive!

But many women just put up with the problems they have in the vagina. Women are told that it is normal when you get older or when you have given birth, that as a woman you cannot feel anything down there, or that it is normal that you have problems holding urine or stool.

But it shouldn't be like that at all.

We women can actually do something so that we can have a lively, relaxed, strong and balanced pelvic floor throughout our lives.

It may well be that for many women it is normal not to be able to feel your pelvis and your pussy's pleasure, but this is absolutely not the natural state of our pelvis.

Our pelvis and our pussy are naturally alive, and when there is full contact, a warm enchanting flow of energy flows into your pelvis, a kind of waterfall that lights up your pelvis with pleasure, life and creativity.

It is your sexual energy that is both pleasurable, but also healing and life-giving.


Vagina massage restores contact with a deeper part of yourself as a woman

When you are in full contact with the magical potential of your pelvis, she will be constantly present and able to communicate with you much more clearly about her likes and dislikes. She is a kind of guide for you – a kind of oracle.

The connection to the pelvis will also give you renewed energy and a better flow in your creativity and also a better feeling of coming home and being grounded.

You have to think that your pelvis is your root chakra, and through it where we get grounded.

Also at the center of your pelvis is your uterus, which can create life along with your eggs. In the womb there is a great creative potential to create life and what you dream of.

When you start having a regular vagina massage and pelvic care, you will get much better contact with yourself, but you will actually also get in contact with something much bigger than yourself, the Feminine itself. In our womb there is a great potential to meet the Feminine.


All women should have a regular vagina massage practice.

As much as all women should learn to have an erotic pleasure practice, so all women should also learn to do a regular vaginal massage on themselves. Vagina massage is not only beneficial for women who have experienced sexual trauma or have been through multiple childbirths, but all women, old and young, need the pelvic care that vagina massage provides.

Because if we do not take care of and sanctify our pussy and our uterus and our entire pelvis, then the energy there can become stagnant and the sexual energy and our feminine divinity in our pelvis can disappear completely.

The feminine and the divine can be seen as sexual energy, which makes us feel alive and in touch with great pleasure and the possibility of great orgasms, which to such an extent can put us outside ourselves in another universe of pleasure and enjoyable being.

It is therefore so important to keep your pussy and pelvis sacred. And this can be done through regular pelvic care, i.e. vagina massage.

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I send you so much erotic love

/ Helle

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