6 hemmeligheder til at opleve en skedeorgasme

6 secrets to experiencing a vaginal orgasm

There is a myth that not all women can experience a vaginal orgasm.

Unfortunately, some women have been told for various reasons that they are unable to experience a vaginal orgasm, but this is far from the truth. The vagina actually has a lot of nerves and can give you a lot of pleasure and pleasure if it is stimulated in the right way.

As an extremely orgasmic woman, I would like to share with you that there are many forms of pleasure and ecstatic experiences that can be obtained inside the vagina. If you were born a woman, then you have the opportunity to experience so much pleasure and many ecstatic forms of orgasms, including vaginal orgasms. So let's get it out in the open: If you were born a woman, you have the opportunity to experience so much pleasure and many ecstatic types of orgasms, including vaginal orgasms!

I understand how depressing thoughts can come from if you are used to not being able to feel anything in your vagina during sex. But that doesn't mean you're not made to have a vaginal orgasm, or that you're not woman enough. In fact, it is far from the truth. As women, we are designed to be highly orgasmic. All women – and I repeat – all women are born full-body orgasmic.

Vaginal numbness is not a natural condition. But it's a condition that many women live with because we've become so used to shutting down this important part of ourselves. Numbness is often caused by a mix of emotional, psychological and physical factors, including past trauma or feelings of shame. But it is important to know that nothing is hopeless . Although it may seem hopeless and frustrating, there is hope. It is entirely possible to get back to the natural state where your vagina is alive, orgasmic and free to feel everything during sex again! Vaginal orgasms are fully possible for ALL women to experience.

I, who previously felt numb in my vagina, can now testify to how amazing it is to experience a vaginal orgasm and a squirt orgasm! It is a feeling of juicy, sensual and erotic pleasure that all women should experience. So let's embrace our sexuality with joy and confidence, knowing that we were created to enjoy and feel pleasure in our bodies. Because remember: it is your birthright to feel pleasure in your vagina!

In this blog post, I share 6 secrets on how to bring life back into your vagina and experience a deep and sexually satisfying vaginal orgasm once and for all.


6 secrets to experiencing a vaginal orgasm:

1. Safety and an open heart
2. Breathing
3. Foreplay
4. Use a jade egg or other yoni egg (buy here)
5. Vagina massage (use fingers or buy glass dildo here)
6. Gentle and slow sex

1) Safety and an open heart

In order to have a vaginal orgasm, you need to feel completely safe and secure to surrender to the experience. You must be able to feel safe in your surroundings and with the partner you are with. Because in order to have a vaginal orgasm, you must be able to fully surrender to the experience and be able to express yourself exactly as you want during the act.

If you don't feel completely safe, you can't completely relax. When the body is afraid, an adrenaline reflex is triggered, which is often called the fear or fight reaction. When we get scared, our body thinks we must either run away or stay and fight for our lives, so we tense up our pelvis and pump blood away from our genitals to the other parts of the body that we need to get away or to stay and defend ourselves. It makes good sense to maintain life in a dangerous situation, but it makes it much more difficult when you want to have sexual pleasure with a partner. Therefore, it is important to be safe, to be able to relax and to know that you can always say stop and proceed slowly. If we are happy and feel safe, we can much more easily open up and relax in our pelvis and open up to our pleasure.

By nature, women are very emotionally involved during sex, and therefore it is also essential to have your heart with you in order to have a vaginal orgasm. In older times, women ran a great risk by having sex, both because we have limited reproductive options and because pregnancy and child-rearing take an enormous amount of energy and time, should it happen that we become pregnant. Even though we have the option of using birth control and taking birth control pills today, the intimate connection with our partner as a potential provider for our future children is still a biologically ingrained part of us as women when we have sex. In tantra it is also said that the way to a woman's orgasms goes through her heart.

It is therefore good to choose a partner who can give us that feeling of security and love, so that we feel fully held and supported to surrender and open our heart and pussy.

This does not mean, however, that it has to be too easy and boring, because of course an ecstatic orgasmic experience also requires a good amount of excitement. There must be a balance between security and the excitement of the new and uncertain. But the tension must be based on a respect for your own limits. The more you listen to your pussy and your heart and respect your own limits, the more sensitive you will also become in the vagina and thereby increase the possibility of surrendering fully to a vaginal orgasm.

