10 måder at rense sit yoni æg energimæssigt

10 ways to clean your yoni egg energetically

Here are 10 ways to cleanse yoni eggs of old energy

Yoni eggs and crystal dildos are made from raw crystal from Mother Earth, and they have their very own energy, vibrations and emotions.

Part of caring for yoni eggs and other crystals is not only keeping them physically clean, but also keeping them energetically clean.

When we use our crystals, they absorb the energy that is in our bodies and in our surroundings as a way to help clear out and release any stagnation or blockage.

If you use your egg or crystal dildo for healing work (or even if you are not aware that you are using it for healing), then the crystal will help you to clear all unwanted energies from past physical, emotional and sexual trauma, energetic residues from past lover and more.

Over time, what is stored within them can begin to energetically become too much for them and cause the crystal to take on a denser energy that causes them to be much less vibrant and attractive than they were right when you got them. This can make you begin to unconsciously absorb back the unwanted energies from the uncleaned crystal, or you lose interest in working with them because they no longer hold a pure crystal energy.

Crystals can also store so much energy that they simply explode, shatter into thousands of pieces or break in the middle. It is also possible that you drop it on the floor and it breaks. All of these can be a sign that the crystal has accumulated too much energy and can no longer work with you...

Of course, it can also mean that it has finished helping you and that you are ready to work with a new crystal or move on and cope with life without crystal help.

Meeeen your crystal should be able to be there for you for many years to come, so a simple way to remedy and prevent this is to do purification rituals that make the crystal work more efficiently and restore its natural powerful vibrations from Mother Earth.

You must always wash your egg and your wand physically and energetically when you get them and after each use. Listen to your intuition in terms of how you want to clean them energetically. If you use your crystal daily for deep healing and integration, it will be good to cleanse it daily. If you only have your egg or your crystal dildo standing out as decoration in your home, then it will probably only be necessary to clean them once a month or less often.

Here are 10 suggestions on how to energetically cleanse your yoni egg and crystal dildo:

1. Bathe them in the sea or another natural wetland

One of my absolute favorite ways to cleanse my crystals is to take them outside and bathe them in a wet area. It is so primal, feminine and such a beautiful way to allow the crystal to reconnect with Mother Earth, the Great Mother Goddess. Bathe them in a natural wetland: a river, lake, stream, waterfall or ocean. Depending on which wetland you choose, they each have their own qualities that you can feel in. The sea is large and powerful and in its depths it contains both darkness and light, beauty and destruction. A river is moving and ever-changing, shedding obstacles and blockages in its path. Springs are alive and sacred and were once known to be home to water spirits and nymphs. A waterfall teaches us about beauty and the ability to fall and surrender. Lakes are quiet and reflective and also contain spring water and have the same qualities as them. Feel into the water and feel for what your crystal needs. If you have the opportunity, bathe naked and take an erotic swim with your egg tied in a string around your neck (let your crystal dildo be washed at the water's edge as it is safest).

2. Put them in water with sea salt overnight

Sea salt is a very effective way to cleanse your crystals. Do not let the crystal come into direct contact with the salt, as this can destroy the crystal, but put some sea salt in a bowl of water and let it dissolve in the water. Then leave your crystals in the bowl of salt water overnight. Do not reuse the water, but throw it away afterwards, as it contains all the unwanted energy. You can possibly pour the water outside so that it can be absorbed and reused by the soil.

3. Use the smoke from sage or other incense

Or cleanse your crystals with the smoke of sage or palo santo or hold them over the flame of a white candle. White is the color of purification and candles contain the element of fire and air which you can feel burning away any negative energy. Don't let the crystal touch the fire though! Sage is a powerful plant that clears ALL energies, so if you've been healing some really heavy energies with your yoni egg or crystal dildo, sage is really good to use. Unfortunately, sage also cleans out all positive and good energies, so you must always remember to charge your crystals with good positive high vibrational energy afterwards. You can do that by using palo santo, because palo santo cleans away negative energy and adds good energy. Not only do sage and palo santo cleanse your crystals, but they also cleanse the room. Light the incense and then blow it out and let the yoni egg or crystal dildo pass through the smoke. Feel free to vent afterwards to get the excess smoke out.

