Sådan behandler du en KVINDE som en GUDINDE!

How to treat a WOMAN like a GODDESS!

What most young men are bottled up with is that foreplay is a blowjob and a slap on the seagull, and the afterplay is anal sex. So, a woman's pleasure and erotic innocence and slow, sensitive, cold, surging sexual arousal energy are carelessly and easily overlooked and completed in favor of getting to the goal faster: penetration and ejaculation for the guy. And this means that the girl's limits are quickly exceeded!

The fact that a woman may want to be touched, caressed, cuddled and teased and kissed does not mean that the dick is out of the pants, handjobs, fingers in the vagina and penetration. But rather an invitation to feel each other, feel, explore and be present with each other. Get closer to each other. Enjoy. Love.

A woman's sexual energy is like water. At first it is cold and quiet. It may take some time to warm up. But after some time it will start to get hotter and eventually boil. And when it reaches the boiling point, it is very hot and billowing and sometimes explosive - and difficult to cool.

A woman's sexuality takes time to warm up, and it is turned on (or off) in a dance between body, emotions, mind and surroundings. There is a reason why women are so mysterious and hard to figure out, because our emotions and minds and also cycles have a lot to say when it comes to really turning us ON!

This video is therefore for you, dear husband! In this video I will tell you how to treat a woman like a goddess. Because when you do that - that is, adore her - you will get exactly what you dream of. Namely, a wet, orgasmic, exuberantly happy and ecstatic woman who just wants more and more! And then the dick out of the pants will be more than welcome.

1) Honor and respect her boundaries
2) Shower her with compliments and sweet words
3) Be present and prioritize her with your time
4) Touch her with great awareness
5) Be her steady anchor
6) Be like a tree
7) Seduce her with romance and tantalizing surprises
8) Be true to yourself and her
9) Honor and adore her pussy

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!
/ Helle

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