Women's wisdom 1:1 course

Dear beautiful woman

Are you longing to come home in your female body?

To feel fully connected to your innermost essence as a woman?

With your joy, pleasure, vitality, flow and your pure innocent intimacy with your feminine self?

I perfectly understand your longing, because it is also a longing I myself have, and many of my clients come with the same deep longing for more contact with their sex... for something more.

And it is also clear, because the time is really also now, that we as women come home in our female body, to our womb area...

The divine feminine is making its way into our world with a strength we can no longer ignore.

You may feel it in your consciousness, your dreams and in your heart as a deep longing to come home as a Woman. Like a deep call from your womb to come home to hers creative creative juicy women's wisdom that you have available in your pelvis.

All of this powerful wisdom we have received from our foremothers and generations of women before them, and they are calling us to come home and step into the power and sap that we possess as women.

We must no longer hide, but finally partake of all the abundance and enjoyment and joy and vitality and life force and sap that we as women carry around and carry on through our wombs to future generations.

It is so important at this time in our history to reclaim what has always been ours – our feminine intuition, leadership, primal power, pleasure and erotic innocence.

The time is now! Take your Women's Wisdom! It is and always has been yours!


Who is this trip for?

This journey is for you who feel called to take the next step in your sexual healing and development, and who want to get to know your female body on a deeper level and get to the bottom of some of the challenges you may have with your sexuality and female body.

It is a journey that will take you deep into yourself; into the place where your ancient female wisdom and feminine primordial power resides, namely your magical abdomen .

For many women, this journey into themselves can be fraught with fear, shame, guilt, resistance and doubt. There are many of us women who have experienced trauma, transgressive experiences and a culture that has disconnected us from the natural and sacred nature of sex and our feminine gender.

But by learning to honor, understand, love and embrace your gender, you can reclaim your feminine wisdom.


Why this work is important

Women's wisdom is something that all women have within them, and which in traditional societies was an important and naturally ingrained part of women's life and the cohesion of the community.

When you learn to connect to your sex, take back the word Pussy and honor and listen to her, you as a woman will open yourself up to a whole new world of joy, balance and pleasure.

When you connect with Her, your pussy, and learn to listen to Her and live from Her wisdom ( her pulsation of desire and pleasure), you will experience completeness within yourself. You will feel like coming home within yourself. You will experience more connectedness to yourself, a higher sense of self-esteem and self-love, a deeper intimacy with your partner, more pleasure and sensitivity during sex, and you will be more creative and inspired - because you will be connected to your sexual energy, which is essentially your life energy and creative primordial force from the womb.

It is when we are connected to our womb and womb or the energy of the womb that we can draw so much wisdom, strength and creativity. It will not only transform your sex life, your pleasure and your orgasmic fullness, but your whole life and the world around you.

Female wisdom is your strength - but it is also the one we fear the most.

It is therefore possible that the journey will be difficult. If you have never connected to your gender in this sacred way before or have a lot of unresolved trauma sitting in the abdomen, then it may be that you need to go through a major cleansing process where sadness, pain, numbness and/or shame and guilt come up to the surface. But through security and respect for the body's boundaries, it will slowly heal and transform into more and more openness, joy, love, enjoyment and strength.


Welcome to Women's Wisdom

With Women's Wisdom, you will discover your inner landscape in the pelvis, where you will open up to a world that you probably didn't even know existed within you.

There's a reason I call the pussy the direct portal to the divine - because when you enter the vagina, ancient energies, patterns and stories can be released to make room for deeper pleasure and greater stages of orgasms such as the life-changing ones cervical orgasms. But also a deeper primal wisdom, which is connected to generations of women before you and to the very life pulsation in the womb and the Universe.

You will experience firsthand the world of magic, wisdom and healing that you can encounter within yourself.

Your journey will be guided by three female archetypes…

The young girl

The mother

The sorceress

Each archetype will give you powerful wisdom into aspects of your feminine psyche, power and mission here on earth. They will guide you on your path to sexual healing and help and support you in reclaiming aspects of yourself that you have repressed, held down or forgotten because of past wounds.

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey into your Feminine Wisdom?


About me

Hello beautiful woman, my name is Helle and the Temple of the Goddess is my passion. I am passionate about helping women reconnect with all the joy and pleasure that lies within. I know firsthand what it's like to be completely disconnected from my own magical underbelly, and I know how empty, sad and traumatic it feels.

Through my own journey to sexual healing & pleasure, I have embodied and gotten under my skin practices that awaken true healing and create flowering in the feminine sexuality.