4. Place them under the glow of the full moon

Moonlight, especially the full moon, is filled with powerful divine feminine cosmic energy that you can use to energetically cleanse your yoni eggs and crystal dildos. Leave them on the windowsill or out under the open sky on a full moon night and let them absorb all the good healing moon rays. The rays are magical and can make your crystals vibrate with cosmic feminine energy afterwards. You can also make moon water by leaving a cup of water outside and then use this water to cleanse your crystals.

5. Clean AND charge them with the sun's rays

Contrary to the moon, which is full of feminine energy, the golden rays from the sun bring a more masculine energy. Sun rays are powerful and bring life, warmth and vitality and wash away the cold and darkness of winter. And the sun is the easiest way when you both want to clean AND charge your crystals at the same time. Leave them on the windowsill or out in the open so they can be cleaned and supercharged by the sun. However, not all crystals can withstand direct sunlight because they will lose their color and glow. So don't leave them outside for longer than 30 minutes, and otherwise do it on an overcast day. Even on an overcast day, the sun will shine through. The carnelian yoni egg works best with the sun, while amethyst is one that will lose its color. So watch out, our all star in the sky is potent.

6. Use beautiful and fragrant flower petals

Flower petals are not only a beautiful way to cleanse your crystals, but also create a beautiful decoration for you to enjoy in your home or at your altar. Find a nice bowl and place your yoni egg or crystal dildo in it and sprinkle with the intention of cleansing fresh flowers over them. Roses are associated with love and good for feminine healing. Lavender is also really good as it is said to cleanse and calm. Fill the bowl with clean water and let your yoni egg and crystal dildo sit for 24 hours and soak up all the lovely flower energy.

7. Dig them into mineral-rich soil

It's really good to let the crystal come back to earth once in a while. You can do this by burying it in mineral-rich soil. Standing with bare toes on the ground is what provides a direct connection to Mother Gaya, and especially in mineral-rich soil, it cleanses and restores the mind and spirit. The same applies to crystals. By burying one's yoni egg or crystal dildo in the ground, they get grounded and clean away all bad energy. Find a safe place in the garden or a sacred place in nature, preferably by a large old tree. Bury them there, just a few cm. down in the ground. Leave them there for 24 hours to 3 days. Remember to wash them physically afterwards so that they are not filled with soil when you need to use them again.

8. Bathe your yoni egg in harmonious sounds from drums, singing bowls or your own voice

Sound pulsates with vibration and is incredibly healing and can help return the yoni egg or yoni rod to its pure high vibrating starting point. Tibetan singing bowls or shamanism drums are perfect for this. Place your crystal close to the bowl as you play it and allow it to bathe it with its loving sounds. If you use a drum, you can drum around the crystal and let its feminine rhythms flow into it. You can also use your own voice and chant with different vowels and sounds or say out loud: "I now cleanse this crystal with all my loving intentions".

9. Energy work, prayer and visualization

Energy work and energy healing such as Reiki, prayer, visualization or meditation is a very rewarding way to cleanse the egg or wand of negative energy. Cleansing your crystals via visualization and energy work is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between you and your yoni egg or crystal dildo before using it inside you. When you give something to them, they will give a lot back. It is also the safest way, as you do not disturb the natural balance of the crystal with water, earth, sun and other elements. However, it is important that you are in a safe, calm place and you give yourself time to feel into the energy and if you are using visualization, to give yourself time to open your third eye to "see" and imagine that you are cleaning the egg or the stick. Hold your crystal in your hand and imagine a beam of pure white light from your hands encircling the stone and flowing into and through it, taking with it all old unwanted energy and replacing it with high vibrating white clear light. You can call upon a higher power, a deity or force of nature if you need to, and you can stay in this process for as long as you like until your egg or crystal dildo feels completely clean and restored.

10. Use other crystals e.g. selenite

And at the very end, you can use other crystals to cleanse your yoni egg or crystal dildo. Rock crystal, amethyst and selenite are perfect for this. Place your crystal close to or on top of these stones. Please see the Goddess Temple's Selenite Heart Crystal Charger.

As you can read, there are many ways to cleanse crystals, but the most important aspect is that you have a clear intention behind it. So find the way that calls to you.

How do you cleanse your crystals? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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