Meaning & crystal quality

We do our best to find the highest quality crystals.

When you buy a crystal dildo, a jade egg or another yoni egg from the Goddess Shop, you can be sure that the products are 100% real crystal, safe to use intimately. This means that they have not been dyed, heated or chemically treated.

Each product is made from a solid piece of stone and is dropped and polished into a beautiful work of art by our suppliers in China. They are always thoroughly checked before they are sent to you.

We store and handle the crystals with a loving hand, taking care to charge them with love and good energy before sending them out to you.

You can find the energetic properties of each crystal by reading further down under each crystal's name.

Below is a list of the country of origin for each crystal we sell.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us through our contact form.

Meaning & origin of crystals

rose quartz

Rose quartz

This stone gives unconditional love and helps with dignity, compassion, self-love and healing of heartaches. As a quartz crystal, it will highlight what is already present, so if there is a lack of self-love, this will become more apparent and worked on. In that context, it can also help release anger and jealousy.

Choose rose quartz if you lack self-esteem and want to become a magnet for love.

Country of origin: Brazil


nephrite jade

Nephrite Jade

This stone is known to support women in healing the vagina and pelvic floor after childbirth. It balances the kidneys, which hold up all our sexual energy and repressed emotions. It is a robust stone that is resistant to cracking or breaking. It provides protection and enhances creativity and is the traditional vagina stone in the Taoist practice of ancient China.

Choose nephrite jade if you want to replenish your sexual energy, balance emotions and improve your overall health and vitality.

Country of origin: China


black obsidian

Black Obsidian

This stone is a powerful black crystal formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. It provides grounding, protection and helps cleanse and protect against negative energy.

Choose black obsidian if you have unresolved sexual trauma and are ready to face the uncomfortable feelings that may rise to the surface for healing (not for the faint of heart - only for those who have worked with the balancing, healing energy of the jade egg in a quite a while).

Country of origin: Mexico


Indian Jade

Also called Green Aventurine, this stone is known as the "Stone of Opportunity" and is believed to be the luckiest of all crystals because it helps attract money, abundance and wealth.

Choose Indian jade if you are making big changes in your life, have money blockages, start new projects or need good luck.

Country of origin: India


Red Carnelian

This is a true feminine empowerment stone that is the best for strengthening and healing the inner fire in the womb. Known as the blood of the mother goddess Isis, it can help restore passion, sex drive and creativity.

Choose carnelian if you want to improve your sex drive, become more sensual and need the courage to face your fears.

Country of origin: Brazil


Blue Quartz

This blue quartz stone brings calm energy into any situation, reducing stress, anxiety, fear and hyperactivity. It helps improve communication, connection and understanding, and so promotes order, balance and mental clarity.

Choose blue quartz if you have difficulty getting out of your head and down into your body and need to open up your sound and voice in your communication of pleasure, needs and desires.

Country of origin: Brazil





This stone is said to provide a good night's sleep and clearer dreams. It is calming and helps with stress, anxiety and addictions of all kinds. It works with the third eye and crown chakra, so it is a true meditation stone that increases spiritual development and higher wisdom.

Choose amethyst if you have difficulty relaxing during sex, suffer from anxiety, shame, restlessness and addictions and want to use your pussy and orgasms as intuitive wisdom and divine compass.

Country of origin: Brazil


Clear Quartz

This stone is known to enhance your intuition and open up your spiritual potential. It can help create clarity in your thoughts and bring inner peace and harmony. The clear quartz is also known to strengthen intentions and aid in the manifestation of desires. It is said to be the master healer and can improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It can cleanse and strengthen your aura while removing negativity and blockages in your energy field.

Choose clear quartz if you want the free flow of healing goddess energy in your body and feel your sexuality as a channel for clairvoyant orgasms.

Country of origin: Brazil


red jasper

Red jasper

Red jasper has a close connection to the earth and its energy and has been used for centuries to bring stability, vitality and resilience. It is also known to be a stone of courage and protection. If you feel vulnerable or need extra support in maintaining your energy and boundaries, red jasper can be a good choice. It can help create a sense of stability and security.

Choose red jasper if you want to achieve grounding, security and courage in your sexuality and sensuality.

Country of origin: South Africa