Gudindekost – øget sexlyst og hormoner i balance

Goddess diet - increased sex drive and hormones in balance

A rule of thumb for mindblowing orgasms: If your food doesn't give you mouth-gasms, you most likely won't experience them in bed either!

I have for a long time sworn to a vegan diet. For a whole 10 years I have not touched animal meat and for 6 of those years I have been strictly vegan. But for 7 years of this time I have had no sex drive or sexual satisfaction. A coincidence? I do not think.

I have long wanted to talk diet on my blog, and I have long wanted to create a section on my site for what I would call the goddess diet full of fruit and vegetables. But I just haven't been able to bring myself to advocate for the plant-based diet because I don't want to promote a diet that I just haven't been able to make work for myself. I can only help others if I have also helped myself first.

I stopped eating meat in 2009 for the sake of the animals. So I have been anti-meat eater for ethical reasons. At the same time, I was influenced by vegans on YouTube, research and plant-based doctors who talked about the plant-based diet as the ideal diet for the human body and that we are really 100% plant-based and nothing else. I became convinced that I could actually become more beautiful, more youthful and happier on a plant-based diet, so it made even more sense to become 100% vegan. I was lulled into thinking that the plant-based diet was the healthiest in the world. I also felt extra youthful and exuberant to begin with, especially with a lot of fruit. I healed my skin problems and got a little more energy and better physical performance in my running and strength training. But over time my health just started to get worse and worse and my sex drive disappeared from one moment to the next when I stopped the pill and got a copper IUD - I hadn't eaten meat for three years at that point and very scarcity of animal products in general.

I became so dedicated to saving the animals when I saw all the knowledge about how healthy a plant-based diet was supposed to be, so I thought it was completely unnecessary to eat them. The animals that I have always loved. I am a big animal lover, so of course the obvious choice was to stop eating them and their milk and eggs - because I absolutely did not want to contribute to unnecessary suffering and mistreatment of them.

However, I have become wiser. After I have worked diligently for over 2 years with my own sexual healing on the more therapeutic, spiritual and physical level with trauma release, jade egg exercises and yonimapping, I have found that there is a missing piece in it big puzzles. I haven't got my sexual desire and orgasms back from doing all these exercises, meditations and breathing exercises. It gave me hope, but not recovery. But it has been because my body has simply been so malnourished and on the way to breaking itself down. My body has definitely been working overtime and has not had enough nutrition and building blocks to maintain my sexuality. I actually don't even think the body could fathom that I could potentially get pregnant when I couldn't even feed myself, so what was the point of the body giving me a big sex drive.

I tried in the last time of my veganism to incorporate more protein and fat from plants and many more supplements. I was actually so out of it from feeling so sexually frustrated that I cried in front of the supplement clerk at Matas! Ha ha. I was very mentally out of balance and very easily moved to tears all the time. I felt very worn out.

And since the supplements, evening primrose oil, algae oil, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, coconut, and avocado didn't help my libido, I realized that the plant-based diet wasn't working for me and really never has.

Actually, a diet should not be so difficult to carry out that you need a dietitian and a lot of nutritional supplements to carry out. Eating shouldn't be such a big deal and be done with great strategic sense, but eating should be easy and simple; you should just be able to eat and then forget about it again.

Actually, I see the vegan diet as directly dangerous and not nutritious for the human body, at least not in the long run - and certainly not for a woman who wants to experience mindblowing stages of orgasms and sexual ecstasy throughout her life!

The goddess diet is a diet with a focus on enjoyment.

Here's the diet I swear by now. It's a diet that nourishes you and gives you mouth-gasms. The Goddess Diet is not a specific diet, but really more of a diet that is dictated by what your Goddess Body is telling you. It's about listening to your own body and noticing what it needs in order for you to be happy, full and satisfied.

I found after I stopped being vegan that I had actually been eating a lot of tasteless food for so many years. For so many years I deprived myself of the pleasure of eating.

