Hvordan vælger man sit første yoni æg?

How to choose your first yoni egg?

One of the first questions I had when I started learning about yoni eggs was what type of crystal to choose. There are many different yoni eggs on the market. You can get yoni eggs in jade, obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, red jasper, moonstone, clear quartz and many more.

Each crystal has its own healing properties and benefits. It may well be that you don't believe or feel it. I felt the same way a few years ago. But it wasn't until I started using a crystal yoni egg inside my vagina that I actually felt the healing energies of crystals. When one combines the energy of the crystal with one's own sexual energy in one's lap, an opportunity for great self-examination and development will really arise.

When you choose your first yoni egg you must feel for an inner energetic connection to the crystal. It's about following your intuition and feeling into which crystal you are most drawn to. It can be a feeling you get from looking at the color and appearance of the crystal or from holding the crystal in your hand.

You will probably find that the crystal you are most drawn to contains the healing energy that you need right now.

You can also read the description of the crystal's healing energy and see what you feel speaks to you the most. There are both physical and spiritual properties to each crystal, and as you read about it, you will be able to feel which crystal is right for you.

However, don't get too fixated on the spiritual and metaphysical properties of each crystal. Just as you and I are unique and each have our own personality and experience of the world, each crystal is also unique in itself. We can't just say that all rose quartz crystals have the same properties because you can have two pieces of rose quartz that work with you in different ways.

It is therefore important to listen to your intuition and trust your instinct. Believe in yourself and believe that the crystal you choose is the right one for you. Often it is actually the crystal that chooses you!

In this video, I want to elaborate more on the most used yoni eggs and also on what is important to know in terms of safety when choosing to use a crystal inside the vagina.

If there is no crystal that stands out to you, then I recommend that you start working with Nephrite Jade, because it is a perfect starting stone and could easily be the only yoni egg you practice with. It is the most robust of all stones (it is simply impossible to destroy, just like a diamond!), and so with its gentle but powerful healing energy, it can fully support you in sexual healing, pleasure, self-love and manifestation.

But like so much else in life, it can be exciting to work with other energies, because through life and your monthly cycle you may need something different.

Here at the Goddess Temple, I sell a whole range of different yoni eggs, all of which are completely safe to use in the vagina. Besides the most popular and traditional jade egg, I also sell carnelian, black obsidian, amethyst and clear quartz.

See the collection of yoni eggs here.

All the crystals are made from raw crystal and no additives, glues, dyes, waxes and chemicals have been used. Each egg is highly polished and free of any cracks or imperfections – despite being natural stones from Mother Earth and therefore completely unique in its appearance! If you find cracks and breaks in the crystal, run your tongue over it, and if it feels uncomfortable and sharp, stop using it vaginally. Use it instead as a decoration in your home or on your altar or give it back to Mother Earth by burying it in the garden or offering it to the sea gods.



I send you so much erotic love!



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