Maria Magdalene: Gudinden for ubetinget kærlighed og tantrasex

Mary Magdalene: The Goddess of Unconditional Love and Tantric Sex

In the summer of 2017, I began my journey towards sexual healing. During this transformative process, Mary Magdalene started to appear in my life, becoming a central figure for me. Her presence and energy seemed to communicate with me, guiding me through my healing journey.

A Healing Journey

As I delved deeper into my own sexuality, I encountered profound feelings of sorrow and anxiety. Feeling disconnected from my own sexual pleasure, I began to pray and perform daily rituals for sexual healing. It was during this time that Mary Magdalene started manifesting herself to me. Every time I drew an oracle card from Doreen Virtue’s goddess deck, it was Mary Magdalene who appeared with her message of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Signs and Symbols

One day, I received a goddess statue as a gift, which at first glance reminded me of something Christian, which I didn’t appreciate. But later that evening, when I drew another oracle card, which again turned out to be Mary Magdalene, I realized that the statue resembled her greatly. This became a clear sign to me that Mary Magdalene was trying to communicate with me.

Healing and Transformation

My journey of sexual healing has been fraught with challenges. I have gone through layers of sorrow, anxiety, depression, shame, and hopelessness. In my most desperate moments, I found comfort and strength in Mary Magdalene's energy. Her presence helped me navigate these feelings and find a path to healing.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Mary Magdalene was part of Jesus' inner circle and the first to witness his resurrection after the crucifixion. Unfortunately, her image was later tarnished by the Catholic Church, portraying her as a prostitute. The truth is, Mary Magdalene was a priestess of Isis and Jesus’ equal partner. Their relationship is said to have been tantric, performing sexual rituals together that cleansed and balanced Jesus.

Suppression of the Feminine

For centuries, the Catholic Church has suppressed the feminine and female sexuality. Mary Magdalene's teachings and wisdom were deliberately excluded from the Bible to undermine the power of women. By separating women from their sexuality, the Church sought to control and manipulate its followers. But our sexual energy is our true power, and when we are connected to it, we cannot be controlled or deceived.

The Divine Feminine

We now live in a time when the divine feminine is beginning to re-emerge. Prophecies have stated that after centuries of darkness, the feminine will rise again alongside the masculine. This is the time we are living in now. With the help of Mary Magdalene and other goddesses, we can heal our sexuality and empower ourselves to be true to ourselves.

A Call to Women and Men

Mary Magdalene encourages women to take care of their sexual energy and their wombs as the sacred grail they are. By honoring our bodies as temples and our wombs as altars, we can connect to our deepest truth and power. This message is also for men: When you are intimate with a woman, remember that you are entering her sacred space with care, love, and respect.

Final Thoughts

Mary Magdalene's energy is a reminder of the divine feminine power and healing. By connecting with her energy, we can find strength, love, and a deeper understanding of our own sexuality. Let us embrace this energy and work towards a world where the feminine and masculine are in harmony.

I am sending you so much erotic love!


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