2) Breathing

Your breath is your best friend when it comes to experiencing those deep vaginal orgasms. When you use your breath, you help the body to relax completely. You help yourself to get all the way down into your body. The breath is directly the gateway to experiencing such great pleasure in the body. In fact, you can use the breath alone to have an orgasm - which is pretty cool. Then breathe in and out through an open relaxed mouth. Also use your voice, so moan and sigh as much as you want. It sends a signal to your brain that you enjoy it, and this will increase your body's pleasure response. Also imagine that you are breathing in and out of your pussy. Breathe into your clitoris, vagina, cervix and uterus. It will increase the sensitivity in the vagina and give you much better sex and the possibility of a vaginal orgasm! Yeah.. The orgasm happens primarily in the brain and not only by stimulating a place on the body. It is therefore so important to use the breath, because in this way you can open up the part of the brain that can send you into a kind of trance state, where sexual arousal and orgasmic ecstasy are experienced. It is about being able to surrender to the present and be with what is. You have to be able to throw away everyday worries and surrender fully. It is because we let our body and psyche surrender to us that the orgasmic feeling can wash over us. So remember to use your breath.

3) Foreplay

You have to be turned on in your whole body to experience a vaginal orgasm, so it's good to touch your whole body before you even start touching your pussy. Massage your breasts, arms, stomach, inner thighs and buttocks. Feel how you blush and your breathing becomes heavier. Try to see if you can lead the energy from the chest down to your clitoris and vagina.

Start by stimulating your clitoris and vaginal opening until these areas swell with arousal. These areas are made up of corpus callosum (erectile tissue), which means that when you become sexually aroused, they fill with blood and swell. It is the same as when a man gets an erection.

It is therefore not enough to just be wet. Just because you're wet doesn't mean you're ready for penetration. Getting wet is just the first step and a sign that you are just getting started.

Remember that you must have a 100% yes before you start inviting a penis or a dildo into you. And yes, it comes as you become more excited and all parts of your pussy begin to fill with blood.

It must feel good to be penetrated! When every part of your vulva is swollen with blood, penetration feels amazing. But if not all parts of your vulva are stimulated and swollen, then penetration and sex are not as exciting and pleasurable, but can actually be downright uncomfortable.

The female genitals are designed to feel pleasure and even have the potential to give you life-changing orgasms. But because sex for many of us goes far too quickly or is far too preoccupied with clitoral stimulation alone, we as women do not manage to activate all parts of our pleasure potential.

The female genitalia consists of the linked, yet separate structures: clitoris, vaginal opening, g-spot and perineum (perineum).

The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings and is designed solely to provide pleasure. There is therefore a good reason why we women are so happy to rub this little love button. But what if I told you that the clitoris is actually much bigger than what we can see with the naked eye. The little pea-shaped button protected by the clitoral cap is really only the tip of the iceberg. Because your clitoris actually has two legs! The clitoris is connected to a much larger network that extends further into the vagina. At the end of the small shaft of the clitoris, it divides into two "legs", which lie on either side of the vagina. When the vagina is stimulated, one cannot avoid also stimulating the clitoris, because the two branches of the clitoris are part of the vagina.

The vaginal opening is the gateway to your most sacred place. It is therefore important that the vaginal opening receives good attention and stimulation. The vaginal opening must be well stimulated and swollen before you invite your man or a dildo inside you. It should almost be like you are begging to be filled. What many women don't know is that the vaginal opening consists of two large arches of erectile tissue that are on either side just below the labia. They act as a kind of vestibule or as two vestibules into your sanctuary. They start on either side of the vaginal opening and extend up the sides. At the top, they connect directly to the clitoris. This delicious connection means that when the vaginal opening is stimulated, your clitoris is also stimulated and vice versa. It is therefore important to stimulate the clitoris and vaginal opening first before proceeding to penetration. Your vaginal opening needs to swell completely for penetration to feel great. The reason why half of women do not experience vaginal orgasms is probably because they do not know about the vestibule of their own vagina. When the two arches at the vaginal opening are stimulated and swell with blood enough to double in size, not only will you feel much more pleasure and have the opportunity to experience those deep, intense vaginal orgasms, but the arches also make the vaginal opening a perfect fit for almost any any penis size. It is when your vulva swells and opens like a flower that you are ready for penetration.

4) Use a jade egg

Use a jade egg to train your brain to orgasm through penetration. The jade egg helps you to massage the vaginal walls and awaken the nerve endings in the vagina, thereby strengthening the connection between your head and your vagina.