After I reintroduced animal nutrition into my diet, it's amazing how much food joy and culinary enjoyment I've experienced. As a vegan, I really only thought about food as nourishment, but I didn't really know that it was an important part in getting joy and enjoyment of life. Eating is so sensual, and it's something we do every day, and food is what the body's building blocks are, so of course we have to eat something that gives us pleasure and joy.

Eating animal fat from fish, meat and chicken has been an almost orgasmic experience - because my whole body and brain lit up from it.

The Goddess Diet is not about restriction, but about joy and enjoyment. The focus is on unprocessed foods that are as close to nature as possible. And the focus is on foods that provide sexual desire and fertility and enjoyment.

First important foods for increased sex drive are:


It is so important for sexual function to get plenty of healthy fat, and it is not enough to just get it from a plant-based version in chia seeds or flax seeds. As goddesses, we also need to get it from animal origin and as pure as possible, i.e. fat fish from wild catch or organic farming. As a vegan, I thought there was no such thing as "healthy fat", so I really hated all fat, so much so that I was afraid to eat nuts, avocados and olive oil. But as I now know, fat is extremely essential for the production of the body's hormones and therefore the hormones that must be used to create sexual pleasure and orgasms. So fill up on fatty fish, e.g. salmon - and feel the increased production of happy hormones in the brain and for your libido.


I always thought as a vegan that eggs were as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes and were disgusting. But eggs are bursting with proteins and vitamins B5 and B6, which are important for hormonal balance and for reducing stress hormones. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and always have been in many ancient societies. And with good reason. Because eggs contain so much nutrition for the human body, i.a. the amino acid L-arginine, helps to maintain a healthy sex drive and longer arousal. Raw egg yolk in particular is very nutritious. But what about cholesterol? In fact, in my research I have found that cholesterol is extremely important for hormone production and therefore the production of the hormones responsible for sexual arousal and sexual pleasure. Of course, you can have too much of it, so everything in moderation. No more than 2 eggs per day.


An ancient aphrodisiac, honey contains boron, which helps regulate hormones, and nitric oxide, which is released naturally during sexual arousal.


Even though I'm no longer vegan, that doesn't mean I've given up fruit and vegetables. Far from. Fruit is a true goddess food. Berries in particular are full of antioxidants and vitamins. The strawberry dish is, with good reason, dedicated to the goddess of love Freja from Norse mythology. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and have a high level of iron and calcium, which helps to boost energy and sex drive.


And while we're at it, you can just as well as a sensual woman dip the strawberry dish into some chocolate fondue and feed it to your lover or yourself. Or drink it in a cocoa ceremony with other sensual women. Cocoa and i.e. dark chocolate is a food of seduction. It contains magnesium, which in small amounts makes you relaxed. Cocoa is thought to affect the brain's neurotransmitters, which can cause mood to rise. But everything in moderation. Too much can have the opposite effect with too much energy, headaches and heart palpitations.


I incl. pineapple because it gives your vaginal fluids a really nice sweet taste. When your lover satisfies you orally and drinks your fluids, the experience becomes much more pleasurable and sensual and naughty. Mango also has the same effect - based on experience! Luscious fruit is all about keeping you wet, moist and sweet between the legs.


Nuts are packed with good properties that can skyrocket your appetite. They contain vitamin B1, which helps stimulate signals between the brain and the genitals, which can help get the fluids flowing. Vitamin E is also important for sex drive and is found in hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios. However, we must not forget zinc, which is an important part of sex drive and sexual arousal. Zinc increases the production of testosterone, which is essential for having proper sexual stamina and energy. The same applies to magnesium, which is good for hormone balance and a healthy sex life.

Red wine:

Alcohol in large quantities is a disaster for the libido, but a glass or two of red wine can actually put you in the right sexy mood. Make you relaxed, release tension and raise the mood for a cheeky erotic evening and night with your chosen lover.

Red meat:

When someone like me had been vegan for 6 years and before that 4 years without meat, you can perhaps imagine what it was like to eat meat for the first time again - after 10 years without it. No, I didn't get a stomach ache, but it was like being refueled with nourishment, like coming back to life, and like coming back from the dead. As if a portion of happy substances were shot into my body, joy of life. But that is also exactly what red meat from cows gives you – life energy.

