Sådan behandler du en MAND som en KONGE!

How to treat a MAN like a KING!

The divine masculine is so important to talk about right now. We women have worked so much on ourselves and grown both sexually and spiritually. Many of us have truly come into our full feminine primal power – or are on our way. I will therefore dedicate this blog post to the men and talk about how we as women can give our attention to the man and be in our feminine power at the same time that our man has room to unfold and feel like the man he was born to be to be.

Most men in our society have a biological heritage of being the hunter, provider and protector – that is, being in their masculine energy. This is not just talk, but something that was a necessity in traditional societies, that the man had to provide for and protect the feminine, the woman, the family and the children, while the woman had to protect her fertility, sexual energy, the children and the home.

Of course, both sexes have both feminine and masculine energy, yin & yang. In our modern society, it may seem at times that women have begun to become the men in relation to the expectations that are placed on all of us in the labor market, while men have begun to become the women in relation to how men now also have to act maternity, cooking and showing one's sensitivity.

Of course, I'm drawing it a bit harshly, and I'm not saying that one is more wrong than the other, but gender roles have gone through a big change in the last 100 years, after women entered the labor market. And it's worth talking about.

I now sense a greater longing in more and more people to come home more to their own energy as a woman and a man.
I feel in myself a longing to come home to myself as a woman. In this connection, also the longing to have a strong man by my side.

After all, I go to bachata dance, and there you really test the traditional gender roles and feel the dynamic between a woman and a man. The man wants to lead in the dance, but as modern women it can actually be a big challenge.
As a woman, you can easily squeeze your partner's hand a little too hard, be too stiff in the upper body, find it difficult to surrender - precisely the insecurity we can have towards the man.

It is a really unusual situation to be in, because as women we are not used to letting the man lead. Maybe because we have become so used to the fact that we have to fend for ourselves and be strong single women - where the men are kind of just looked down upon as the ones you have fun with once in a while or maybe as the ones who always hurt you and give you heartache. So therefore there can be a lot of doubt and fear in relation to surrendering yourself and trusting the man completely.

But what I have found is that the man really wants the role of driver. He really wants to lead and lead and protect the woman.

What is holding him back may be uncertainty and fear. He might be a little afraid of taking too hard, because what if he does something wrong and the woman judges him.

He may well become insecure, especially because the woman has developed so much and become so strong and independent. So much so that the man has taken a bit of a back seat as the primary provider and protector. We women have simply become too strong - or maybe men just can't quite keep up with women's development. Or maybe it's more about us not communicating properly with each other.

Because when the man becomes insecure, it happens that the woman also becomes insecure, and then it ends up that she starts to rule instead. From there he is caught off guard and retreats. And then it goes completely wrong. It just doesn't work in dance.
It's about feeling the body. If you don't feel each other's bodies, the dance breaks up.

In dance, you as a woman really have to learn to let the man lead and feel his signals through the body. I have been told many times that I must not correct the man or tell him what to do - because it is the man who leads.
At the same time, the man must learn to dare to manage and take hold! Because without the man's firm grip, the woman will not allow herself to be controlled or want to surrender to him. She simply won't be able to feel the man's signals.

I've danced with quite a few men who have had a really loose grip. And not to make anyone snobbish, but as a woman it's actually a pretty big turn-off. A slack grip makes the man appear very insecure and weak. A loose grip indicates to me that he won't be able to hold me, catch me if I fall. He will not be able to be the strong protector. And if he is slack, then I have to take over and manage.

On the contrary, it is quite another thing to dance with a man who is confident and really in control with a firm grip, because that way it is much easier to relax in his arms, let go and just soften in the dance and open up and move in her femininity.

It is absolutely amazing and so liberating as a woman. And the dancing will also be a lot of fun.

It is therefore not nice to dance with a man who is insecure, but it is also not fun or pleasant to dance with a man who is overly controlling and dictates what to do.

On the other hand, it is fun and attractive to dance with a man who keeps a firm, safe grip, guides with his body and not words, feels the woman and guides her so that she becomes comfortable surrendering to her feminine intuitive movements.

It is in the firm grip of the man that the woman is allowed to be a woman.
So how can we allow the man to be a man?

How can we support our man in coming home to his masculine essence – as the hunter, protector and provider?

Here I give you my 7 tips on how to treat a man like a KING.

1) Give him a compliment
2) Let him become an important part of your life
3) Cook for him
4) Be his cheerleader in his wildest dreams
5) Give him a hug
6) Close him into your heart
7) Adore his body
Of course, it takes two to dance a bachata – or any couple dance that you prefer – so if you're a man, I recommend you watch:

How to treat a woman like a goddess

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!
/ Helle

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