Hvad er et jade æg og hvorfor bruge et

What is a jade egg and why use one

A Jade Egg is a powerful tool to use for pelvic floor strength, vaginal flexibility and sexual healing. It is a crystal shaped like an egg, which you insert into your vagina and then do various pelvic floor and breathing exercises.

When you use a jade egg, the vaginal walls and the inner muscles of the vagina are massaged, and when it does so, the various reflex points in the vagina, which are connected to vital organs and glands in the body, are simultaneously stimulated.

Using a jade egg can also help heal sexual shame and trauma. Since women store a great deal of their trauma and unresolved emotions in the pelvis, a jade egg is a very powerful tool to use to physically and emotionally release any pain, tension or numbness associated with these.

A jade egg also helps to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and to train the pelvis to be able to relax completely, which is also very important for a healthy and vibrant pelvic floor. It prevents urinary incontinence and expands your sexual pleasure and your orgasmic potential.

Traditionally, the jade egg is made from real nephrite jade. Nephrite jade has been used for thousands of years in the ancient Taoist practice of China, where the Chinese emperor's many female concubines used the jade egg to increase and use their sexual energy (ching chi) for increased vitality, radiance, pleasure and spiritual development.

The jade egg is therefore much more than just an egg-shaped crystal that you insert into your pussy.

It is a whole practice – a bit like yoga – that incl. breathing exercises, dance, visualization, chest massage and energy work.

If that sounds a little too advanced, please keep reading.

These concubines of the Chinese royal court were actually courtesans and were considered to hold deep wisdom about sexuality, healing and spirituality. They trained with a jade egg to increase their life energy, pleasure and healing to the whole body and to be able to merge with the emperor for higher pleasure and spiritual awakening.

For the first time in history, the secret of the jade egg is not only reserved for the Chinese concubines, but now the modern woman also has the opportunity to be initiated into its healing and strengthening properties. For a long time, women have put up with having problems in the abdomen and their sexuality and have suffered in silence. Either because the woman's sexuality has been suppressed, ignored or even hated by a patriarchal dominant society, and therefore it has been too vulnerable and too humiliating to even talk about. Or because there have simply been no known methods for a woman to use to heal problems in the abdomen.

In the therapeutic field, there is a lot of focus on talk and body therapy, but much therapy completely avoids focusing on a woman's abdomen as an area that also needs healing—and not just as a gynecological procedure, but as a way to help the woman back to sexual healing and freedom.

Many do not talk about this because society and many cultures are still afraid of a woman's power. There are still many who are afraid of a woman who stands strong in her sexuality, in her light, her genius and her power. Because when a woman has contact with her sexuality and the wisdom, joy, innocence, pleasure and wildness of her pussy, she is not to be manipulated.

On the contrary, however, when a woman is disconnected from her sexual center, she is very likely also disconnected from life, her juice and power and her potential in this world.

We cannot think or talk our way out of the fact that a woman can have problems in the abdomen and in sexuality, but we also have to get to the root of the problem, namely into the body and into the vagina, how many of the woman's frozen emotions and memories are stored. But it is also there that a woman's joy, light and wildness are found. That's why it's such a taboo subject.

For the first time in history, women have the opportunity to fully embrace their sexuality and strengthen their relationship with their pelvis on a deeper level.

For the first time ever, women have the opportunity to be free from shame, guilt, fear and oppression.

For the first time in history, a woman can use a crystal egg without being socially ostracized, punished or humiliated.

More than ever before, women have the opportunity to come back to their true authenticity and feel healing, love and joy on a deep level.

And as modern women, we must not miss this chance. Our mothers, and their mothers before them, did not have the opportunity to use a jade egg for sexual healing, pleasure and empowerment.

Dear woman, you have the opportunity today to awaken your sexual energy in your pussy to much more pleasure and joy and direct that energy into your relationships, your working life and into your creative projects.

With a jade egg, you not only heal yourself as a woman, but you also heal the women around you and energetically whole generations of women before you and after you – and even the whole man in your life! Because when you use a jade egg you will increase your inner strength and intimacy in the vagina and therefore create a greater intimate connection during sex with a man.

A jade egg can therefore only help to also heal structures on a more societal level and make the feminine way of doing things more acceptable and attractive.

Because you will be able to give much more of your joy, love, care, intuition and wisdom to the world when you understand and honor yourself on such a deep level. When you stand strong and centered in your pussy and act based on what makes your pussy sing, you will be much better able to be present in your love relationships and express your voice, intuition and creativity in your work.

A jade egg is therefore such a powerful tool to use, because the world really needs women and girls who stand strong in themselves and who know how to awaken their sexual energy to more joy, enjoyment and creation on all fronts - both in his relationships, at work and in society.

It has given me so much development and healing to start my own jade egg practice - but actually even more to become a jade egg entrepreneur, because now I have the opportunity to share the secret of the jade egg to other women.

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