Når du IKKE skal bruge et jade æg!

When you should NOT use a jade egg!

Jade egg is very popular for those women who want to heal their connection to the pelvis and awaken and strengthen their sexual pleasure and orgasmic capacity. The jade egg is also a fantastic and very powerful tool and has helped many women to rediscover and reclaim themselves as a sexually free living woman.

However, I do need to address some of the issues that may exist in relation to using a jade egg.

It is not all women who benefit from doing jade egg exercises. For some women, the jade egg can be a great way to regain and re-establish contact with the abdomen and pleasure, but for a group of women, the jade egg alone will not be enough to bring about healing, and for some, the jade egg will actually do the same Abdominal problems even worse!

I am deeply dedicated to helping you, dear woman, find the techniques you need to come home to your inherent pleasure, security, health and vitality.

In this video I therefore address when the jade egg just isn't enough for your sexual healing! When the jade egg can not only help your abdominal problems and can actually make the abdominal problems even worse.

When the jade egg is not enough and potentially bad to use:

– Diseases of the abdomen such as lichen sclerosus and prolapse (talk to your doctor!)

– Unprocessed trauma

What you can do:

- Create deep security in your nervous system: learn to create true security in your body and in your life, instead of desperately looking for it outside yourself. Create a peaceful refuge and free space within your body - every eternal day!

I send you so much erotic love!


Helen L.

PS. I am definitely not against the jade egg. The jade egg is amazing and has helped so many women for sexual healing & feminine empowerment, so if the egg works for you and if your body, pussy and nervous system are ready to use it in your sexual healing, then by all means do it! My online course The Magical Jade Egg will teach you how to use a jade egg from inside to outside. But if you are in doubt whether a jade egg will benefit you , contact me here . <3 <3 <3

[Art: Anna Lafae]

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