Del 2: Våd, våd og mere våd

Part 2: Wet, wet and more wet

Female sexuality is a complex and beautiful experience that often requires more than just physical stimulation. Many discussions about sexuality often focus on a very masculine approach to sexuality, but it is important to recognize that women are often seduced through senses and emotions other than just physical stimulation. This blog post is part 2 of our series on getting wet as a woman. In this blog post, I will take you on a discovery of how to seduce a woman to get wet as a man.

I have discovered a profound insight that has changed my understanding of how the gateway to female orgasms and wetness opens.

From understanding that the woman's orgasms happen through the heart, I have discovered that intellectual connection is also incredibly stimulating and important to open the heart at all and from there get wet and turned on as a woman. Having a deep conversation and an intellectual connection allows the energy from above to flow down to the heart and then to the sex.

5 rules of the game in sex – how to seduce a woman

Sex is not just a sexual act, but is part of the life energy, creative power and joy that enriches our lives in all aspects.

Sex is a smile from a loved one.

A loving touch.

A warm hug.

A passionate dance.

A bubbling joy in the heart.

A warmth that spreads throughout the body.

Intertwined fingers.

A kiss.

A sigh.

Sex and sexual energy unfold and come alive in a beautiful way in our own body and in our partner long before the physical sexual act takes place.

It is in the meeting and flirting that the sexual magic is ignited.

Sex is a game. And in order for play to flourish and develop into joy, fun and enjoyment, there are some circumstances that must first be met.

Long before the physical game, some rules of the game have to be established. And this in order to be fully absorbed in the play.

In order to be absorbed in the sexual play and forget time and place, it is about being able to surrender. For the body, senses and being. For the imagination and magic.

A woman can only fully surrender if 5 fundamental rules of the game are met.

It is about becoming:






There is an assumption that real sex involves penetration sex, i.e. dick in pussy, and I think it's because we live in such a heteronormative culture where the only thing we associate with real sex is penetration. We see it e.g. in films and in the media.

But in fact there are many women who never or rarely have orgasms exclusively via penetration sex. According to the large Danish sex survey from SEXUS, 36% of women actually believe that their orgasms are more intense during masturbation than during intercourse.

Therefore, we should expand our definition of sex. Sex is not just cock in pussy sex.

In fact, I think we should expand our definition of sex to see that sex does not have to be about the genitals at all, not even touching the physical body.

Some tantric practitioners can actually feel sexual exchange on the energetic level, which is pretty amazing. Some can have what are called respiratory orgasms, where they orgasm exclusively via breathing. I've also tried in my younger years, when I was very sensual and innocent, to be close to orgasm just by entwining my fingers with a guy I was madly in love with and being kissed on the neck. In fact, I would argue that sex is much much better and much more ecstatic when we expand our understanding of it and begin to see sex as much more than penetration sex but as a way to connect intimately, sensually, emotionally and energetically with another human being.

Because sexual energy is in everything. Sex is alive all the time. It's not just that sex is only reserved for the bedroom. We can't really just turn off the sexual energy, because it's always with us and it's everywhere.

Eye contact can be sex.

A smile can be sex.

Holding hands can be sex.

A kiss can be sex.

If it turns you on, then it might be sex.

Overall, sex is something about how we connect with life energy, with others and ourselves. So this is important to be aware of when you want to seduce a woman.

Sex with a woman doesn't just start in the bedroom, but sex with a woman already starts when you meet her.

1. Eye contact: The gateway to intimacy

Sex can happen through the gaze.

The first rule of the game is that the woman must be seen.

Eye contact is a powerful way to connect. When a woman feels seen and observed, it opens up a deeper understanding and trust. It's about more than just looking at the surface – it's about showing genuine interest and presence. When you manage to lock eyes on her and exchange a warm, interested look, you open the door to her soul and create a potential source of sexual arousal.

Being watched can be quite an arousing experience for a woman. Especially if it is from a man who really desires you, and if you yourself are attracted to him.

Of course, it can be invasive, creepy and creepy to be looked at by a guy you are not at all interested in. Then it can become more of a stalker-like experience.

Sex through the eyes is a non-verbal way of communicating, and i.e. that there is an exchange of energy between the parties. In Tantra, you use a method called Eye Gazing or Soul Gazing, where you look into each other's eyes for 5-10 minutes. You do this to become more intimate with each other on a very deep level.

