Våd, våd og mere våd

Wet, wet and more wet

What your vagina is telling you

There are many ways your vagina can talk to you. Sensations, the spring, the tingle, expansion and tension.

And also through how wet she is. So let's get this straight, your vagina's wetness doesn't lie.

Natural wetness

When a woman is physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and holistically aroused and ready, she is wet.

Lubricant and wetness

But lube has become accepted and normal in society, but just because something has become normal does not mean it is natural or good. But when we don't feel that we are wet enough, or we may experience dryness, many people use lubricant. While lube can be convenient and help reduce discomfort during sexual activity, it is important to understand that it is not a substitute for the natural wetness that the body produces during sexual arousal. It can actually be a huge disservice to your vagina because when you exceed your vagina's natural wetness, you are overriding your vagina's most powerful messages that she is giving you.

The importance of listening to your vagina

Listening to your vagina and its messages is essential to getting wet and achieving a healthy and satisfying sexual experience as well as a deeper connection to your body. The vagina is not just an organ associated with sexual pleasure, but it can also act as a source of wisdom and intuition. Wetness comes naturally when we listen to our vagina and try to understand her signals. This not only relates to sex, but also your other relationships and activities in your life. Being wet or not wet can really shed light on how you feel in your life and in your relationships. Because our body doesn't lie. It is completely honest and tries to guide you. It's just our job to listen.

Our vagina speaks to us in many ways. It can be through wetness or dryness, tension or relaxation, or even through emotional response during intimate moments. So if you use lube to be able to have friction-free sex, you will create disharmony and actually ignore your vagina's messages. It will make her stop trusting you.

So when you allow yourself to be penetrated, even if you are not fully wet, you will be overstepping the boundaries of your vagina and she will not be able to continue opening up for more pleasure. If you will not listen and honor your vagina, then you cannot progress on your path to sexual empowerment. But the more you listen to her and honor her yes and no and create security for her, the more she will have room to open up.

Wetness is not always a sign that one is ready for penetration.

But now it might be a little more advanced because sometimes wetness isn't always a sign that you're ready to be penetrated. Because wetness is just the first step , but you want to be completely dripping wet and hungry for penetration before it is really really pleasurable to be penetrated.

Have you not also experienced that you have been wet to begin with and have allowed yourself to be penetrated by your lover, but then halfway through you lose the wetness. But you just keep having sex and getting penetrated despite the dryness. But if you really tune into what your vagina is trying to tell you, you might find that the wetness went away, because your partner might have lost some presence, the intimacy might have faded away, and the emotional connection that you wanted might have been there. not afterall. So feel into it.

It can take some courage to listen in on these moments and act on them. But to truly honor your vagina, the best thing to do is to stop and feel what you need and then ask for it. It really is what is needed for more satisfying sex. When you are truly true to yourself and your needs at the most subtle level, then your most fervent and deepest longings will be satisfied and your yes would also be much easier to hear because you have the ability to say no when you have to say no.

You get so much back when you start listening to your pussy and to her yes and no.

Of course, there is a temporary benefit to exceeding your no. You will e.g. satisfy your partner, you don't run the risk of rejecting them, but in the long run it can result in you shutting down a lot more and experiencing dryness at a much deeper level, which can result in things like tension, vaginismus, pain, and some believe , that something like lichen slerosis comes from not honoring one's vagina. So starting to listen to her pussy's yes in all situations makes so much sense in the long run because instead of shutting down, you'll open up to so much more pleasure and joy and satisfying orgasms and better health too.

And not just talking about what happens when you listen to your vagina in all other situations in your life. So when it comes to making big decisions, choosing a career, housing, relationships, you can really ask her about anything. And she will answer you with her level of wetness.

You can actually be wet all the time if you live in line with your authentic self. If you notice whether you are dry, you can try to tune in and ask your vagina what she needs and in which areas you are off course in your life.

So it's so normal for women to think that there must be something wrong with you if you're not wet enough or have trouble getting wet. We can quickly think that there is something wrong with the hormones, or we have some kind of disorder and need medical help and hormone creams and change the diet or something like that. But you can trust that there's nothing wrong with you, but it's just your vagina sharing a message with you and it's your job to listen to it.

Sometimes she will tell you something of great importance, e.g. to quit your job or leave a relationship. So following the guidance of your vagina takes a lot of courage. And that's what it takes to truly own your authentic self and show the world who you really are.

Vaginal wetness after menopause

There are probably some women out there who won't believe it and will think that when you go through menopause, the hormones in your body change and it's more normal to feel dry. But I guarantee you that if you use your vagina as a guide and an oracle like she is and listen to her, you won't lose your wetness.

You won't lose it either if you use her. So, if you are disconnected from your vagina and do not strengthen your pelvic floor or use her, then your vagina will weaken over time. Your vagina's tissue will become thinner and there will be less blood circulation and less lubrication. So all the exercises that you can do with a jade egg or other yoni egg will help to connect you pleasurably with your pussy.

So my challenge to you is to throw away your lube and start listening to your pussy, because she doesn't lie.

Pussy Butter: A gift of love to your vulva to sanctify and nourish it

If you would like to use some lubricant, try Pussy Butter™, a really good idea, as it is a way to sanctify and nourish the vulva and labia. So it's not so much about using it to get wet, but more about giving love to her.

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