Alt hvad du skal vide om butt plugs.

Everything you need to know about butt plugs.

Here's everything you need to know about butt plugs and how to use them for galactic anal sex!

Anal sex is really underrated and probably one of the least talked about when it comes to sex. It is most often associated with porn stars and is therefore made into something that is too violent.

But it's for everyone, and from nature's side it's designed to be able to give you the very, very wonderful life-changing orgasms.

By working with a butt plug, you can learn once and for all to de-taboo your A-hole and re-establish it as a living, beautiful and sacred part of your body.

We all have one, so why not just embrace it for all it does.

First of all, let's celebrate the...

Hooray for the anus to help us excrete waste products.

Hooray for the anus for being able to provide a secure support and base in our body.

Hooray for the anus for being able to give the most cosmic out-of-body orgasms.

Anus – a magical portal!

It's crazy how big orgasms you can get by stimulating the anus. It can even be full body orgasmic – galactic!

There are so many nerve endings at the opening and inside the anus that are closely connected to the G-spot and the clitoris. So when you stimulate your anus, you also stimulate the rest of your sexual erogenous points.

And then it is close to the coccyx, middle jaw and sacrum, which is the root of our body and from there, where the sexual energy, your primal energy flows up along the spine up to the head all the way into a full-body orgasm....

And it feels completely like floating out into the cosmos and back home again. As if time stands still and you are fully in the moment as you are flooded with ecstatic pleasure.

It may feel forbidden, shameful, disgusting and embarrassing to read about anal sex and even to say the word out loud. If you think so, it's perfectly okay, because the anus is also often the center of toilet visits and can be seen as a dirty place.

But the anus is not just a hole where we excrete waste products, but it is a magical portal!

By getting to know your A-hole, you can open it up to the most pleasurable, joyful and orgasmic experiences of your life.

Anus are truly next level on the pleasure scale - and they are truly life changing!

Anus and the root chakra

The anus is part of your root chakra, and with anal stimulation you therefore connect to Mother Earth, your roots and your primal nature.

In media and porn, you tend to see anal sex as something kinky and raw, but from my own experience, good real anal butt play is one of the most intimate and beautiful things. It's not kinky, but it's the most intimate and romantic sex you can have with your lover. It requires security and surrender to open up to.

The anus is the first place where we tense up if we feel scared, anxious and insecure. If we are not safe, have money problems or housing insecurity, then we buckle up there. We tighten up the buttocks. We become a tight ass or get our tail between our legs. We are closing down this beautiful place.

And if you have experienced anal sex too soon, your anus will also tense up, and it will feel painful and uncomfortable. So proceed quietly!

So always start by massaging the anus opening in circles with your fingers. From there you will work your way up to using a small or medium butt plug and when you are ready your partner's penis or a dildo.

Butt plug

Working with a butt plug is very powerful and can help you get to know your A-hole on your own. It can be used both as a massage tool to relax the root of the body and also for self-pleasure. Using a butt plug is also a perfect first step to explore anal play before doing it with a partner.

At Gudindetemplet you can get butt plugs made of both crystal and glass. See our selection of butt plugs here.

Glass butt plugs

Our Rose Butt Plug and Flora Butt Plug are made of safe borosilicate glass and are hygienic to use. They both have a pink rose as a base, and make them connect to something very feminine and sacred.

Using such a beautiful tool for anal play completely reprograms the way you approach your anus. From perhaps seeing it as a dirty, taboo area to being a place where something beautiful can flourish.

All the shame and taboo around butt sex will disappear because these glass butt plugs don't look very intimidating! They have a cute and innocent look that will make anyone relax more... in the butt region of course.

Crystal butt plugs

At the Goddess Temple we also have butt plugs made of crystal, or rather black obsidian from Mexico.

Black obsidian is very good to use as a butt plug because it is safe and easy to clean, and its energy corresponds to the root chakra and qualities such as security, stability, grounding - all things that are necessary to be able to fully surrender to anal pleasure.

Working with Black Obsidian Butt Plug is very powerful because this black crystal goes in and heals trauma and releases anxiety and insecurity and works with our shadow sides.

It provides grounding and protection and works on the most animal primal level, which is what one needs to open up to their orgasmic potential.

How to use a butt plug

So what you do is you use the butt plug as part of your masturbation practice or with your partner or as a way to massage and de-arm your anus. The important thing about a butt plug is that it must have a base which means that it does not disappear into you.

You hold the bottom and massage and stimulate the opening of the anus. You don't just have to push it in, but you have to stimulate the opening while you breathe deeply, relax and at the same time stimulate the clitoris or your vagina with another goddess tool.

It's important that you don't just push it in, but that you actually get so turned on and wet that it can slide in easily. So it's good to warm up the body completely and be really fired up beforehand.

Butt plug and lube

The good thing about using a butt plug is that you can experience getting extremely wet because it indirectly stimulates the vagina's A-point, which sits between the G-spot and the cervix. So you really don't need to use lube at all!!! Yep, you read that right!

Of course, it can be good to use some coconut oil or your favorite lubricant so that you do not create unnecessary tears in the anus. But really, you should preferably be naturally dripping wet before you insert anything into your anus (and also into your vagina).

You don't want to rely solely on lube because your wetness in your vagina will tell you how aroused you are, and you want to be wildly aroused before it's pleasurable to invite the butt plug in. And you don't get wet in the anus, but you get wet from the vagina, and your natural fluids will therefore slide down to the anus and can help to provide you with some lubrication.

So it is important to know that you should only insert the butt plug when you are ready, wet and feel pleasure from it. If it hurts and doesn't feel good, don't go any further and just stimulate the opening until you feel like it.

And in fact, you don't need to insert the butt plug at all, because the opening itself can feel orgasmic to stimulate. And just introducing the butt plug a small cm. in, can feel completely orgasmic and send sexual energy up the spine to the Universe.

Butt plug with other goddess tools

Once you've become familiar with your butt plug, you can move on to using it with another goddess tool, such as The Magic Syringe or Octopussy .

Butt plug with partner

When it feels good, you can use it together with a partner. So you just slide the butt plug in slowly. When it feels good, you can have sex vaginally with your partner in different positions, e.g. on all fours, on your back, or however you like it. When you lie on your back, the butt plug will press deeper, and it can feel really delicious.

You will notice that the butt plug stimulates the prostate, which is particularly delicious for men to stimulate, as it is larger in them. So the Goddess Temple's butt plugs can also be used by men.

Using a butt plug with your partner can be a step towards getting ready for anal sex. Anal sex is such an intimate and beautiful experience. In order to have a good experience, one must be able to fully surrender to him, and it must go very slowly. It's not just about in-and-out anal sex, because that can be too violent. Instead, it's about going gently and slowly until you're dripping wet and an open heart to just melt into ecstatic surrender and cosmic enjoyment.

Butt plug and hygiene

You must be sure that you wash your butt plug thoroughly before and after use. Before using your butt plug or having anal sex, remember to go to the toilet and wash yourself thoroughly beforehand.

Extra tip

If you feel that you are tense and cannot relax, then it might be an idea to massage the buttocks, lower back, sacrum, tailbone and perineum with some coconut oil as foreplay.

If you have a lot of unreleased energy sitting at the root of your body, it can be good to dance, make noises and roll your hips and do stretches for the inner thighs and hips before using the butt plug.

Using breath and sound at the same time as using your butt plug or having anal sex is extra juicy , as it awakens your sexual energy and will help release trauma stored in the anus and perineum as well as make the energy move up and out the body.

You can also use your butt plug elsewhere on the body as a massage tool.

If you have any questions about which butt plug to choose and how to use it, please write through the contact form .

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