Yoni Æg 101

Yoni Eggs 101

Yoni Eggs 101 – Answers to all your basic questions

To start with, it is important to know that yoni eggs cannot just be understood through writing, but they should be experienced with the body . Of course, it is also really good to get the basics in place, so that you are well prepared for your own yoni egg journey.

Benefits of using Yoni Eggs

  1. Yoni eggs heal your relationship with your pelvic floor and release emotional and physical blockages from your uterus and vagina.
  2. Yoni eggs strengthen, open and relax the pelvic floor and prevent and can even cure many types of "normal" pelvic floor problems such as incontinence and prolapse.
  3. Yoni Egg restores and activates sexual energy and passion and opens new avenues for PLEASURE and satisfying orgasms!

What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni egg is a crystal shaped like an egg, which is like a pelvic floor ball, yet much more. It is used deep inside the vagina to do pelvic floor exercises with. By exercising with it 10-30 minutes every day or 3 times a week, you can get a strong, toned, soft, flexible and open pelvic floor, which can manage to move the egg up and down (and maybe around) in the vagina.

What are Yoni Eggs good for?

The egg massages and stimulates the vaginal walls, which increases the nerve connection from the head down to the vagina. It triggers the natural hormone production, which increases wetness in the vagina and kicks in the sex drive. By having the egg inside you and exercising with it regularly, you will release tension and numbness in favor of increased sensitivity inside. The egg activates different reflex points inside, which are connected to different emotions and organs in the body, so using the egg can also become an emotional experience where healing can take place. And by strengthening and softening the pelvic floor and releasing what is holding you back in the vagina, you will increase your capacity to feel vaginal pleasure and experience not only clitoral orgasms, but also internal orgasms, such as the g-spot and cervix.

What is the difference between regular pelvic floor training and yoni eggs?

Using a yoni egg is much more than just pelvic floor training, but is part of a whole practice of breath, movement, mindfulness and energy work. A practice a bit like yoga, which increases your attention to your body and certainly to your vagina. It's not just solely focused on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which the standard kegels can be. But the focus is also on healing and reclaiming one's femininity, sexuality and right over one's own body. Pure pelvic floor training can often appear mechanical and a boring duty to do. The yoni egg, on the other hand, can be a fun and enjoyable part of your self-care and pleasure practice that you want to come back to again and again. Instead of just squeezing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles around empty air, you also add some weight and resistance with the yoni egg, and this will make your pelvic floor training much more effective and you will get faster results. You can also get pelvic floor balls made of silicone, but the yoni egg carries an energetic frequency from the crystal, therefore you will get some healing energies that silicone balls cannot give.

Where does the yoni egg come from?

The yoni egg originates from ancient China, where the Chinese emperor's many concubines and queens trained with a nephrite jade yoni egg to raise life energy (ching chi) for healing the body, spiritual development and better sex. The nephrite jade egg is therefore the traditional egg and has been used for thousands of years. It is often recommended as a beginner's stone because of its energy, structure and long history. But also because it is part of a whole system from Taoist practice. Other yoni eggs of other crystals are also said to have been used in South America and Africa.

Which crystals can I choose from?

Nephrite jade - healing the feminine reproductive system, health and abundance, balancing emotions, creativity, healing relationships.

Carnelian - Re-establishes vitality, increases sex drive, gives courage and self-esteem, heals uterus and alleviates menstrual problems.

Amethyst - calming, provides better sleep and stronger dreams, helps with addictions, a sobering stone, meditation, opening the third eye and crown chakra.

Indian Jade - New beginnings, fresh opportunities, heart healers, good luck, manifestation, money.

Rose Quartz - Attracts and increases love, reduces stress, discouragement and tension, releases anger, jealousy and contempt, a romantic stone.

Rock crystal - clears the mind, increases spirituality, increases healing, protects and absorbs and releases negative energy, can cleanse other crystals.

Black Obsidian - clears out negative energy, provides grounding, protection, heals trauma.

Which crystal should I choose?