You also strengthen your pelvic floor, which is important in relation to the intensity of your orgasms. The pelvic floor is like a trampoline that bounces the sexual energy up and down in an orgasm. The pelvic floor must be both strong and relaxed. So you have to learn to relax your pelvic floor so that the deliciously pleasurable orgasmic energy can bounce up and down during orgasm. Of course, we've all been taught that you have to do your pelvic floor exercises - that you have to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze - but it's just as important to be able to relax your pelvic floor. In fact, it is even more important. For many women, the problem is not pelvic floor strength, but rather that they walk and are chronically tense in the abdomen. To that extent, being chronically tense in the pelvic floor blocks you from being able to experience a vaginal orgasm. By using a jade egg with the purpose of strengthening AND relaxing, you can make your pussy much more supple, flexible and alive, which to that extent increases the sensitivity in the vagina.

The exercise where you move the jade egg up and down in your vagina is a really good exercise. You can e.g. tie a string in your jade egg to increase your awareness and sensitivity in the vagina. And when the egg is inside you, you can pull the string and squeeze the egg. That way you will give some resistance to the squeeze and it will feel more intense. You can also lightly vibrate the string while squeezing the egg, which will stimulate your g-spot and thereby help you open up your g-spot for more pleasure and those deep intense g-spot orgasms. The more you stimulate your g-spot, the more you will open that spot up to feel pleasure. Your g-spot will swell with blood because the g-spot is truly a woman's prostate, and if you stay on it long enough with more intense stimulation, you may even experience a squirt orgasm. Squirting orgasms are absolutely wonderful and intense, and it's amazing how much liquid can come out of you. The discussion about who should sleep on the wet spot takes on a whole new dimension here.

5) Vaginal massage


Use a glass dildo to awaken your vagina to more pleasure and sensitivity. Remember to massage your vaginal opening first, and when you're ready and feel really turned on, you can start inserting the dildo into you. At the same time, you can stimulate your clitoris to increase sexual energy, because when your clitoris is stimulated and sexually aroused, it can directly send a signal to your vagina to also feel pleasure. But try if you can leave your clitoris alone once in a while, so that your attention can be inside your vagina. Because where you focus, the energy will go. Really feel what you feel and experience when you massage the different points in the vagina. It may well be that you activate a lot of emotions in you when you massage your vagina. But it is completely natural. As I said, we store a lot of feelings and experiences in the tissues of the vagina, which are the ones that initially block us from experiencing a vaginal orgasm at all. So that's why vagina massage is really good, because it processes and releases the armor that our vagina has created to protect itself. So the more you can surrender, breathe into your vagina and massage the points in your vagina with the utmost love, attention and tenderness, the more you can really feel and be aware of what's going on in there. And in this way, you will be able to release the past traumas and tensions and emotions that block you from experiencing a vaginal orgasm. But remember that it can take some time, so give yourself space to explore and heal yourself, e.g. with the help of a therapist.

6) Gentle and slow sex

Have your partner penetrate you slowly and gently. Because even though fast and hard sex can sometimes feel great, it's far from what will give you a vaginal orgasm. So gentle, slow, gentle, intimate and loving sex is what will do it. It is when sex is slow, intimate, loving and heartfelt that you will really be able to feel the different points in your vagina and open up to the pleasure in your g-spot and in your magical cervix. You must be able to trust your partner 100%, you must be able to feel so cared for and so loved when you invite him into your holiest place in your pussy. Because as I have said, it is through love and security that you can fully surrender to the erotic experience, where you simply surrender to your partner. Looking into your partner's eyes as he slides in and out of you can be a completely enchanting, magical, orgasmic and overwhelming experience. It is when you feel so much love that you become soft in your vagina and can fully surrender to the deeper ecstatic orgasms inside your vagina.

It has been a pleasure to share these 6 secrets with you, beautiful woman. Remember that you are deeply sensual, erotic and naturally orgasmic. It is your birthright to be in contact with your vagina and your entire beautiful pussy. But it may take some time to re-establish that contact. But if you follow these tips I've given you on how to have a vaginal orgasm, over time you will finally be able to come home to the full orgasmic nature of your vagina.

Want to go from numbness to vaginal pleasure?

Do you want to have a vibrant, sensitive and orgasmic pussy that has the ability to feel so much more than just clitoral orgasms, but also vaginal orgasms and the deeper ecstatic inner orgasms?

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I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!

/ Helle


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