The eyes are often called the "mirror of the soul". Through the eyes you can see hidden feelings and thoughts, and it can be a very boundary-crossing experience for some, because you can really get close by looking into each other's eyes.

Being watched is also a way of directing one's energy and pinpointing one's focus. So that a man looks at a woman, or rather sees her, shows her that he is interested in her, and that is where he directs his sexual energy.

You can also see emotions such as care, love and desire in the eyes, and this can be very flattering, arousing and the way to fall in love. Being looked at can therefore be an invitation to get closer to each other.

But I'm not just talking here about looking at a woman with sexual desire, but I mean as a rule of thumb looking into the woman's eyes, into her soul and seeing the person she is inside. And here eye gazing can really be a very intimate exercise and also eye contact during the sexual act. But being seen is at least the 1st rule of the game.

2. To be met in heart and mind

A woman needs to be met in who she is, in her needs, thoughts and feelings to open up her sex and to get wet, wet and more wet. It is not enough just to be able to seduce her with your eyes, but it is also important to be able to hold space for her and give her room to be who she is deep down. It's something that makes her melt away her barricades.

A skilled lover in listening is as important as speaking. When you give a woman space to express herself and really listen to her thoughts, feelings and desires, you create a sense of appreciation and connection. When she feels that her voice is heard and respected, it opens the door to her inner world. The activation of the "third eye" and the throat chakra creates an openness that can lead to a deeper sexual experience later.

And when a woman can be herself, and that you as a man understand her and listen to her, she will also become much more comfortable to be able to open up a little more to her flirtatious and playful way and become willing to receive.

So there does not need to be any touch involved, but after a deep, present conversation, you as a woman can get turned on and very wet just by being allowed to talk and being welcomed. You actually indirectly open up your pelvis when you open up your speech, because the pelvis and throat are actually neurologically connected!!!

3. Create security: The foundation that allows openness

When the gaze is locked and the conversation flows in an open and loving atmosphere, the energy begins to move down towards the heart. It is in the heart that water lives, and when the heart is opened, a woman can get very wet. To unlock her heart and from there let the floodgates open to get wet, wet and more wet, the woman needs to feel safe. Without security, there is no foundation for a woman to open up and surrender to a man, so deeply and sincerely. Security is essential for a woman to open up and give herself fully. It is therefore so necessary to create an environment where she feels safe and protected, so that she can feel free to express herself both sexually and emotionally.

4. Hold her: Physical closeness and intimacy

A woman needs to feel held in order to let go completely. Physically, it looks like hugs, kisses and touches, but being held is also meant to be emotional and spiritual. When a woman feels held, she can really let go of her fluids. Sure, but as a woman you can get wet, but to get e.g. a squirting orgasm and becoming multi-orgasmic requires being able to surrender completely.

5. Love her: Show your love and affection

When the heart is open and the connection is strong, the woman can begin to feel more open and receptive to sexual pleasure. Falling in love and emotional attachment can be crucial in creating the right environment to get even wetter as a woman. When a woman feels deeply connected to her partner and experiences mutual attraction, a powerful flow of sexual energy is created.

In the middle of the chest of the thymus gland, which swells when you are happy, but when you are stressed, it becomes small and hard. So when you feel welcomed and in love, it swells up and is actually what makes you feel in love, but it's also what makes you feel closed off. If this is closed, it is almost impossible to get wet and turned on. But if it is open, pleasure hormones flow further down like a waterfall to the clitoris, because the thymus gland and the clitoris are actually connected. You might even feel like you want to kiss your breasts and nipples more because of this opening at the heart, which is the way to get heart and breast orgasms!!

This openness and infatuation opens up an increased wetness and intensity during intimate moments. I've experienced it myself, that emotional intimacy during sex has led to instant dripping wetness. But if there is less intimacy and emotional connection, then it disappears.

Getting wet as a woman is not only about physical stimulation of the genitals, but about arousing emotions and creating a deep connection. Eye contact, listening and emotional ignition play a crucial role in creating the right mood for sexual arousal and wetness. When a woman feels seen, heard and loved, she opens up to a deeper and more intense sexual experience. So take the time to establish this connection and create a space where intimacy and exploration can flourish. By recognizing female sexuality in its entirety, we can create more satisfying and enriching sexual experiences for both women and their partners. Remember that sex is more than just penetration. It is about creating connection on different levels, both physically, emotionally and energetically. By following these rules and expanding your understanding of sex, we can create a more intimate and ecstatic experience in relationships and in dating life.

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