I am a trained yoni mapper from the Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute in Copenhagen and know firsthand what yoni mapping therapy can create in terms of change and deep insight into oneself as a woman. In addition, I have taken countless courses related to yoni, sexuality and orgasms, followed in the footsteps of Aphrodite and followed the call to be initiated into the mysteries of the divine feminine through Dakota Chanel's Water Priestess Mystery School . My treatments are therefore a good mix of physical, emotional and spiritual practices for feminine healing and awakening.

My intention for this course is to activate a woman's sacred relationship with her body, heart, mind & spirit.

I will empower you to create healthy boundaries for yourself and connect you to your innate gift of being a woman, namely your feminine wisdom within.

You will go through a feminine initiation where you gently and gently reclaim your inherent nourishment for being a woman – your deep inviolable connection to your primordial power, pleasure and feminine wisdom and treasure chest of jewels within.

So that after the course you can put on your queen's crown and go on into the world as the woman you were born to be.


Your sacred journey

You are your own strongest guide, so your journey into your Feminine Wisdom is uniquely tailored to your needs and intentions.

You can choose between three different courses, each of which gives an insight into a female archetype. This goddess will appear and guide you on your way to what you need to awaken within you. This is done through yoni mapping sessions, water priestess rituals and through your own feminine home practice.

These are your sacred archetypes and guides…

1st pillar


Innocence, initiation, open heart

Goddess Guides: Bridgid, Persephone, Artemis

This course is for you who want to heal sexual trauma, open the heart and regain virginity and erotic innocence

In this course you will receive:

  • Yoni timeline
  • Yoni steam treatment
  • Yoni talk
  • Yoni mapping session
  • Ritual washing of heart & womb
  • Home practice: Heart-opening chest massage and heart meditation guided practice + Cord cutting meditation guided practice

PRICE: Price on request

2nd pillar


Affection, love, nurturing, boundaries, sexuality

Goddess guides: Isis, Aphrodite, Hathor

This course is for you who want to open up your sensuality and pleasure and explore your likes and dislikes

In this course you will receive:

  • Yoni steam treatment
  • Boundary, needs and sensitivity training
  • Yoni talk & worship
  • Yoni mapping session
  • Yoni transfiguration
  • Yoni dance
  • Massage of the stomach and pelvis
  • Water blessing
  • Home practice: Guided yoni meditation & yoni vagina massage practice

PRICE: Price on request

3rd pillar


Intuition, mystery, death, transformation

Goddess Guides: Baba Yaya, Hekate, Cerridwen, Kali

This course is for you who want to integrate your shadow sides and listen to your inner wisdom in the womb.

In this course you will receive:

  • Yoni steam treatment
  • Yoni mapping & de-armouring session
  • Yoni talk
  • Yoni transfiguration
  • Yoni mask
  • Yoni dance
  • Water scrying
  • Goddess Oracle Reading
  • Home practice: A guided cervical de-armouring practice

PRICE: Price on request

* Please note that the above is a suggestion. The exact process may vary based on your unique needs and wishes.

** Each session always includes talk therapy, anatomy/sex/yoni related education and coaching on conscious self-pleasure.


Benefits of this sacred work

Embracing yourself as a whole, authentic woman so that you can rest more within yourself

Reestablishes your connection to your pussy's feminine wisdom, so that she becomes your inner guide, guiding you through your cycle and your womanhood

Teaches you to listen and act on your limits and your pussy's "yes" and "no"

Being supported through the process of processing, releasing and healing past bad experiences, trauma, shame and guilt to make room for more love, security, peace and enjoyment

Teaches you great self-loving and healing exercises, meditations and rituals that you can use at home and come back to again and again when you need to

Increases your contact with your pelvic floor, allowing tension and pain to release and pleasure and sensitivity to increase

Opportunity to open up to more enjoyment, increase joy in life and gain a stronger sense of dignity as a woman


Women's wisdom is for you if…

You are ready to get to know yourself on a deeper, more authentic and intimate level.

You yearn for intimacy and connection with yourself and to come home to your body and feel your own feminine greatness and magic.

You are tired of feeling disconnected from yourself, your spark of life and joy and now want to get to the bottom of some of your sexual challenges.

You are ready to meet deeper layers of yourself to experience greater satisfaction, depth, passion, enjoyment and potential in your life.

You are aware that the journey is not just a quick fix, but can be the beginning of a longer healing journey that goes beyond this 3 month course.

You are open to spirituality and feminine practices that are deeply rooted in your own wisdom within.

You want to be supported 1:1 on your journey into your feminine wisdom by another woman who has walked a similar journey.

You are dedicated to doing the work and know that you yourself are truly the greatest healer.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to info@gudindetemplet.dk,

and I would love to support you.