Rodchakra og bækkenbundsspændinger

Root chakra and pelvic floor tension

Explore the connection between physical and emotional health

In this post I will tell you about my experience with the root chakra and how it directly affects our relationships and sexual energy. I will share with you techniques that can help balance your root chakra and release blockages and strengthen your connection to the earth and your own sexuality. Take the first step towards reconnecting with your body and pleasure by focusing on your root chakra.

My path to redemption and grounding

A few nights ago I experienced an amazing transformation in my body and mind, for which I still feel grateful. It happened in the middle of the night when I woke up and felt an opening in my pelvic floor as if something had been released. It was as if my body was letting go of some old tension that it had been holding on to for a long time. I felt a kind of transformation in my body from feeling very tense and not very connected to myself and the earth to feeling a call for safety, calmness and grounding. Words like "security", "love", "being good enough", "care", "financial stability" and "home" resonated within me. All something with the earth element, earth connection and therefore the root chakra.

I thought about what could have triggered this change and then I remembered that I had recently been to a body therapy session. I think the therapy and my jade egg cleanse worked together to release the old energies that had been holding me in pelvic floor tension.

I've struggled with fears for a long time, but now I've finally let them go! My body has been on constant alert to shield me from anything that could cause me to fall, but now it is finally starting to relax. I have faced my past traumas and negative experiences and said goodbye to them. It has enabled my body and pelvic floor to take a deep breath and relax. And now my body has told me that the key to complete enjoyment is SAFETY! It also makes sense in relation to the fact that our pelvic floor is closely connected to our root chakra.

Root Chakra

The root chakra, also known as the first chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for connecting the body to the earth. It is linked to the material, security, family, home, job and money, but also our joy of life, survival and feeling at home in one's body and who one is. The root chakra represents the roots that give us grounding, nourishment, security and a sense of being mentally and physically present in the world. It is our foundation for the rest of our chakra. This chakra is also known to influence our sexuality as it is associated with our basic survival instincts and our sense of stability and security.

Imbalances in the root chakra

If we have imbalances in the root chakra, e.g. due to fear for our own survival, it also causes imbalances in all other chakras in the body. If our root is insecure, we will be able to have physical symptoms such as vaginal tension, and those tensions will affect the rest of our existence, because we will go and tense up all the time - this because our body is constantly prepared for battle, even though it is far from is no longer a threat. We will be in a constant state of fight-flight-freeze. It blocks the life energy and can create a lack of sex drive, impotence or difficulties in achieving orgasm. You will see yourself isolating yourself, having a fear of intimacy and difficulty forming meaningful relationships and love affairs.

Balance in the root chakra

When our root chakra is in balance, we can feel more confident and secure in our sexuality. We can also experience more joy and satisfaction in our sexual relationships. Our life energy thrives and naturally nourishes all other areas of our lives and thereby gives us a better opportunity to manifest what we dream of. And yes, we will of course also be able to more easily lead the pleasurable sexual energy from our tailbone up and out to the rest of the body, so that we can experience cosmic, life-changing full-body orgasms! Mmmmmhhh…

The root chakra and security in your body

To release tension in the pelvic floor, understand it not only as physical tension that can just be massaged away, but much more as mental tension:

Therefore, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you feel safe in your body and are you good at listening to yourself and your limits?
  • Can past negative or traumatic experiences and beliefs still affect you today, in sex and in life?
  • Do you feel safe where you live? Do you have a place you can call home?
  • What are your beliefs and thoughts about money? Do you feel in abundance or always lacking?
  • Do you feel like you can express your authentic self to the world?
  • Do you have one or more people in your life who are there for you no matter what and who really see you and understand you?
  • Do you have a backcountry you can lean on (and who can physically hold you)?

If you answer no to several of the questions, try to find out what you can do to balance your root chakra and create more security and safety in your life going forward.

How to Balance the Root Chakra

In order to maintain a healthy sexuality and a balanced root chakra, it is important to work on connecting with the earth and our basic instincts. This can be achieved through a number of techniques:

1. Meditative visualization

Sit down and visualize a tail growing deep into the earth right into the earth's core. On an inhalation, imagine a red glow being drawn up along your tail and filling the area around your coccyx. Imagine this glow filling you with a sense of grounding and security.

2. Physical activity

The root chakra is associated with our bodily survival and grounding, so physical activity can help bring balance to this chakra. It is important to engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, as this helps reduce stress and promote overall well-being. Try cultivating grounding activities such as walks with bare feet in nature, yoga, or other forms of grounding exercises.

3. Aromatherapy

Use of root-colored oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood or patchouli can help balance the root chakra. You can use them as a fragrance oil or in a diffuser.

4. Crystals

Crystals such as red jasper, red carnelian or black obsidian can help balance the root chakra. Try meditating with one of these crystals or use them as crystal dildos or yoni eggs.

Red Jasper:

Red jasper is a crystal that can help balance and strengthen the energy in the root chakra. Red jasper is also known to have a strong connection to sexuality and fertility. The crystal can help increase libido and sexual energy and can also help strengthen the body's reproductive organs. In addition, red jasper is said to help relieve symptoms of menstruation and menopause. With our Red Jasper Lilith G-spot Crystal Dildo, you may experience an increased connection to your sexuality and an improvement in your mental and physical well-being. It can also be a fun and enjoyable way to explore your root chakra and connect to the earth.

Red Carnelian:

Red carnelian is a beautiful and powerful crystal that is a popular choice as a yoni egg. It is said to have a positive influence on our sexual energy and our creativity. Red carnelian is said to be a strong support for our root chakra. When you use a Red Carnelian Yoni Egg, it can help release tension in the pelvic area and increase blood flow, which can lead to a more intense sexual experience and a stronger connection to your sexual power. But that's not all - red carnelian is also said to increase our creativity and motivation. When our root chakra is in balance, we feel grounded and are able to manifest our desires in the physical world. The carnelian yoni egg can help strengthen our connection to this energy and bring us closer to our goals and dreams.

Black Obsidian:

Black obsidian is a magical and mystical crystal that can be a powerful aid in balancing your root chakra and connecting you to your sexual energy. When you use a black obsidian yoni egg, it can help release tension and trauma in the pelvic area and allow you to open up your sexual power and pleasure in a deeper way. Black obsidian is known to be a protective crystal and can help create a space for healing and transformation. It can be particularly helpful if you have experienced trauma or negative experiences in relation to your sexuality.

5. Confirmations:

Repeat positive affirmations to strengthen your root chakra, e.g. "I am safe and secure", "I have everything I need", "I am connected to the earth".

6. Self care:

Taking care of your physical needs is probably the most important part of balancing your root chakra. This involves making sure to get optimal nutrients through a healthy diet, getting enough restful sleep each night and finding a balance between activity and rest. When you prioritize your self-care routine, you can be better present in your relationships and can authentically connect with others. Remember, self-care is not selfish, it is necessary for a healthy and balanced life. So give yourself some loving attention and let your root chakra grow strong and free!

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