Gudindepunktet – en intim guide til sprøjteorgasmer

The goddess spot – an intimate guide to squirting orgasms

An intimate guide to squirting orgasms

A squirt orgasm is the most amazing, juicy, sensual and erotic feeling. And it's a feeling that I want all women to experience. Because it really is the birthright of all women. There is truly something sacred about this because it takes deep love and surrender to open up to.

What is a squirting orgasm?

A squirt orgasm is a form of female ejaculation where liquid comes out of the woman's vagina when she has an orgasm. But it's an orgasm that happens by stimulating the G-spot, which is a swelling inside the vagina. The G-spot is 1-3 cm inside the vagina, at the top, and it can feel like a grooved surface to touch with your fingers. When you stimulate the G-spot either with your fingers or a g-spot dildo, it will swell and be supplied with blood and fluid. If you continue and apply a little harder and faster pressure, in some cases you will be able to experience a g-spot orgasm where you also squirt. So to get a squirt orgasm, you must first of all get to know your g-spot.

What does a g-spot orgasm feel like?

G-spot orgasms are very different from clitoral orgasms. In clitoral orgasms, there is a climax and then an abrupt decline. So with clitoral orgasms you can quickly build up sexual energy, but they are also quickly released again in an orgasm. G-spot orgasms are more like a wave and take much longer to build up and are a much more emotional experience.

Arousal of the G-spot = arousal of emotions

The G-spot is specifically associated with the emotions of fear and anger. And when you touch your G-spot, you enter your vagina, so you come into contact with all the feelings that are stored in the tissues of your vagina. So when you start to stimulate the g-spot, there can be tension, numbness and discomfort and a lack of pleasure. To awaken the g-spot requires that you really allow yourself to let go of all those feelings of fear and anger that are stored there.

How to have a squirting orgasm

You want to start out by turning yourself on. It is important that your vaginal opening is stimulated and fully aroused before you can arouse your g-spot. Then just stimulate your clitoris and your vaginal opening. Have a clitoral orgasm if it is, because when the clitoris is open, its energy will flow down and cause your vaginal opening to swell and fill with blood, and your pussy will be more ready for g-spot stimulation.

Remember that you must have a 100% yes before you start inviting your dildo or finger into you. And yes, it comes as you become more excited and all parts of your pussy begin to fill with blood. So take your time. Patience and time are really key words. It is so important to take your time. If your body feels like it's being pushed or rushed and only aims for orgasm, then you won't be able to surrender in the moment and will take yourself away from experiencing a g-spot orgasm.

Reassurance and surrender

You really need to feel comfortable in order to experience g-spot and squirt orgasms, because the g-zone is so innocent that stimulation of this area must come from a curious and playful heart. As I said, g-spot orgasms are very emotional, and they are especially associated with fear and trust. So the more comfortable you can feel, the more you can open yourself up to pleasure and orgasms. So trust is especially expressed in squirt orgasms.



Glastonbury – Chalice Well / Red Spring

When you spray it is a very heartfelt surrender and letting go. There is a great vulnerability. When you stimulate your g-zone and are about to squirt so it will feel like you have to pee. So you will automatically feel that you are pushing outward as if you are peeing. But the feeling does not come from the fact that you have to pee in reality, but more because your g-spot presses up against the bladder. So it's just about surrendering to the sensation and relaxing. The more you can relax and possibly also actively push out, then you will be able to have a squirt orgasm.

The experience of a squirting orgasm

Squirting orgasms are absolutely wonderful and intense, and it's like a cleanse. In fact, a squirt orgasm can be like a complete maparsis, where you feel like a whole new woman. Some women have even experienced migraine relief from a squirt orgasm. There is so much liquid that can come out. Be prepared to make a very large stain. And no, it's not urine. If you are afraid of making a big stain on the sheet, then this may subconsciously hold you back from spraying. So get a waterproof Goddess blanket beneath you if it helps you surrender to the experience.

A statue depicting the sacred feminine fountain; from a sacred tantric temple in Karnataka, India

Amrita - the sacred nectar

The fluid that we squirt out during a squirt orgasm is called Amrita in tantra, and it is seen as a deep spiritual nectar that represents ultimate surrender and pure presence. This feminine water is seen in tantra as a flowing waterfall that comes from the heart, flowing down the spine and out of the yoni. So squirt orgasm fluid is seen as spiritual water, which comes from a kind of sacred river at the end of the spine.

From my own experience, spraying is also one of the most magical experiences I have experienced. It's amazing and feels amazing and can make you giggle with joy, that's why I call the g-spot the goddess spot.

I associate the Nordic goddess Freya with the g(oddess)-spot

The goddess of the g-spot

I have actually met the Goddess in my own goddess point, precisely warrior and love goddess Freja. She wanted to help me put all fear away. For there is a deep fearlessness involved in igniting the goddess point. When you really open up to g-spot pleasure, fearlessness will be what pushes you over the edge into a squirting orgasm. It is the fearlessness that will make you surrender fully.

In this video you will learn how to awaken your g-spot so that you can experience g-spot orgasms and even learn the art of squirting from your sacred fountain into your pussy.


I send you so much erotic love!

Helle L.



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Aphrodite wand

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Recommended book:
- "Female Ejaculation The G-Spot" by Deborah Sundahl

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