Collection: Yoni massage & de-armouring

Our most popular pleasure wands are created for yoni massage and de-armouring of the vagina and cervix, specifically focusing on achieving the mysterious cervical orgasm.

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for the woman's vulva and vagina and means something as beautiful as "sacred temple". Performing a yoni massage therefore means performing a massage of the vagina and the entire pelvic area - but in a way that brings the sacred back to our womb area, the portal of creation.

A yoni massage is often a form of healing therapy or a pleasurable experience or a mixture of both. There is often no goal other than to explore what is alive within and what needs attention and redemption. It may be that emotions come up, or you feel pleasure or pain. Therefore, it may be necessary to use de-armouring techniques, which means disarming and removing the armor.

Right now, de-armouring is a pretty big buzz word in body therapy. But you may have never heard of it before. "Armour" translated into Danish means "armour", and "de-armouring" means to take off the armour. When you move gently and slowly through your yoni massage, it may be that you feel tensions of pain and numbness, which are linked to an emotional reaction. It may be that you feel a point inside you that makes you cry or feel anxious. This may be a blockage within yourself that has manifested as a shield between you and your own feminine power and pleasure.

Why vagina de-armouring?

When we move through life and experience something that can be seen to a greater or lesser degree as traumatic, you automatically want to either flee, fight or freeze. If you haven't had a chance to flee or fight, your body will put on its defense mechanisms and freeze to block the pain.

This can settle in the vagina because the vagina is the area of ​​a woman's body that is the most receptive and sensitive. This is where we receive life into us, all the good, but also all the stress and rush of life. The vagina can therefore hold a lot of memories, emotions, discomfort, stress, trauma and any negative or positive energy from past sexual experiences.

But if we don't learn to clear out, process and release all this energy, then they accumulate and can create a bodily armor of tension that manifests itself as either physical pain, numbness, hypersensitivity or a mixture. Emotionally, it can be expressed in the fact that you are unable to love yourself, trust yourself and/or feel joy.

Everything that happens to us physically will therefore affect us internally, both emotionally, spiritually, mentally and energetically. Everything is connected. If we receive negative messages in our mind, then it will also affect our body and settle as emotional and physical miosis and knots.

If you experience pain or numbness during sex with your partner or with yourself, then it means that your body (and your pussy) is trying to tell you something.

By doing a regular yoni massage & de-armouring practice with either a crystal or glass dildo, you can remove the armor and open up the flow of energy in the body so you can live a more pleasurable, liberated and orgasmic life. You will begin to listen to your body's voice and loosen, prevent, heal and restore a balanced, relaxed, strong, flexible and vibrant pelvic floor.

The benefits of doing a yoni massage & de-armouring on yourself!

Yoni Massage is both a physical practice as much as it is an energetic and emotional practice, which makes yoni massage and de-armouring so valuable and a way to rediscover yourself in your full authentic expression as a woman.

You can get a yoni massage from another person, e.g. a trained body healer (yoni mapper or tantra healer) or a lover/partner, but the most valuable and powerful thing is to give it to oneself . It is first and foremost YOUR yoni, your pussy, your uterus and vagina! Learning to give yourself a regular yoni massage is so powerful, self-loving and empowering, and downright revolutionary!

For so many years, women have learned to distance themselves from their uterus and vagina and have learned that it is not to be trusted, but instead we have given all control to the doctor, the gynecologist or the outside world. But by giving yourself a regular yoni massage, you can recall the wisdom of your womb and take ownership of your own vagina's health again.

The benefits of giving yourself a yoni massage are many:

- you get to know your pussy much better!

- you learn to be guided by the wisdom of your vagina and uterus via a regular practice

- you empower yourself to take the health of your own vagina into your own hands and learn to care for and care for your vagina throughout your life

- you get to know yourself, your limits and the pleasure points of your vagina better before you are with a lover

- you are empowered to take control of the gynecologist and only insert a speculum or something else into you when you are completely ready

- you prevent miosis, muscle tension, bad experiences and mini-traumas from settling like armor in the vagina

- you increase blood circulation, awareness and nerve supply to the pelvis and increase your capacity to experience different forms of pleasure and orgasms - for life!

- you learn to lean into life and trust your own ability to unfold creatively when you start listening to the guidance from your womb

- you learn to hear, see and trust your creative power much better and see your potential and what you want in life much more clearly

You can use your fingers to do a yoni massage on yourself, but if you want to get further in and de-arm and massage your cervix and deeper parts of your vaginal cavity, then a pleasure wand can be good. By using a pleasure wand, you will also be able to relax much better during the massage.

The crystal dildo is a powerful healing tool

A crystal dildo is especially good to use for yoni massage practice because crystals emit positive frequencies that leave their mark on you, especially if you combine them with a conscious intention and sexual pleasure. Different types of crystals contain different energies and by using them in your most sacred place, your vagina will absorb some of this energy.

