FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Questions before shipping:

Should I start with a yoni egg or a pleasure wand?

Yoni eggs and pleasure wands are essential tools for vaginal well-being. They work uniquely to build awareness and connection between head, body and vagina. They work beautifully together as complementary tools, with rods releasing tension in the pelvic floor and eggs revitalizing and toning the pelvic muscles. As many experience pelvic discomfort due to tension, muscle weakness and lack of connection with their pussy, the combination of these tools provides a holistic approach to tackling these challenges.

Why not consider both? For beginners, we recommend our Goddess Pleasure Package , which includes the Calypso Cervix Wand™, a Rose Quartz Crystal Traditional Pleasure Wand and a medium Nephrite Jade Egg.

However, there are important differences between the two:

Yoni eggs are primarily recommended to strengthen the pelvic floor, improve alertness, treat urinary incontinence, increase vaginal sensitivity and stimulate sexual energy and creativity and heal disassociation from the yoni. They have a gentle, feminine energy that trains in receiving and opening up to sexual pleasure, while having a strong restorative effect on the vulva and pelvic area.

On the other hand, pleasure wands are suitable for vaginal de-armouring of the vagina and cervix. The wand's masculine shape and direct energy focus on releasing sexual energy and unwanted tensions and emotions. Ideal for solo or partner sex, they transform masturbation into slow self-love where sexual healing and liberation can take place.

By combining both tools, you can achieve a holistic approach to sexual health, where yoni eggs work on strength and connection, while pleasure wands release tension and transform the relationship to sex and self-pleasure.

You are welcome to contact us and describe your personal situation. We will be happy to provide a specific recommendation.

Are your crystals certified?

Only our Nephrite Jade eggs and Rose Quartz Yoni eggs are certified. This means that our supplier has sent a piece of stone to the GIA - Gemological Institute of America for third-party testing to verify authenticity. We strive to sell the highest quality crystals and are working with our suppliers to get more of our crystals certified. You can read about our crystal quality.

How long is the delivery time?

The Goddess Temple delivers on all weekdays.

When an order is placed, it will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

Orders within Europe are delivered with DAO Express and DHL. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery once dispatched.

International orders outside Europe are shipped with DHL Express and transit time will vary from 2 to 10 working days at the moment the parcel is dispatched.

The Goddess Temple delivers primarily to all European countries and Iceland and Norway. Let us know if you want the shipping to another country and we will see if that can be arranged.

For shipping to Denmark, see our Danish mother site: www.gudindetemplet.dk.

For shipping to Sweden, see our Swedish sister site: www.gudinnanstempel.se.

How much does delivery cost?

Here at Goddess-temple.com you get free delivery on all orders over €194. However, this cannot be combined with discount codes.

Delivery costs are between €12-€27, depends on weight.

How do you treat the crystals before they are sent?

Yes, we take great care to cleanse and charge the crystals with positive energy before sending them to you. I cleanse all the crystals with sage smoke as soon as I receive them from the factory, and then I perform a little ceremony where I ask the Goddess to charge them with healing and vibrant energy. I might also take them out under a full moon.

Where do you ship from?

From 4700 Næstved, Denmark where we have our warehouse.

Questions after shipment:

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information and instructions to track your package.

Can I exchange or return my item?

Unfortunately, due to the intimate nature and use of the product, we do not offer refunds or exchange options - only in very rare cases where the product is damaged during shipping.

If you find that the item is damaged upon arrival, you should e-mail info@goddess-temple.com immediately and send photos of the damaged item. We will then assess the damage and send you a new item at no extra cost. You cover the return costs of the damaged item yourself.

My crystal has a small scratch, inner crack or outer crack, is it normal and safe to use?

Small unpolished scratches on the surface are quite common for quartz crystal and also safe to use. Internal cracks are also common, and it is still safe to use. One must be extra careful when it comes to cracks that have grown to the external assault. Large holes or cracks running along the outside of the stone are not safe for internal use. Small non-abrasive scratches on the surface of yoni eggs or crystal dildos are perfectly safe to use. In fact, they are very common on certain types of crystals. Internal cracks are also common among certain stones. If your stone has an internal crack, it is safe to use as long as the crack has not grown to the outside surface. However, large holes or cracks running along the outside of the stone are not safe for intimate use.

Always check your stone before use; with improper care, your stone may develop cracks or holes.

We do not use fillers on any of our stones; Remember, this is a gem. It is not molded from plastic or other synthetic materials, and therefore they cannot be manufactured perfectly.

My product is defective upon delivery

If you experience this and receive a defective item, email immediately, documenting the damage with photos. Then we will make sure to send you a new one. This is of course free for you.

We do everything we can to seal and protect the crystals as much as possible on their journey to you, but in very rare cases it may happen that a crystal breaks in shipping and that it arrives in two pieces or with obvious cracks on the surface.

