Hvordan vælger man sit første yoni æg?

How to choose your first yoni egg?

One of the first questions I had when I started learning about yoni eggs was what type of crystal to choose. There are many different yoni eggs on the market. You can get yoni eggs in jade, obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, red jasper, moonstone, rock crystal and many more.

Each crystal has its own healing properties and benefits. It may well be that you don't believe or feel it. I felt the same way a few years ago. But it wasn't until I started using a crystal yoni egg inside my vagina that I actually felt the healing energies of crystals. When one combines the energy of the crystal with one's own sexual energy in one's lap, an opportunity for great self-examination and development will really arise.

When you choose your first yoni egg you must feel for an inner energetic connection to the crystal. It's about following your intuition and feeling into which crystal you are most drawn to. It can be a feeling you get from looking at the color and appearance of the crystal or from holding the crystal in your hand.

You will probably find that the crystal you are most drawn to contains the healing energy that you need right now.

You can also read the description of the crystal's healing energy and see what you feel speaks to you the most. There are both physical and spiritual properties to each crystal, and as you read about it, you will be able to feel which crystal is right for you.

However, don't get too fixated on the spiritual and metaphysical properties of each crystal. Just as you and I are unique and each have our own personality and experience of the world, each crystal is also unique in itself. We can't just say that all rose quartz crystals have the same properties because you can have two pieces of rose quartz that work with you in different ways.

It is therefore important to listen to your intuition and trust your instinct. Believe in yourself and believe that the crystal you choose is the right one for you. Often it is actually the crystal that chooses you!

In this blog post, I will elaborate more on the most used yoni eggs and also on what is important to know in relation to purely safety when choosing to use a crystal inside the vagina.

Black obsidian

Black obsidian was my first yoni egg. I was immediately drawn to its very fiery, dramatic and powerful energy.

Obsidian is a volcanic lava rock that works really fast and with great power. Like a vacuum cleaner, the obsidian yoni egg sucks all trauma and blockages out of the vagina, making us realize, process and let go of our shadow sides.

Black obsidian is pure Kali energy (cf. Kali is the goddess of destruction and transformation). It is the strongest, most bombastic and powerful stone when it comes to self-examination and deep cleansing of mind and body. It exposes all faults, weaknesses and blockages and wants to bring out the truth no matter if it hurts or not.

When you work with black obsidian, you can awaken very strong emotions within, and it may be too violent when you are just starting your sexual healing journey. It is primarily not recommended for beginners, especially not for those with very deep wounds. In any case, be aware that you can activate a lot of repressed emotions, which you should be ready and strong enough to accommodate.

However, it may also be that obsidian's powerful energy is just what you need to face the wounds of the past, break free, heal and move on.

You may find that you want to distance yourself directly from some stones. A woman I know gets almost physically sick from the energy of black obsidian. She has told me that it brings up some old feelings in her that she has suppressed for a long time. Feelings from a broken marriage.

But obsidian is really just showing her what she needs to work with. Sometimes the stones you distance yourself from the most can be the ones you need to work with in order to heal and develop into a better version of yourself.

Obsidian pulls out all that no longer serves us, and once this is done, it will provide great protection and grounding. In that way, it is very positive. Almost like a tough grandmother who always tells the truth, but who is always there to protect us.

If you choose to start with a yoni egg made of obsidian, it is very good to use it in combination with a gentler stone, e.g. jade or rose quartz.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is often used as a yoni egg and with its soft feminine energy it connects you with compassion, peace, healing, nourishment and forgiveness. With its beautiful pink color and feminine Mary Magdalene energy, it also connects you to the heart chakra and unconditional love.

Rose quartz is a powerful healer for women who have had their hearts broken, suffered trauma, miscarriages or otherwise distanced themselves from sex and love due to trauma. Rose quartz is a loving way to reconnect yourself to your sexuality.

Rose quartz is a quartz crystal and, like other quartz crystals, will highlight what is already active in you. This means that if you feel low self-esteem, it will reinforce just that, which may be contrary to what you really want to achieve.

Of course, this also means that you get the opportunity to realize and process some of the negative patterns and beliefs about love that you carry around.

But if you find that rose quartz reinforces some negative feelings in you, it can actually be really rewarding to work with obsidian's deep cleansing qualities at the same time as rose quartz. Obsidian clears out negative beliefs and blockages, while rose quartz infuses good loving energy.

However, not all crystals are intended or even safe to use inside the vagina, and rose quartz has been singled out as one of them. This is because, as a quartz crystal, it can easily break, creates cracks on the surface and collects bacteria there. It is therefore recommended to take good care of your rose quartz. Thus, don't go with the egg into the vagina for several hours straight and also don't pull strongly on your yoni egg string when you have it inside. Because it can simply split in the middle while it is inside you, which is not good for you. You should also wash your rose quartz egg thoroughly. You should NOT wash your rose quartz at high heat temperatures, but with lukewarm water. Rose quartz is more susceptible to what is called thermal shock. Unlike Nephrite Jade, which can withstand rapid changes in temperature, e.g. when you boil your egg to clean it. The molecular structure of rose quartz is more sensitive and can crack or crack when it goes through a drastic temperature change. When an egg has a small crack, this area is more susceptible to bacteria building up, which can cause infection. Therefore, it is important to clean rose quartz extra thoroughly.

