Se din livmoderhals med Gosling Eye

See your cervix with the Gosling Eye

At a time when women's health and self-understanding are in focus, Gosling Eye brings a revolutionary approach to exploring and understanding your own body. This unique dildo, made of ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone, is equipped with a dome-shaped camera lens at one end. With a single tap, the camera is turned on and syncs seamlessly with an app on your phone. This allows you to explore your cervix and vagina intimately and in detail from the comfort of your own home.

Why focus on the cervix?

For many women, the cervix remains an unexplored pleasure organ, but with Gosling Eye you can now open the door to a new world. Although many women learn about their cervix through information about cervical cancer and cell changes, it is important to understand that the cervix is ​​more than just a place of medical significance. It is also a potent pleasure organ that can lead to intense orgasms, and it serves as the gateway to the womb, making it a source of deep wisdom and secrets.

The connection between the cervix and the heart

From a holistic point of view, HPV and cell changes can be seen as signs of imbalance and a disconnected connection to the cervix and vagina. According to Chinese reflexology, the cervix and the heart are connected, meaning that there is a close correlation between the love one feels and how open the cervix is. Therefore, it is essential to give plenty of love to the cervix, and this can be achieved using various methods, including the use of fingers, mirrors, a Calypso Cervix rod and not least by exploring with a Gosling Eye camera dildo.

Your cycle and cervical changes

The cervix moves up and down throughout your cycle. During menstruation, it is lowest in the vagina and easier to reach with the finger. It is harder and more donut shaped at this point. During ovulation, it moves up and becomes flatter and softer. It is important to understand that your cervix is ​​constantly changing, depending on your arousal. When you are very aroused, it moves to the side to avoid shock during penetration.

Empowerment and ownership over your body

Gosling Eye not only allows for the establishment of a deep relationship with the cervix, but it also offers a non-intimidating tool for observing the cervix, strengthening your ownership of your body. Many women feel uncomfortable during gynecological examinations where consent can feel overlooked or the pace feels rushed. Gosling Eye aims to change that narrative and promote a positive and empowering experience.

A valuable tool between gynecological examinations

Gosling Eye does not replace gynecological examinations, but it serves as a valuable tool between gynecological examinations, allowing you to monitor changes and become familiar with your unique anatomy. It gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your body back, so you stand stronger with the gynecologist and have full control over the examination.

Experience your beauty through the cycle

Discover how your cervix looks in its current state and changes in appearance throughout your cycle and your life as a woman. Take photos and videos with Gosling Eye and observe the inner walls of your vagina and the beauty of your cervix. If necessary, write down what thoughts and feelings you have at the given time, so that it invites you to keep a yoni journal.

Understand the cervix as an orgasmic organ

The Gosling Eye offers not only the opportunity for observation, but also for understanding how your vagina and cervix react to different levels of sexual arousal. With the built-in vibration settings, you can see how the position and shape of the cervix changes as you become more aroused. This gives you a deeper insight into your body's unique response patterns.

How to use Gosling Eye

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the App: Scan the QR code and download the app that comes with Gosling Eye.
  2. Turn on the Dildo: Hold the button to turn on the camera.
  3. Connect to WiFi: Follow the instructions in the app to sync the camera with your phone.
  4. Choose vibration settings: In the app you can choose between different vibration settings or no vibration.
  5. Observe your cervix: Use the camera to explore and take pictures or videos of your cervix and the inner walls of your vagina. This gives you a unique opportunity to observe any changes throughout your cycle and life.
  6. Document your experience: Consider keeping a yoni journal, where you write down what you observe, as well as your thoughts and feelings. This can help you build a deeper understanding of your body.

Benefits of using Gosling Eye

  • Self-exploration: Get to know your anatomy and observe the natural changes throughout your cycle.
  • Empowerment: Take control of your own health and achieve a strengthened connection to your body.
  • Comfort and privacy: Avoid the discomfort of gynecological examinations and explore your body at your own pace and in your own home.

    With Gosling Eye, you can take ownership of your body and explore your anatomy in a way that is both enlightening and satisfying. Take control of your health and enjoyment with this innovative tool. You can buy Gosling Eye here .

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