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An anal plug or butt plug is intended to explore the anus and the orgasmic potential that is possible in and around this very sensitive area. The anus is not just an exit, but a magical portal. It is a highly pleasurable zone in a person's body. With that in mind, here we sell anal plugs that arouse anal pleasure, which can even lead to a full-body orgasm.

Anal Plug

The anus is so underrated or not talked about enough, because it really is a serious pleasure portal. By playing with an anal plug during masturbation, foreplay or sex, you can increase your orgasmic experience tenfold.

Anal plug in crystal

Our Black Obsidian Butt Plug is perfect for making friends with your A-hole. It is made of a safe and hygienic material and is easy to clean. Energetically, black obsidian is also connected to the root of the body (the butt) and creates deep healing, grounding and reassurance. It is perfect for releasing any stress, anxiety, worry and trauma stored here to in turn open up an amazing flow of orgasmic kundalini energy that rises and vibrates up the back of the body for an expansive full body orgasm!

Anal plug in glass

You can also use a glass anal plug, of which we have two with a really beautiful pink rose as a base. Our glass anal plugs are made from safe borosilicate glass, which means they are crack-free, safe and hygienic to use. They can be easily cleaned and, if you wish, you can warm them up with boiling water or cool them down in a freezer. Using an anal plug that has a beautiful appearance will automatically make you go to butt sex free of shame and prejudice and instead see the anus as a place where something joyful can flourish.

The orgasmic potential of the anus

There is so much orgasmic potential hidden in the butt, but many of us shut down and clench our bottoms because butt sex has been made into something shameful, forbidden and porn-like. But the best and most beautiful, romantic and most intimate lovemaking can be anal, where it can feel as if earth and sky merge as one, and time stands still in a great orgasmic ecstasy. And that's not overstating it!

Course of action

Anal play should NOT feel uncomfortable, painful or dry, but it should feel incredibly exciting. The very best approach is to massage and stimulate the opening of the anus very first. You can use the tip of the anal plug to massage and stimulate the opening of the anus, while stimulating the clitoris or vagina. You can experience getting EXTREMELY wet from it!

Your natural wetness from the vagina can therefore be used as a lubricant, but it is recommended to use some body-friendly lubricant so as not to create unnecessary scratches and tears inside the anus, if you want to go all the way with deeper insertion. But DO NOT let the lubricant stand in for your natural wetness, because if you are not wet in the vagina, it is a signal that you are not yet ready for penetration - not even in the anus. You have to be completely dripping wet with arousal before anal play can become full-body orgasmic.

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