Den ultimative guide til G-punktsorgasmer!

The Ultimate Guide to G-Spot Orgasms!

Your guide to g-spot orgasms

G-spot orgasms are absolutely wonderful and are the area where your inner sacred fountain resides.

Here's my guide on how to find your G-spot and heal and activate it to experience a g-spot orgasm - and even a squirt orgasm.

The G-spot - where is it located?

The G-spot is located at the top of the vagina two or three cm. inside. If you lie down on your back and insert one or two fingers into the vagina, the G-spot is located at the top of the vagina. The area feels a bit like the surface of a walnut or the palate of the mouth.

The G-spot is not just a spot, but an entire area that swells with blood when you are sexually aroused. So when you turn yourself on, touch your clitoris and feel more and more arousal, the G-zone starts to swell and can be really wonderful to touch.

What does a G-spot orgasm feel like?

The sensation of G-spot stimulation varies depending on the body, but it is often described as a deep, warm pulsation in the vagina. Some experience it as the feeling of having to urinate. It is caused by the female prostate (the area that is home to the G-spot) swelling and pushing up against the bladder.

For some, however, it may feel uncomfortable to touch the G-area, and this may be because the area needs healing - but most often it is because you are just not turned on enough. It is therefore important to warm up the body in advance and stimulate the clitoris and vaginal opening very well.

I like to call the G-spot the Goddess point or, as the Taoists call it, the Black Pearl. First of all, because the G-spot is named after a man who allegedly "discovered" this erogenous zone in a woman's vagina (although women have most likely known about this powerful area since the dawn of time). Because it is not just a point that can be " discovered" , but it is home to something that is so divine and has to be " experienced" - namely the woman's holy fountain: the squirt orgasm!

A guide to a squirt orgasm

Give yourself plenty of time to warm up your body, e.g. by taking a warm bath, giving yourself a massage, putting on some sensual music, touching yourself, stimulating the clitoris and vulva.

The movement that is the best way to stimulate the G-spot for a squirt orgasm is a come-here movement. When you are fully aroused and ready, make a C with one or two fingers and slowly move them into your vagina and up towards the G-spot, moving your fingers back and forth.

Experiment with different movements such as circles, side-to-side or up-and-down movements or light vibration.

For deeper stimulation, use your favorite sex toy for G-spot stimulation, e.g. The Magic Syringe . It is made of non-porous borosilicate glass, which makes it extremely temperature-friendly. You can boil it to disinfect it, freeze it for sexy temperature play, and use it with any lubricant.

Although it is only made of glass, you can still charge it with your intention. Slide it over your body and whisper your intentions into the wand.

When you're ready, hold its handle and guide its curved end slowly into your vagina. Stimulate the G-spot with the wand by pulling it in and out from the entrance (not all the way into the vagina - but only a cm or two inside) so that it massages up against the grooved G-spot erectile tissue. Start at a slow pace and build up to a faster and firmer movement.

You can stimulate the clitoris at the same time to build more sexual pleasure and to experience mixed orgasms.

When you move the glass rod in and up, it is most often when you pull it out that you will experience a squirt orgasm. You will let go of your beautiful sacred nectar, your Amrita fluid (Amrita is the sacred term for the fluid that comes out during a female ejaculation).

Stay relaxed, be curious and not judgmental, listen to your body and don't push yourself. Enjoy your Goddess point and let Her show you the way to Orgasmland!

Don't forget the tip of the iceberg: the clitoris!

REMEMBER: The clitoris is not just the little pearl you can see on the outside of the vulva, but it is much larger and directly connected to the G-spot.

The clitoris has two legs that enter either side of the vulva and into the vagina.

By stimulating the entire vulva and clitoris, the G-spot therefore swells up much more and is easier to locate and get pleasure from.

Therefore, do not forget the clitoris and the vaginal opening. They are the 1st gate to female orgasms and the G-spot is the 2nd gate. By starting at the 1st gate, you will increase the quality of your inner, deeper orgasms and especially your orgasmic Ocean! 

Extra good tips & tricks

If you find it difficult to relax into the experience of stimulating your Goddess point, it may be a good idea to pee beforehand or to have a waterproof blanket or towel under you so that you can fully surrender.

It is very different how much a woman squirts during a squirt orgasm. Some women inject a few drops, while others inject several cups of liquid. It depends on the person, the time of day and how much water you have drunk.

A squirt orgasm requires a lot of confidence to be able to surrender. It is therefore important that you feel safe and have a loving yes in your heart.

For some women, a G-spot orgasm or squirt orgasm can trigger a lot of emotions, e.g. ecstatic happiness and laughter or great sadness and fear. It makes sense because when you let go of your fluids, you also let go of your emotions, so just let them flow through you.

Feel free to use the tantric keys: sound, breath, visualization and movement.

The water provides great healing and brings with it great love and enjoyment. <3 So be sure to drink extra fluids to keep it flowing!

If you have difficulty feeling your G-spot or squirting, it is good to strengthen your vaginal muscles with a yoni egg or pelvic floor exercises. For some women, it's pelvic floor tension that keeps them from feeling this divine area within. If that's your experience, use your fingers or toys to massage and de-armouring.

To start exploring your Goddess spot, invest in a good sex toy designed for g-spot stimulation with a curved shape. See the Goddess Temple's selection here .

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