Karneol yoni æg – kreativitet, mod, succes og sexlyst

Carnelian yoni egg – creativity, courage, success and sex drive

Carnelian is a warm and strong firestone, which is like a rich and fiery sunrise or sunset. Orange, yellow-orange or completely yellow in colour. It will only give you a boost of energy and strengthen your self-esteem. It is a perfect crystal to use as a yoni egg.

Carnelian helps to:

- Increase fertility
- Restore vitality & sex drive
- Promote creativity
- Prepare your body to be fertilized
- Regulate the menstrual cycle and the reproductive system
- Balance hormones
- Give courage
- Promote luck and success

Chakra: Hara (the area of ​​the divine feminine within a woman). Also works with root and neck.

Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Capricorn

Element: Fire

Goddess: Bridgid, Freya

Charging: The sun (but be careful as too much sun can bleach the crystal)

Cleaning: E.g. sage, palo santo, glow of the full moon, holy water from spring or sea. Carnelian, like selenite and rock crystal, can purify other crystals.

Promotes creativity & sex drive

Carnelian is associated with the second chakra, the hara chakra, which sits at the area below the navel at the sexual power center. Carnelian boosts the inner fire in the womb for more passion, desire, sexual energy, creativity, life force and vitality. So it is absolutely perfect as a yoni egg.

Carnelian balances the hormones and the reproductive system and improves your fertility and prepares the body to be fertilized.

Carnelian can help you overcome sexual barriers or shyness.

Increases optimism and brings emotional harmony

Carnelian balances emotions and removes envy, anger, apathy, low self-confidence and lethargy.

Carnelian helps you stand up for yourself, learn to love your life and appreciate your current situation and those around you.

Carnelian can help you release unhealthy jealousy and rekindle a relationship that has lost its spark.

Associated with sun, fire and the goddess Bridgid

For me, carnelian is associated with the Celtic goddess Bridgid, who holds the sacred fire in the heart and womb. She is the goddess of creativity, healing, poetry and fertility.

She gives us warmth in dark times and lights light, fire and inspiration when things look a little dark. She reminds us that even though life may not be visible or has sprung forth yet, it is certain and certain that new life is beginning to sprout from deep within.

Bridgid holds the inner fire of creativity, sex drive and new life in the womb, and it is precisely this energy that carnelian boosts. In this way carnelian and bridgid are connected.

Good for menstrual cramps

Carnelian is also associated with the root chakra, our second chakra at the perineum, which provides grounding and earthy nourishment. Carnelian therefore has a calming and protective effect, which supports us in trusting ourselves and going after what we dream of. Shamans are said to have used carnelian as a tool to ground themselves because they believe it vibrates with a stress-relieving and pain-relieving energy.

The word "carnelian" comes from the Latin word "carne", which means flesh or skin, and throughout history people around the world believed that carnelian can protect the body and purify and calm the blood. It is even recommended for women who experience severe menstrual cramps because it is said to reduce discomfort during menstruation, reduce bleeding and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Promotes luck, success & prosperity

Carnelian is known for bringing good luck and opening doors to new opportunities. It combats indecisiveness and laziness and nourishes and protects you so you feel fearless, determined, inspired and ready to take the steps needed to achieve your goals.

It enhances courage, confidence, action, strength and growth and is believed to motivate success and prosperity.

There is a reason why carnelian is associated with the zodiac signs Aries and Leo. Aries is fiery, courageous, action-oriented and has incredible impact and willpower. The lion goes into the light and is not afraid to show himself and his strengths.

It is clear that carnelian is a true confidence stone and a great manifestation stone, especially in relation to work and creative projects. Therefore, the carnelian yoni egg is perfect to use in sex magic .

Carnelian as a yoni egg

When you use carnelian as a yoni egg, you will bring love and romance into your pussy and fire up your sexual energy while softening and strengthening the pelvic floor for bigger and more explosive orgasms.

You may feel the sexual juices and power of your womb come to life in a whole new way - with the help of carnelian's creative energy.

Your sexual energy is your inherent feminine creative power, which will give you increased self-esteem, joy and optimism and a desire to achieve something in life.

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I send you so much erotic love!


Helen L.

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