Krystaller til heling af vaginismus, vaginale smerter og spændinger

Crystals for healing vaginismus, vaginal pain and tension

Crystal dildos are great to use to heal pain or tension in the pelvic floor and generally get back in touch with your sexual pleasure, sensuality and femininity if it's something you feel you've lost.

But why crystals? Because there are many other materials that you can use as a dildo to insert into your vagina, massage your vaginal walls, stimulate the clitoris and vulva to experience pleasure.
Crystals are very special because they work in very mysterious ways!
I have experienced the effect of crystals over the past 4 years, and although the crystal energy is experienced on a subtle level, I have experienced deep transformations and guidance through the crystal healing that each crystal provides.
Each crystal holds different properties, so you can feel into and get healing from depending on the individual crystal.

One of the crystal dildos that I sell at my Goddess shop is the Lilith G-point Crystal dildo , and it is made of rose quartz, among other things. Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, so it helps you get in touch with your self-love, your feminine innocent energy that rests within the heart. It carries such a sweet pink love energy and compassion that you can spread to the rest of your body. It is especially good for healing heartbreak and feminine energy, and can help you melt into softness and become receptive. As a quartz crystal, rose quartz will highlight what is already there, so it will also let you feel your hardness and melt it away with softness and love, so you can surrender to your pleasure and orgasm.

As much as a crystal dildo can heal on the subtle emotional, spiritual and spiritual level, the crystal dildo can also help to heal on the physical level, e.g. soften pain, tension, numbness in the pelvic floor and increase sensitivity. It can be used to massage miosis in the pelvic floor and increase blood supply, flexibility, softness and toning. A wand like the Lilith is a great tool to do this internal massage, especially its size is good for women who experience vaginismus, involuntary spasms, tension and pain in the lower abdomen.

You insert it right at the first part of your vagina and massage the watch around your vaginal canal, pressing and holding on points of pain or numbness. Hold the pressure and breathe for 20 seconds. to 3 min., until you feel a release. Go around like this, getting deeper and deeper as your yoni invites the rod further in.
The G-spot yoni wand can be a bit short to go deeper, therefore I also sell longer crystal dildos for that purpose, e.g. The crescent moon dildo, which is both in black obsidian and Indian jade crystal.

See the selection of crystal dildos at my Goddess Shop here.

Or watch my demonstration video on Facebook here.

If you have experiences with involuntary tension in the lower abdomen or have pelvic pain, then I am here for you and would love to hear your story. If you have experiences using a crystal dildo, I'd love to hear from you too!

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