Sådan skaber du kontakt til en gudinde

How to make contact with a goddess

There are thousands of goddesses to work with, and which goddess you choose to honor and work with depends entirely on who you feel called to, or what themes fill you and your life.

You can choose the goddess you want to work with, but sometimes you will find that the goddess actually chooses you.

I experienced that with the goddess Kali, among other things.

Meet the divine feminine at Glastonbury

I have just returned from beautiful, magical Glastonbury in Southern England, known for being the epicenter of spirituality, Celtic culture and witchcraft.
I had some very beautiful days and really felt the presence of the Goddess.
In particular, I felt the feminine goddess energy at the Chalice Well, where I drank from the sacred red spring.

My experience at Chalice Well

At the Chalice Well, I visualized a beautiful bluish watery goddess raising her arms above her head and sort of cleansing me and opening me up to my sensuality and an emotional inner calm.

It was such a magical experience, especially because I subsequently saw that the same goddess was depicted in paintings and pictures around the city.

So I hadn't just seen something from my free imagination, but actually something universal – and perhaps a real goddess.

The goddess of water

Her name is Domnu, the goddess of water, and I experienced her as very ancient and as a universal energy from the very source and the water element itself.

Healing Ceremony with Lady of Avalon

A few days later I was in the city's Goddess House and receiving healing from the Lady of Avalon herself. There, too, my inner gaze saw a goddess - a woman in purple.
Suddenly, there was also a swan and swan feathers, which were both to be associated with the Lady of Avalon, but also the young spring goddess Brigid.

How to get in touch with a goddess (including your inner goddess)

You may be wondering how you can connect with and work with a Goddess yourself.

Below I give you a little guide on how you can get in touch with the goddesses.

Ways to connect oneself with the Goddesses

1. Use meditation and prayer

One of the most important things to do to connect with a Goddess is to learn how to meditate. Actually, I would not so much say that you have to definitely "learn" it, because it is a function that you already know and were born to be able to do. So you should rather do what you were born to do, which is to be still, close your eyes and just relax your body and just be with your breath and the continuous beating of your heart.

Something that I think is really good for grounding me and connecting me to the feminine is to breathe in through an open relaxed mouth and out through an open relaxed mouth. At the same time, you imagine that you are breathing in and out through your pussy. I think it's best to sit in the tailor's position, but you can also lie down and do it.

2. Transfiguration Technique – Use your imagination

Here you can do the tantric technique called transfiguration , where you imagine yourself as a goddess or any female archetype that you would like to embody. To get further down into the body, it can help to move your hips in circles and do a good breast massage and at the same time use your deep pussy breathing in and out.

Transfiguration means transformation and can be used to get in touch with a goddess, but also your own inner goddess. You'd be surprised what can come through.

One of the things that we get wrong here in the modern world is that the divine or supernatural is reserved for a select few and that you have to have an innate clairvoyant ability to see. But really the contact with the divine is in our own imagination.

Imagination is something that we are born with and that we use in play when we are children. We also use our imaginations in sexual fantasies. Imagination is our ability to imagine and transform ourselves into something other than our normal selves. And it is actually through our imagination and imagination that we can contact and "see" the goddesses. It is about visualizing and using your inner gaze, also called the third eye.

So when you imagine yourself as a goddess, for your inner gaze you must "see". And here it's about not judging yourself or what you see. If you see something, it's actually just a matter of following what you see, and then you'll find that the story or the images will unfold and become clearer to you, the more you just allow yourself to throw them a little notions that fantasy is unreal. But it is precisely when your imagination plays tricks on you that you open up to the world where the Goddess is.

If you have difficulty seeing a goddess or imagining it, then you can also see pictures of a goddess or search for pictures on the web.

2. Get out into nature

Something that helps me a lot to connect with the Goddess is to get out into nature and visit the places where nature is as wild and free as possible, free from human cultivation of it. In Glastonbury there are many sacred places where for 2 thousand years people have migrated to connect themselves with something higher. We also have these locations in Denmark. Just here in Aarhus, where I live, there is really a lot of energy in the forests, because the forests are very well preserved and old. The sea, springs and lakes are also good places to visit.

3. Make an altar for the goddess you want to work with

So as you begin to deepen your practice of feeling the Goddess within yourself, through visualization and in nature, you may feel like making an altar for a chosen Goddess or simply for the Divine Feminine. You can have pictures, statues, candles, incense, flowers and crystals on your altar. Anything that makes you feel in touch with the feminine. Here you can also place your crystal dildo or your jade egg, if you have such.

4. Give sacrifices, e.g. wine, mead, flowers or menstrual blood

At your altar you can make offerings to the goddess, e.g. wine, mead, flowers or your own menstrual blood. It is so powerful to make sacrifices out in nature, especially menstrual blood. It will really put you in direct contact with your own erotic wild woman energy, your own inner goddess in your lap and to Mother Earth.

5. Ask for the help of the goddess and remember to be respectful

And you can ask the Goddess for help and ask her for advice on everything between heaven and earth. However, it must be done respectfully and willingly with a clear intention and with a goddess that you have honored and connected with for quite some time. But really, you can call on anyone you want to work with. There are many different goddesses – there are goddesses of fertility, love, wealth, home, sexuality, healing, death, shadow sides, transformation and goddesses associated with each season.

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!




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