Orgasm guide

Orgasms are for many the highlight of the sexual act and for good reason, because this is where we release so many pleasure hormones and are flooded with pleasure. Orgasms are both good for the nervous system and our general health, but they also give us the opportunity to get to know ourselves and our partner better. Both men and women have the opportunity to experience not just one, but many different kinds of wonderful orgasms. Here is a guide to the different orgasms that women can experience and the characteristics associated with them.

The clitoral orgasm

We start with the clitoris because it is the area of ​​a woman's body that is visible and can be easily touched. The clitoris is probably the place from which most girls start to experience an orgasm. A clitoral orgasm will usually feel like a burst of heightened pleasure that comes from the clitoris and spreads through the rest of the body.

The clitoris is said to have 8,000 nerve endings, but since this is a study done on a cow, the probability that it is really quite small. But in any case, this little pearl is the source of so much pleasure and can be understood as the first gateway to the woman's orgasms.

The clitoris can look many different ways. At the end of the clitoris sits the pearl, which is sometimes hidden behind a hood. For some women, the clitoris is large, for others huge and for some quite small. Some clitoris hides under the clitoral hood, others stick out or are half hidden or have no clitoral hood at all.

You can easily stimulate your clitoris with your fingers in circles or back and forth, up and down movements or around the clitoris.

Start slowly and gently as the clitoris swells and you become more wet and aroused. From there you can experiment with different rhythms and pressures. Notice what feels good to you.

You can also use a clitoris vibrator to increase the stimulation, which can be really delicious. But be careful not to overstimulate this sensitive area, because it can create tension and reduce the feeling of your beloved clitoris.

The clitoris is not just a DJ console where you have to press it to get pleasure, but it is a living organ that opens up with loving and gentle touch and a curious playful approach.

Vaginal orgasm

The vagina usually swells and gets bigger when you have spent a good amount of time warming up your body and have stimulated and aroused your clitoris and vulva. Possibly had a few clitoral orgasms because this increases the wetness in the vagina, blood supply and sensitivity. It is absolutely not unusual for some women to need 20-40 minutes of foreplay to get ready for vaginal sex.

You can achieve a vaginal orgasm by inserting one or two fingers, a penis or a pleasure dildo into your vagina. You want a 100% yes and penetration should feel oh so good and NOT painful or numb.

Do an in and out movement and stay present with the sensations and what you feel in the moment. Find an area or point to press gently into, and if you feel like it you can press deeper in and out and stimulate a smaller area with greater intensity and speed.

A vaginal orgasm is often described as deeper and more intense than a clitoral orgasm and can last longer and feel like something that spreads to the rest of the body. Read here my 6 secrets to experiencing a vaginal orgasm.


The G-spot orgasm

The G-spot orgasm is known to be the source of a wet and pleasurable orgasm and from where you can experience a squirt orgasm. You usually get this orgasm by stimulating and pressing up against the area that sits 1-3 cm. inside the vagina up against the vaginal wall towards the pubic bone. You can make a C shape with your fingers or use a curved dildo, e.g. The Magic Squirter™ , Rose Quartz Amrita Crystal Dildo or Aphrodite Wand™ .

The G-spot feels like a ridged, mushroom-like area, like the surface of a walnut or the palate of the mouth. It is also a swelling body and is said to be the female prostate, so when you are really excited it will swell with blood and fluid. By making a come-here movement, you can stimulate and awaken the area to become more and more sensitive. You can actually push in quite hard, and as you get more and more excited, you can make the movement faster.

When you stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris is actually stimulated at the same time because these are connected.

The trick is to be able to relax your pelvic floor muscles, to be fully present in your body, while at the same time stimulating the g-zone. Because it is in the surrender and letting go of control to your bodily experience that you will be able to let go of your fluids, your wildness and your pleasure in a g-spot orgasm and ultimately in a squirt orgasm.

Read here the ultimate guide to G-spot orgasms.

Also read here an intimate guide to having a squirt orgasm.


The anal orgasm

The anal orgasm is one of the most wonderful orgasms ever. They are out-of-body experiences, even galactic. They are enjoyable for both women and men. An anal orgasm occurs when the anus is stimulated, and it is about going forward slowly and starting by stimulating the opening to the anus, preferably at the same time as other erogenous zones are stimulated, e.g. clitoris or G-spot.

In fact, you need to be soaking wet before you even insert anything into the anus. You will not get wet in the anus, but it is the fluids from the vagina that will run down and provide lubrication to your anal play. It can also be good to use a lot of lubricant, but it should definitely not replace natural lubrication.

