6 hemmeligheder til at opleve en skedeorgasme

6 secrets to experiencing a vaginal orgasm

There is a myth that not all women can experience a vaginal orgasm.

Unfortunately, some women have been told for various reasons that they are unable to experience a vaginal orgasm, but this is far from the truth. The vagina actually has a lot of nerves and can give you a lot of pleasure and pleasure if it is stimulated in the right way.

As an extremely orgasmic woman, I would like to share with you that there are many forms of pleasure and ecstatic experiences that can be obtained inside the vagina. If you were born a woman, then you have the opportunity to experience so much pleasure and many ecstatic forms of orgasms, including vaginal orgasms. So let's get it out in the open: If you were born a woman, you have the opportunity to experience so much pleasure and many ecstatic types of orgasms, including vaginal orgasms!

I understand how depressing thoughts can come from if you are used to not being able to feel anything in your vagina during sex. But that doesn't mean you're not made to have a vaginal orgasm, or that you're not woman enough. In fact, it is far from the truth. As women, we are designed to be highly orgasmic. All women – and I repeat – all women are born full-body orgasmic.

Vaginal numbness is not a natural condition. But it's a condition that many women live with because we've become so used to shutting down this important part of ourselves. Numbness is often caused by a mix of emotional, psychological and physical factors, including past trauma or feelings of shame. But it is important to know that nothing is hopeless . Although it may seem hopeless and frustrating, there is hope. It is entirely possible to get back to the natural state where your vagina is alive, orgasmic and free to feel everything during sex again! Vaginal orgasms are fully possible for ALL women to experience.

I, who previously felt numb in my vagina, can now testify to how amazing it is to experience a vaginal orgasm and a squirt orgasm! It is a feeling of juicy, sensual and erotic pleasure that all women should experience. So let's embrace our sexuality with joy and confidence, knowing that we were created to enjoy and feel pleasure in our bodies. Because remember: it is your birthright to feel pleasure in your vagina!

In this video I share 6 secrets on how to bring life back into your vagina and experience a deep and sexually satisfying vaginal orgasm once and for all.

6 secrets to experiencing a vaginal orgasm:

1. Security and an open heart
2. Breathing
3. Foreplay
4. Use a jade egg or other yoni egg (buy here)
5. Vagina massage (use fingers or buy glass dildo here)
6. Gentle and slow sex


Want to go from numbness to vaginal pleasure?

Do you want to have a vibrant, sensitive and orgasmic pussy that has the ability to feel so much more than just clitoral orgasms, but also vaginal orgasms and the deeper ecstatic inner orgasms?

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I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!

/ Helle


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