Using a crystal as a dildo will help awaken your sexual desires and connect you with your feminine essence, creative energy and inner wisdom. Crystal dildos are also able to support deep healing by clearing old energy, blockages and trauma, releasing tension and absorbing negative emotions from past sorrows and bad experiences.

The glass dildo is perfect for the deeper yoni journeys

A glass dildo does not retain natural energy from Mother Earth in the same way as a crystal dildo, but glass dildos are really good for making healing yoni massages with. They are made of body-safe, crack-free borosilicate glass and can withstand having boiling water poured over them and being chilled in a freezer, which can be good both for disinfection and temperature play.

Many of the Goddess Temple's glass dildos are made in such a way that they are longer, thinner and more flexible in relation to pressing into the various reflex points inside. The Calypso Cervix Wand is especially No. 1 for yoni massage and de-armouring because it is long enough so that you can hold one end while you massage and press in and hold with the other end.

Although the glass dildo is only made of glass, you can actually make it ooze positive energy (just like the crystal dildo). You do this by setting a conscious intention for your yoni massage & de-armouring practice, because then you can charge the wand for what it is supposed to do good for. Simply hold it in your hand and visualize your intention clearly before you as you caress it. The same can be done with the crystal dildo.

Which form should I choose?

At the Goddess Temple you can choose from different shapes and sizes of yoni rods.

Our straight pleasure wands are available in both traditional and narrow sizes. They are great for slow pleasure, cervical stimulation and opening up to the more subtle sensations and energies as you move the rod in and out of your vagina. You can also use the straight pleasure wands for body massage, e.g. of stomach and inner thighs.

The narrow pleasure wand is for women and girls who experience tension, tightness or pain at the vaginal opening. It is also for those who prefer narrower penetration or a straight crystal dildo to better maneuver around inside the vagina for yoni massage.

The traditional pleasure wand is made of crystal just like the narrow one, and is good for those women and girls who like the feeling of being "filled out" during penetration, and therefore like a wider dildo or cock. This wand can also be used as a dilator for those who wish to widen and stretch their vaginal canal while also infusing good healing from the crystal.

Our S-shaped glass dildos are designed to be used in an "active" massage where you press and hold on different points in the vagina. It can be yoni de-armoring, reflex point massage, g-spot and cervix healing, pleasure stimulation and can also be used for deeper massage of the vaginal walls, pelvic floor and anus.

Our curved C-shaped pleasure wands are specially designed for g-spot stimulation and squirt orgasm. It can be used for cervical stimulation too.

Yoni massage & de-armouring guide

Before moving into the yoni massage, it is good to create a sacred space for yourself where you can feel completely safe and relaxed without interruptions. Create a safe, warm, sensual and relaxed atmosphere where your senses are activated.

Smell – lit candles and incense

Sound – sensual music

Touch – blankets, soft pillows, oil

Vision – Crystals, Flowers, Goddess Statue

Let go of all preconceived notions and expectations and go into this process with an open mind, knowing that things may come up that you didn't even know existed. Welcome all feelings and sensations and hold them with your compassion and love. This is your time.

Use a natural body oil to massage the body, breasts, stomach, thighs, buttocks and groin and do it slowly. When you are ready make big strokes over the vulva and clitoris and take your time to make yourself feel turned on and erotic.

Once your body is turned on, open and warmed up, you can place the dildo at the vaginal opening and breathe in and out of your pussy. Ask your pussy: "Would you like to receive the yoni rod into you today?" and then listen for the answer. You want to get a 100% YES!, before you move on, i.e. that she sucks the dildo into her out of desire and not out of compulsion. If it's a "yes", your pussy will be soft, open, wet, sensitive, pulsing with pleasure after the dildo. If it is a “no”, she will feel dry, closed, numb, hard, tense or painful. Just do the inner massage another day. ***This step is very important!!***

If you have received a "yes" from your pussy, you can slowly start introducing the dildo into you. Start at your vaginal opening and take your time massaging by rotating and moving the dildo clockwise to find points and areas of pleasure, numbness or pain. Go forward very slowly, and if you find an extra tender point, press the dildo gently towards the point while you breathe deeply into your stomach. Hold your breath and press out against the dildo with your pelvic floor muscles. Then exhale and relax. You can stay at a point for 30 sec. to 3 min., until you feel a release.

If your body wants you to go deeper, your vagina itself will give you permission and pull you deeper and deeper until you are at the cervix.

When you want to finish, thank your yoni with a "goodbye" and then push out with your love muscles so that the dildo is guided out of your vagina. Hold a hand like a cup over your vulva and say: "I am holy, I am beautiful, I am safe, I am loved".

Give yourself plenty of time to relax and integrate the experience afterwards.

Here are the goddess tools I recommend using for yoni massage and de-armouring.