The focus must be on gentle touch and building up the pleasure more and more. Anal orgasms take time and are very intimate and built on trust and love. In fact, you don't even have to go very far into the anus to experience an anal orgasm, but stimulating the opening can be completely orgasmic, and then when you feel the invitation, you can introduce the penis, butt plug or dildo just a little inside you, and it will send a rush of orgasm up the spine to the brain and feel as if time stands still and you merge with your lover and with the cosmos and the sky. No shit! Or yes, just remember to go to the toilet beforehand.

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The cervical orgasm

The cervix sits at the end of the vaginal canal and is often ignored or completely forgotten, but it holds a huge pleasure potential. Women report feeling like they are reborn again when they experience a cervical orgasm. As the cervix is ​​stimulated and opens up, it will begin to pulsate more and more inside you. Your body will overflow with love hormones and it will feel like a cosmic pleasure and an opening to higher love. It's a life-changing orgasm.

To feel your cervix, you can squat down or on the toilet and insert two fingers deep into you. At the end of your vagina, you will feel an organ that feels like the tip of your nose. However, the cervix changes depending on where you are in your cycle. When you ovulate, she will be more flat and retracted, and when you menstruate, it will be further down the vaginal canal and feel more like a nose tip. The first step to a cervical orgasm is to become familiar with your cervix, so notice how yours feels at different times throughout your cycle.

The cervix can be said to be a queen and a gatekeeper, deciding who is allowed to enter the woman's holiest place, the womb. She doesn't like being touched when you're not relaxed or excited. So the key to a cervical orgasm is to be wet, comfortable to surrender and properly relaxed in your body and pelvic floor. Sometimes we can have a lot of tension around the cervix, so it may be necessary to go through healing work first.

It may be necessary to use a pleasure wand to reach the cervix, e.g. our Calypso Cervix Wand™ or Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand. If you're doing it with your partner, ask him to come forward slowly and gently and gently and lovingly thrust back and forth into the cervix or just let his penis gently rest against the cervix. Indeed, it is love and security that opens the cervix to the orgasmic realms.

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Mixed orgasms, the multi-orgasm and living life orgasmically!

There are so many other types of orgasms that you can experience, e.g. mixed orgasms, where you touch different erogenous zones at the same time, the A-orgasm (which sits between the cervix and the G-spot) as well as energy orgasms, full-body orgasms, heart orgasms, where you use your breath and your imagination to draw energy from the earth, the sky or up through your pussy up to areas of your body, e.g. the heart.

There are so many types of orgasms that probably haven't been discovered yet or "found". Because we can talk about having an orgasm, but you can also live your life orgasmically. Eating can be orgasmic, or smelling a flower or putting oil on your body, watching a sunset, listening to music. The more you can be in your senses and feel life as if it were an orgasm, the more you will open up your body to become multi-orgasmic.

It is very rewarding to explore new ways of achieving orgasms. It may well not feel particularly orgasmic at first, but know that the more you practice and stimulate an area, the more you will strengthen the nerve pathways and the connection between your head down to your body. Where the focus goes, the energy will flow.

Orgasms allow us to open up to new stages of being in the world as well as a deeper connection with ourselves and with our partner. But remember that it is not the orgasm itself that will satisfy you, but feeling sex and orgasms as a way of creating connection, intimacy and lovemaking with your partner – merging as one with your beloved will in itself give a super orgasm. If you don't have a partner yet, then you can explore yourself and make love to yourself, get to know yourself better and open up to your likes and dislikes. It will empower you to communicate more clearly what you like to your future partner.

Life also just becomes much more fun and life-affirming when you are multi-orgasmic.


I have difficulty having an orgasm.

But what if you have trouble having an orgasm, you might be thinking? In fact, approx. one in five women find it difficult to have an orgasm or never have an orgasm.

This could be due to many different things, but here is what I believe to be the primary cause:

1) Women's sexuality is not accommodated because it is completely different from men's. The primary norm in the culture is male sexuality both from what we see in porn and the media. Men usually get turned on faster than women and can progress faster in relation to stimulation of the genitals and want to have penetration sex. Women, on the other hand, are turned on more slowly and often become more turned on via emotions, romance, love and the experience of being safe with her partner, and when she is accommodated with this, she will be able to experience riding waves of orgasm after orgasm .

2) Women and girls experience a lot in relation to their womb , i.a. menstruation, childbirth, gynecological examinations and procedures, spiral insertions, hormone-disrupting forms of contraception as well as a labor market that does not take the female cycle into account. Culturally, religiously and socially, there is also a lot of taboo and ignorance about women's sexuality, which can emotionally and psychologically put a brake on women's orgasms.

So it's not because women and girls are less orgasmic than men and boys. On the contrary, women have a huge potential to experience many different orgasms, as this guide has already shown you.

So perhaps your orgasmic journey first and foremost starts out as a sexual healing journey. If this is your experience, please feel free to contact me.