Collection: Feminine care

This category contains products that will support you in bringing beauty and luxury into your daily routines. With these products, you will find the importance of self-care and self-care and to awaken the goddess through beauty rituals. You will find i.a. yoni steam herbs, crystal eye mask, gua sha, face roller and the famous Pussy Butter .

Feminine care

In this category you will find everything you need to create your own beauty routine, tailored to you and your needs. Our selection includes, among other things, yoni steam herbs, crystal eye mask, gua sha, face roller and the popular Pussy Butter™.

Pussy Butter™ – Add luxury and well-being to your vulva care

Perhaps you've already heard of Pussy Butter™, which is one of our most popular products. Designed to support the health and well-being of your vagina, this luxurious and nourishing cream is made with only the best ingredients. Click the link here to see more and be inspired to add this amazing cream to your vulvar care routine.

Yoni steam herbs – Discover the importance of female reproductive health

If you are not familiar with yoni steam herbs, you can look forward to discovering what they can do for your body and mind. These herbs are specially formulated to support your female reproductive health and bring balance to your womb. Our selection of yoni steam herbs is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Crystal Eye Mask, Gua Sha and Face Roller – Enhance your skin care routine with these natural tools

Crystal eye mask and gua sha are also great tools that can help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin. The crystal eye mask can help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, while gua sha can help improve skin elasticity and reduce visible signs of aging. The face roller is also a great tool for massaging and stimulating the skin, and it can help improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness.

We are proud to offer these amazing products to our customers and we hope you will enjoy exploring our range of feminine care products. Let us help you bring beauty, luxury and self-care into your everyday life and help you awaken the goddess within you.