There are different crystals to choose from. It is completely individual which one you are attracted to. A good piece of advice is to follow what your heart calls for. Look at pictures of the crystal and read the description – or even better, hold it in your hand and feel what you feel. Let your intuition guide you. That being said, not all crystals can be used inside the vagina. But the yoni eggs we sell at Gudindeshoppen, you can be 100% sure are vagina-friendly. If you don't know which one to choose, we recommend starting with Nephrite Jade, as it is the traditional stone with a good balancing energy and because it is robust and heavy enough for pelvic floor training.

See here the selection of our yoni eggs.

Which size should I choose?

You can choose between a small, medium and large. If you are a beginner, we recommend a medium egg because it can be used by everyone, including those who have just started their practice and those who want to advance.

If you have had two or more vaginal births, it is best to start with a large one as it will be easier to feel and hold inside you with your pelvic floor muscles. Over time with a large egg, you will be able to get ready for a medium. A medium can also be used for women who have given birth, because you can also just start by doing the exercises in a lying position and work your way up from there to sitting and standing.

A small egg is for those women and girls who have a very petite vagina and find it difficult to insert a medium egg into them, or perhaps have never had penetration sex and would like to start with a small size. Those who suffer from vaginismus or vulvadynia may especially benefit from a small egg, but it must be said that the egg should never be pushed in – pushed through pain, numbness or dryness. If it hurts or feels traumatic to insert, stop and instead place the egg at the vaginal opening, above the lower abdomen, by the heart or under the pillow at night until you are ready to invite it in with a full and pleasurable "YES!" .


is for you who:

  • Have given birth (both vaginally and by caesarean section)
  • Experience urinary incontinence
  • Have the urge to urinate while jumping or running

Size: 45 to 50 mm x 30 to 35 mm

Weight: approx. 55 to 85 grams


is for you who:

  • Are you a beginner or experienced Yoni egg user
  • Have normal and balanced pelvic floor muscles and want to keep them healthy, relaxed, open and strong
  • Have a prolapse and think the large egg is too heavy (working in a lying position)
  • Been working with a large Yoni egg and ready to work with a medium size

Size: 43 to 45mm x 28 to 30mm

Weight: approx. 35 to 54 grams


is for you who:

  • Am an experienced Yoni egg user
  • Been working with the medium Yoni egg for a few months and want to practice holding a lighter and smaller egg and maybe learn to work with two eggs at the same time
  • Experiencing vulvodynia or vaginismus (use Yoni Egg lying down as a crystal and uterine healing tool and NOT for pelvic floor strength training)

Size: 30 to 25mm x 30 to 35mm

Weight: approx. 15 to 34 grams

Who can NOT use a Yoni Egg?

If you are pregnant , you cannot use a yoni egg, as it activates a lot of energy in the body. All that energy must instead be used to create a baby. Therefore, wait to use your yoni egg 6-8 weeks after birth. But if you have previous experience of using yoni eggs up to your pregnancy, you can use it for a maximum of 15 minutes. But if you want to be absolutely sure, leave it alone or talk to your midwife about it.

If you are menstruating , it is not recommended to use an egg, as at this time there is a downward energy that should not be disturbed. On the days when you do not bleed very much, you can start using it again. However, if you feel called to use a yoni egg during your first lunar blood days, choose a small or medium size and be gentle.

If you have just had surgery in the abdominal or pelvic area. Give it time to heal before you start using a yoni egg.

If you have an IUD inserted. There are divided opinions about whether you can train with a yoni egg while you have an IUD inserted. Some think it's perfectly fine, as IUDs are designed to handle wild sex, tampons and dildos, etc. However, be extra careful because when you work with a yoni egg, the blood supply to the uterus increases, and that in itself may cause the coil to start rotating or eject. It probably only happens in rare cases, but just to be safe, don't try to pull the string and add weight to the egg.

Do you want to go deeper?

Download the e-book "Jade Egg Practice for Beginners!" or sign up for the Magic Jade Egg online course .

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