In any yoni egg practice, it is important to take proper care of your crystals and any place that can hold bacteria. It is important to clean your yoni eggs thoroughly after each use, especially in the hole where you can tie a string. Rose quartz can be cleaned using other methods, e.g. a few drops of tea tree oil or iodine in some lukewarm water.

I know that rose quartz is very healing and I can understand if you want to use it as a yoni egg, and you can if you follow my instructions above.

However, I want you to know for sure what you are putting into your most sacred vagina and therefore know that you must be extra careful if you choose to use a rose quartz yoni egg. I don't want to take responsibility for an egg breaking inside you. So listen to your intuition here and most importantly: your own pussy!

Nephrite jade

It is recommended to use jade for many good reasons.

Jade is one of the most compact and robust crystals that can withstand very high hot temperatures and will not crack or break if you accidentally drop it. Jade therefore does not collect bacteria in cracks unlike quartz crystals. Jade is also one of the heavier crystals and can easily be used to strengthen the pelvic floor.

It is not really necessary to use other yoni eggs other than nephrite jade. Jade's gentle yet powerful energy can fully support you in sexual healing, self-love, pleasure and manifestation. Jade is associated with the heart chakra and when used inside the vagina it helps you connect sex and love.

To me, nephrite jade is associated with Aphrodite (the beautiful seductive Greek goddess of love born of the sea). Jade truly evokes love, sexuality, beauty and femininity for the woman who wears it.

It is the perfect starting stone.

To summarize, jade is the traditional vagina stone used for 5,000 years to increase women's sexual energy, and it has scientific proof for its many amazing benefits. Gynecologists and sexologists have also begun to realize its many healing properties.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't try another crystal. In fact, I would actually encourage you to listen more inwardly and feel what energy your pussy wants to receive into it.

It is really important that you, as a woman, know that you can do whatever you want with your vagina. It's your vagina! There is no one but you who can tell you what to do with your body and your pussy. It's your choice.

It's good to listen to other women's advice and guidance, but know that in the end, only you can choose what's best for you.

However, you still need to be careful what you put into yourself. So remember to check whether the egg is made of pure crystal and how safe they are in relation to being used inside the vagina.

Eggs made from crystals other than jade may be combined with chemicals, dyes, oils, unnatural materials or other stones. Therefore: Never buy a crystal egg from a crystal shop. Always buy an egg that is created for the purpose of being used in the vagina!

Please note that the dealer must have a certificate of authenticity and purity of the crystal.

At Gudindetemplet.dk I only sell 100% genuine nephrite jade eggs, and this assures you that you are buying a genuine egg made of jade that is certified to be used in the jade egg practice.

Not sure which yoni egg to choose?

If there is no crystal that stands out to you, then I recommend that you start working with Nephrite Jade, because it is the perfect starting stone and may well be the only yoni egg you practice with. The most robust of all stones, it lasts a lifetime (it's simply indestructible, just like a diamond!), and with its gentle yet powerful healing energy, it can fully support you in sexual healing, pleasure, self-love and manifestation.

But like so much else in life, it can be exciting to work with other energies, because through life and your monthly cycle you may need something different.

Here at the Goddess Temple, we sell a whole range of different yoni eggs, all of which are completely safe to use in the vagina. Besides the most popular and traditional nephrite jade egg, we also sell red carnelian, black obsidian, amethyst and rock crystal.

See the collection of yoni eggs here.

All the crystals are made from raw crystal and no additives, glues, dyes, waxes and chemicals have been used. Each egg is highly polished and free of any cracks or imperfections – despite being natural stones from Mother Earth and therefore completely unique in its appearance! If you find cracks and breaks in the crystal, run your tongue over it, and if it feels uncomfortable and sharp, stop using it vaginally. Use it instead as a decoration in your home or on your altar or give it back to Mother Earth by burying it in the garden or offering it to the sea gods.

Remember: It is not the crystal itself that heals, but YOU

The yoni egg is not only a tool, but it is a sacred instrument that you learn to use over time in your sexual, sensual healing practice. It is you who creates your relationship with your yoni egg, and the more you get to know your egg and train with it, the more it also helps your body to open up to more and more insight and enjoyment.

It is not the crystal itself that will heal all your sexual problems, but YOU do. You are the one doing the healing work. The crystal is like a master teacher who will give you great wisdom directly from mother earth, and when you choose to act on the wisdom you receive from the crystal, over time it will bring great healing and spiritual and sexual development.


I send you so much erotic love!



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