Questions about Yoni Eggs

What is a yoni egg?

A yoni egg is a smooth polished crystal shaped like an egg that is made to be inserted into the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support a healing process and to increase sensitivity and orgasmic satisfaction.

What benefits can I get from using a yoni egg?

The use of a yoni egg can help strengthen the pelvic floor, improve blood circulation, increase sensitivity in the pelvic area and help create a greater connection to one's sexuality, increase body awareness and pleasure and provide a sense of coming home to oneself and making the abdomen "sacred ".

Are yoni eggs safe to use?

Yes, when used correctly and with hygiene in mind, yoni eggs are safe to use.

How do I choose the right yoni egg for me?

The choice of a yoni egg depends on individual preferences and sensitivities. We offer different crystals, each with their own energies and properties. Our guide here can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Can all women use a yoni egg?

Yes, all women can use a yoni egg regardless of age. However, there are certain cases where its use should be avoided, e.g. during pregnancy, during certain medical conditions, immediately after birth (wait 6-8 weeks) and during menstruation. Read more about it here.

How can crystals help with pelvic floor healing and sexuality?

Crystals are known for their energy and therapeutic properties. Some crystals are said to have properties that can support the healing process and bring balance to the body and mind. They can help release blockages and promote a deeper connection to your own body and sexuality.

Questions about menstrual discs

How do I insert the menstrual disc?

First of all, you should know that it may take some time to learn how to insert and remove a menstrual pad smoothly. So have a little patience with it and with a little practice you will learn it easily.

  • Start by washing your hands and the menstrual pad with warm water and neutral soap.
  • Get in a position that makes it easy to insert the disc. It can be sitting on the toilet, standing with legs apart or sitting in a deep squat with one leg slightly more extended than the other.
  • Pinch the sides of the disc together so that it is the same size as a tampon.
    Insert the pinched part of the disc pointing downwards and insert it into your vaginal canal. You want it to sit at a vertical angle so that it covers your cervix completely.
  • Be sure to push it past the pubic bone as far in as possible so that the edges of the disc sit just above the bone.
  • Remove your fingers because the disc will open by itself.
  • Is it your first time? So use (washable) pads or menstrual underwear as a backup
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to bleed!

How do I remove the menstrual disc?

It can be a little messier to remove a menstrual disc as opposed to a menstrual cup, because if you are a beginner the blood can tip over and spill. The trick is to always have it in a vertical position when you remove it.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Sit on the toilet.
  • Reach into your vagina with your middle finger and slide it under the edge of the disc and pull it straight out.
  • If it's difficult, squat down and push out with your pelvic floor muscles as if you're about to give birth or on the toilet. This will loosen the edge of the disc from the pubic bone.
  • Empty the contents into the toilet, a houseplant or into a sacred cup to offer to the earth.
  • Wash it with warm water and mild soap.

Which size should I choose?

The size of the disc depends almost entirely on the height of your cervix. Your age, activity level and pregnancy history need not affect the size of your disc.

Also, you should not use your current menstrual cup size as a basis for your menstrual pad size. For example, if you use a small Goddess Temple cup, it does not necessarily mean that you should also choose a small Goddess Temple disc. Buying the same size slice and cup won't always end well unless it's by accident.

To find your size, you should measure your cervix. During menstruation, the height of your cervix changes, so it is best to measure during your period. Insert your index finger into your vagina and start feeling around. Your cervix feels round and has the same firmness as the tip of your nose. Measure how deep your finger has entered your vagina.

  • Low cervix: 4.4 cm or shorter, take Small
  • Middle cervix: 4.5 - 5.5 cm, take Small
  • High cervix: 5.5 cm or longer, take Large

What about sex and menstrual discs?

Menstrual pads do not take up space in your vagina, making them an ideal choice for period sex. If inserted correctly, it sits at the bottom of the vagina, around your cervix, and therefore neither you nor your partner should feel it. However, empty the disk ahead of time!

That being said, a particularly wild or enthusiastic sex session can cause it to switch positions. Some couples may feel the menstrual disc or still leak during sex. So remember to put a waterproof Goddess Blankets™ under you.

Questions about discount codes

I forgot to use my discount code at checkout. Can I still use it?

We do not manually issue discount codes if they have not been used at checkout. It is the customer's own responsibility to remember to use the discount code, and unfortunately we cannot subsequently add discounts to already processed orders. If your order has not been shipped yet, you may be able to cancel your order and re-place it with the correct discount code.

How do I make sure that I have used my discount code correctly?

Once you have entered your discount code in the discount code field during checkout, there should be a confirmation of the discount being deducted from the total before you complete your order. It is important to double check this before payment.

What if I have problems applying my discount code?

If you experience problems using your discount code, please contact our customer service before completing your order. We will do our best to help you resolve any issues.