Yoni mapping

Yonimapping is a loving and gentle way to come home to your erotic innocence, fantasy, joy and vitality.

Are you interested in yonimapping because you…

Have pain, tension, hypersensitivity or numbness in the lower abdomen?

Have difficulty getting an orgasm or feel a lack of sexual satisfaction and pleasure in your life?

Are you very much in your head and lacking contact with your lower body and the deep wisdom and primal power of your pelvis?

Having difficulty feeling yourself and finding out what you really want, so that you have difficulty communicating your desires, fantasies and limits to a partner?

Having difficulty giving in to pleasure due to past painful, borderline or anxiety-filled experiences that have left you feeling unsafe in your body.

Has been subjected to abuse, rape, difficult child births or transgressive gynecology and needs sexual healing.

Want to regain contact with your femininity, your self-esteem and your sexual desire after many years without sex, e.g. due to divorce, bereavement, poor self-esteem or problems in the relationship.

Want to get to know yourself on a deeper level and are curious about what your pussy can give you in terms of wisdom, magic, pleasure and spiritual insight and development.

During a yoni mapping, you and your yoni will be treated like a goddess.

What will you?

What do you want?

What does your head say?

What does your body say?

What does your heart say?

What does your pussy say?

Yonimapping is based on your boundaries, because when your boundaries are respected, your body, your nervous system and your psyche can more easily relax and feel safe and supported. As a result, you will be able to unfold much more as a free, vibrant sensual woman and get more pleasure, desire and joy back in your body and in your life.

  • Yoni mapping and pelvic floor relaxation

    Yonimapping is a treatment where your unique yoni is mapped. It is a way of getting to know yourself and expanding your possibilities for life expression. Often this method allows trauma to be released bodily and directly, instead of having to be relived as can be the case in other forms of therapy.

  • Sensitivity and boundary training

    Great awareness of limits gives freedom. Therefore, one of the primary tools is to train sensitivity to and awareness of your limits, so that you become better able to feel what you want and what you don't want. If your head and body agree. What you need to feel safe enough to feel. How often your needs change. And how you can practice expressing your needs.

  • De-armouring

    From English de- and -armour; to disarm/take off the armor. Painful, boundary-crossing, anxious or shameful experiences make us quite naturally form an armor to protect us. But when the situation changes, this armor or insensitivity can sometimes become a permanent condition in the body, often early in life. The body remembers – even what we would like to forget. This can keep us in patterns of withdrawal and avoidance and often leads to feelings of inadequacy, both sexually and in all other areas of life.

  • Yoni healing

    An extremely careful approach for those who are traumatized in connection with all aspects of sex, including pregnancy.

  • Pelvic floor and abdomen massage

    Treatment of the pelvis, abdomen, buttocks, hips, groin and genitals. Particularly suitable for women who have pent-up emotions such as anger or sadness, and may experience consequences of this in the form of abdominal tension, back pain or stomach problems.

  • Yoni timeline

    This is a treatment on the floor, where together we create a history of your yoni's life. You must reflect on your life, your life as a woman, and think about what defines your femininity. You must identify when in your life you were wounded in your body or soul. Where you were or were disconnected from your vagina, pelvis and femininity. And where you were in touch with your feminine strength and pleasure. You will do this to acknowledge what you have experienced as a woman so far and gain greater clarity about your relationship with your yoni today.

  • Yoni transfiguration

    Yoni transfiguration is a treatment that is especially good if you are very visual. Using your imagination, you will go on a deep journey into yourself, where you will examine the feelings and experiences that are stored in the tissue of your vagina. You discover your yoni and visit the places that hold past traumas and experiences and transform these into compassion, love and pleasure.

  • Yoni talk

    This treatment teaches you to talk to your yoni and empower yourself from within. You will learn to understand your yoni better and strengthen the relationship with the feminine wisdom within. It is especially good for women who are very in their heads and/or often look outside themselves for answers.



A yonimapping session lasts 2 hours. Price: DKK 1,500.

The first session always lasts 2.5 hours. Price: DKK 1,700.

Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact me through my contact form or book a 15 min clarifying interview.

Payment is made in cash or via Mobilepay after treatment.

Changes or cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before our appointment, either via SMS to 22 98 25 03 or email info@gudindetemplet.dk. Otherwise, full price is paid,.


Treatment takes place in Copenhagen.