It's probably a big cliché to say, but red meat is directly associated with sex and virility. It was not entirely wrong of me to write an entire master's thesis about the fact that meat and sex go hand in hand. I even used the word "carnophilia" to argue that humans eat meat for taste and that it is connected to a form of sexual consumption of the young animal. I argued that it is an injustice to eat animals because of taste, and that it is almost a sexual assault on the animal, precisely because red meat is such a sexual eating. And that's why!

Red meat significantly increases sex drive. So people don't just eat red meat for taste, but because we simply get so happy from it because of the nutrition and the increased joy of life it brings to the body!

Red meat is loaded with protein, iron, zinc and other vital nutrients that are important for experiencing great satisfying orgasms. Meat from (mind you) grass-fed cows is what will boost your happy hormones and increase your sex drive, because red meat has B vitamins and amino acids that boost your mood.

Meat is also rich in iron. If your iron level is too low, you most likely feel very tired (anemic) and as a result have a lower sex drive and find it difficult to become sexually aroused. In general, the body will automatically avoid providing nourishment and blood supply to the sexual organs if you lack vital nutrients, because the body will instead only focus on keeping you alive.

Red meat is also rich in zinc, which helps produce the male sex hormone testosterone, which women also need to increase sex drive and maintain fertility.

Plant or animal

This was a series of foods that are associated with a high sex drive. Whether you want to eat meat or not is of course up to you.

The key is to listen to your own beautiful goddess body! She knows best.

Sometimes you just need to cleanse, which a plant-based diet is really great for. Plants are man's medicine. A pure plant-based diet is a good cleanse, but I don't think it's good in the long run. We would rather not clean our internal organs away.

I therefore do not see veganism as a lifelong diet, but rather a philosophy, which is a wonderfully beautiful idea, but in practice it just doesn't work. The vegan diet is therefore more of a fasting or cleansing regimen.

I believe that after cleansing with a vegan diet, it is necessary to incorporate some healthy animal foods, precisely to obtain animal fat and protein for building the body and for maintaining energy, vitality, healing and strength.

Animal food is NUTRITION and BUILDING BLOCKS for the body

Plant food is CLEANSING and the body's MEDICINE

If you choose to eat meat, maintain the respect and understanding that it is a life you take so that you can live in return. Choose the meat where the animals have lived natural lives under the open sky, got sunshine and fed on grass. If possible, buy from a small family-owned organic farm where you have visited the site and met the animals. Of course, it is easier to buy faceless animals in the supermarket compared to the sorrow of seeing the animals that will be killed for your food. But I think it is important to see the animals to maintain respect and understanding that it is actually a life you are taking, and not just "meat". If possible, it can also be good to buy in large quantities, i.e. one whole animal at a time to avoid waste - waste of life, food, suffering and resources. (*My animal-loving heart just cringed at this, but really believe it helps reduce suffering*)

Animals are sentient sentient beings and each have their own personality, and they deserve our respect and consideration when we choose to feed on them. As sensual women, it is our duty to send healing, love and our thanks to the animals that we eat and are nourished by. Not surrender it for taste, convenience, habits, traditions and greed, but rather for a necessity for one's own health, nutrition and enjoyment of life.

I'm still a big advocate for the animals, but I don't agree that this means malnutrition for humans aka a strict vegan diet in the long run. I now understand that a 100% plant-based diet doesn't work for everyone, which is why I think it's useless (and even health-damaging!) to talk about veganism. Instead, the focus should be on increased respect and understanding for the nourishment we need both from plants (as medicine) and from animals (as nourishment). Therefore, the focus should be on giving animals and nature respect and proper treatment before they end up as our food source. Instead of eating abused animals, choose quality over quantity.

I believe that an organic diet with a mix of plants and animals is the healthiest diet for a woman who wants a healthy sex drive and a healthy, strong, vibrant body.

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