7 måder at bruge sit jade æg

7 ways to use your jade egg

The jade egg is a fantastic tool for strengthening, relaxing, healing, toning and activating the vagina, and it is a really popular tool for increasing sensitivity and pleasure and increasing orgasmic potential. But for many women, it can be difficult to see how to use your jade egg. Therefore, I have collected 7 ways to use your jade egg in this blog post, so that you can be inspired to start your own practice with it.

I sell Nephrite Jade Eggs at my Goddess Shop, and I just sent out an email to all my customers asking them how they are using the egg. Many of them have reported back that they don't really know how to use eggs. Often it can happen that the egg just ends up gathering dust in the drawer, because the egg is not just a miracle cure in itself, where you just pop it in and then it does all the work itself, but it is part of a larger practice that one needs to learn to really get the most out of it.

There are of course some women who experience a sexual and spiritual awakening upon first popping it in, as if heaven and earth open up and orgasmic ecstasy happens instantly with the magic of jade. But it is not everyone, and probably very few, who experience such a great transformation when first introducing the jade egg. For many women, you need to work with the egg in a conscious practice over a longer period of time before you feel significant changes in your sexual pleasure and the strength and intensity and satisfaction of your orgasms.

I want you to get as much out of your jade egg as possible, so in this video I will give you some suggestions on how to use it.



7 ways to use your jade egg:

1) Sleep with the egg
2) Walk the egg around
3) Practice yo ni yoga
4) Vagina weight lifting
5) Meditation
6) Yoni breath
7) Sex magic



I send you so much erotic love!



Helle L.


PS. If you would like to dive deeper into the jade egg practice and learn the whole practice from the inside out, I am opening up the Magical Jade Egg online course this summer. You are welcome to write to me so that you can get on the waiting list and be notified when I open up registration.

Read about the Magic Jade Egg online course here.

PS. Be sure you are ready to use a jade egg as not all women benefit from it due to unresolved trauma, chronic tension and pain such as vulvodynia and vaginismus.

Hear more about when NOT to use a jade egg right here.

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