Forskellen mellem vibratorer og krystaldildoer

The difference between vibrators and crystal dildos

If you are used to using a vibrator , you will probably notice that a crystal dildo is very different and maybe even boring to start with. After all, crystal dildos are made from a natural raw material that does not vibrate, rotate or be controlled by pressing some buttons.

The crystal dildo.

Crystal dildos are made from raw crystal from Mother Earth and emit a different kind of vibration. A vibration that has been created over thousands of years in the earth. Crystals each contain a different form of energy and are associated with different qualities. Depending on what you need, you can choose the crystal that you feel drawn to and need to work with.

Rose quartz is the most popular as it is associated with self-love and a good healer for women who want to open their heart again after bereavement, miscarriages or trauma.

Black obsidian is also popular because it absorbs all that no longer serves and that has been ignored or repressed in the shadows of yourself and your body. It helps to release trauma in favor of deep grounding and protection.

Indian jade, also called green aventurine , brings happiness, luck and love, while blue quartz opens up communication and helps you create a throat and yoni connection…

Many women and girls who are used to using a vibrator first have to go through a period of adaptation where they open up to slowing down and building pleasure in a slow and deeper way.

A vibrator makes the orgasm come much faster and more explosively. It can happen in less than a minute, which can also be really delicious if you really long for an orgasm and don't have much time and just want it fixed quickly!

But we deserve more than just a quick fix. Using a vibrator continuously over the long run can be quite violent. It manipulates the body to have an orgasm on command, which can give a feeling of being disconnected from your body - and certainly your pussy.

Using a crystal dildo transforms masturbation into a sacred pleasure practice focused on exploration rather than a goal. You decide for yourself how slow or fast it should go. You can change the tempo without having to go through different settings. You control the depth, tempo and speed from moment to moment. You decide for yourself (in consultation with your pussy) where the stick should move and what feels good to you, and you will discover that your pussy actually has a voice, so that you deepen your communication with Her. You can progress slowly, which helps to ease into the experience rather than tense up.

Using a crystal dildo opens up an approach to one's sexuality as sacred, deepening the relationship with oneself and one's vagina in a way that increases sensitivity and opens up deeper, more satisfying orgasms. The orgasms you experience with a crystal dildo rather than a vibrator are very different. You really find out how much more pleasure is available in the female body!

So it's actually quite revolutionary! 🎆

The vibrator.

It is often made of rubber or silicone and has different speeds and functions to choose from. Many of us stick mostly to the same familiar setting that we know gives an orgasm.

However, the harsh stimulation from the vibrator can tend to overstimulate the sensitive nerves in the vagina and on the clitoris. That is why there is a fairly well-known debate about whether a vibrator reduces sensation in the body. Technically, there are no studies that show that the vibrator can have the effect of reducing pleasure and sensitivity. There is therefore no risk that you will cause physical damage by using a vibrator. But since we humans are creatures of habit, we often use the same setting and speed and stimulate ourselves sexually in the same way over and over and over again, and over the long run this will train the brain to only be able to achieve orgasm and pleasure through artificial stimulation from a vibrator. This means that it can make it harder to get excited and turned on and to have an orgasm and pleasure through natural methods and partner sex.

The more you use your vibrator, the stronger this nerve pathway becomes, and it will be necessary to have harder stimulation to achieve pleasure that way.

In this way, the vibrator can have a transgressive and manipulative effect on feminine sexuality and reduce sensitivity in other ways of expressing it - at least if you are not aware of it.

The vibrator as a treatment for female "hysteria".

What many don't know is that the vibrator was actually invented as a psychiatric treatment for female hysteria in the mid-1900s. At this time (and probably even further back to ancient times) the basic attitude of midwives and gynecologists was that the uterus was a "problem". Many psychological and physical symptoms in women were attributed to a "wandering womb". This meant that when the uterus came into contact with other organs such as the lungs, liver and brain, it would make the woman hysterical. The symptoms could range from shortness of breath and back pain to irritability and anxiety to writing cramp to sexual desire and sexual behavior. The cure for hysteria was often a treatment with a medical massager that was either steam or hand-drawn – one of the first types of vibrators.

This in itself is really thought provoking because this invention has had a huge impact and development on the sex toy industry and the way some women masturbate. It is worth being aware of how to use a vibrator - not just as a quick manipulative tool to "get it over with", get a quick orgasm or take the pressure off. Not because there's anything wrong with that, but in the long run, it can shut down the deeper orgasms.

If you are used to using a vibrator and feel that there must be more than a machine-driven orgasm, then it is time to switch to a crystal dildo practice.

The good thing is that you can rediscover your connection and create new neural pathways. By replacing your vibrator with a crystal dildo (or glass dildo or even just your hands), you can explore new avenues of pleasure and orgasms.

It may take some time to walk new paths in Orgasmland, but with patience and an openness to explore, you will begin to be able to expand your pleasure and your orgasmic potential. At the same time, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your femininity and even open up to your inner female wisdom – after all, the crystal dildo is made of natural material and its roots go all the way back to the Paleolithic era of the Stone Age, when they probably used dildos made of stone.

New approach to the vibrator.

You don't actually have to throw out your old vibrators! There are many women who experience the new yo-yo vibrations of the crystal dildo and end up throwing out all their old vibrators. You don't really need to, because you can actually also use them together with your crystal dildo.

The feminine sexuality is not just a static thing and only wants one thing all the time. At certain times of the day, cycle and woman's life, something different is needed to keep the inner sexual fire alive.

In Taoist practice, female sexuality is seen as mainly yin energy (like water). When you fill a pot with water, it takes time to bring the water to a boil - and to ignite the feminine sexual desire. But when it then boils, it will create yang energy (fire) and then it will be able to continue for a very long time. But if you believe that you can stay hot and warm all the time, then you will overheat and the water will evaporate. This is what can happen when you overuse a vibrator and constantly seek fast, hard stimulation. It can, as written before, lead to reduced sensation and harder and harder to have an orgasm.

But on the other hand, if you have had stagnant water for a long time (too much yin energy), you will feel flat on energy, lazy, paralyzed and have a low sex drive. If that's your experience, the vibrations from the vibrator can actually be really good. They help to increase nerve supply, blood circulation and a renewed awakening of desire. You can even use the vibrator elsewhere on the body, e.g. on the lower abdomen, buttocks, tailbone and inner thighs to increase blood circulation. Play with it elsewhere on the body!

The Rose vibrator – not a traditional vibrator.

If you like vibrators, the Rose vibrator may become your new best friend.

The Rose vibrator is especially for you who want to rediscover desire and playfulness and experience something new in your sexuality. It is super titillating and can be used in conjunction with a crystal dildo. And then its rose shape is so feminine and a symbol of the divine feminine. ⚘

The Rose vibrator can do just about anything because it is a clitoral vibrator and not a traditional vibrator, but it both vibrates and sucks at the same time. So the vibrations move gently into your nervous system while you stimulate yourself with it. It allows less direct stimulation and more gentle stimulation with less tendency to overstimulate the clitoris, which we don't want. So you can find your pleasurable point by using the different programs and you can choose how intense it should be and it is good for playing with the whole clitoris and not just the clitoris bead.

It will send you to heaven and can also be used for nipple stimulation and in combination with a crystal dildo and other goddess tools.

Let me know what is your experience with using a vibrator versus a crystal dildo? Feel free to write in the comment field.

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