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Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ - Hot Pink

Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ - Hot Pink

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Color: Hot Pink

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This extremely soft waterproof blanket is designed to help you fully surrender to your pleasure and experience squirting orgasms! With a Goddess Blanket™, you can feel oh so majestic when exploring your pleasure, whether by yourself or with your partner.

Its waterproof technology sewn into the blanket will capture and prevent any fluids from seeping through, so there won't be any wet spots on sheets or mattresses. This allows you to completely let go and indulge in your wildness and pleasure. And there will no longer be a discussion about who has to sleep on the wet spot afterwards.

Lying naked on the blanket is pure luxury for the sensitive skin on your buttocks, thighs, womb, and vulva. It's such a gift you deserve to give to yourself and your female body – and to your girlfriend, sister, or mother. With soft white fleece on one side and silky magenta velour on the other, you'll want to snuggle into it.

Place it on your bed, sofa, or floor with the pink velour side facing up or wrap it around your body. It's designed to be machine-washable and won't leave stains. Its plush and waterproof design holds up after many washes, and if you take good care of it, its waterproof function will last for many years to come. Machine wash it in cold water and air dry it in the sun or tumble dry it on a low setting (no longer than 30 minutes).

It can also be used during even heavy menstruation and for free bleeding on days when you don't want to use pads, menstrual cups, or tampons. Use it for baby snuggles, diaper changes, or during and after childbirth. As a cozy blanket for your pet, dog, cat, rabbit. Or as an attractive accessory on the sofa, bed, or chair.


  • Large: 200 x 150 cm. This size is ideal for double beds and provides plenty of space for full-body massages or fun in bed.


  • A Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ in Hot Pink
  • Material: 100% polyester fleece with an inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Ships globally from Denmark
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What makes it waterproof?

Thanks to the inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the blanket can resist liquids and prevent it from seeping through to sheets and mattress toppers.

Washing instructions

To ensure the maintenance of your Goddess Blanket and continue to protect your furniture from liquids and stains, it is recommended to follow these simple care instructions:

When cleaning your Goddess Blanket, start by washing it separately on a suitable cycle, either cold or warm, but make sure the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. All our blankets are designed to be washed in the washing machine and we recommend either hand washing or the gentle cycle. Use an appropriate amount of detergent to ensure effective removal of dirt and odors.

After washing, it is important to choose a quick spin to remove as much water as possible from the blanket. This will help shorten drying time and reduce the risk of damage.

Even if your blanket has become very dirty, it does not leave stains. We have found that even a lot of blood or other body fluids can be washed away at once. If necessary, a stain remover can also be used on the blankets before washing to ensure a thorough removal of the stains.

For drying, the blanket can be hung to dry indoors or outside on a drying line. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent color fading. Alternatively, a tumble dryer can be used on a low level, but it is important to monitor the process closely to avoid damage to the inner waterproof TPU layer.

To preserve the blanket's waterproof properties and avoid damage, avoid ironing, dry cleaning and the use of fabric softener under the wash

Drying instructions

When it comes to drying your Goddess Blanket, there are several options to consider. You can choose to hang the blanket to dry indoors or outside on a clothesline. This allows for natural air drying and can be gentle on the blanket. If you choose to hang it outside, you should avoid placing it where it is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this can cause color fading over time.

An alternative method is to use a tumble dryer on low heat. It is important to select the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the inner waterproof layer of the blanket. Carefully monitor the drying process to ensure that the blanket is not exposed to unnecessary heat, and remove it from the dryer as soon as it is dry to avoid overheating and possible damage. By following these drying methods, you can maintain the quality of the blanket and ensure that it remains in optimal condition.


Note that frequent machine washing can accelerate the blanket's aging process. We guarantee the waterproofness of your blanket for one year after purchase, but it is important to note that the lifespan depends on the use and frequency of washing. We recommend common sense and following our washing and care instructions to extend the blanket's life and maintain its performance.


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We pack discreetly! Nothing on the outside indicates that the content has anything to do with sexuality and pleasure.

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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Jiménez Nedergaard
Sover bedre når jeg menstruerer

Multifunktionelt tæppe som er helt enormt blødt og meget meget lækkert at sove på. Det giver mig en tryghed under min menses, som godt kan være ret kraftige, at jeg ikke ødelægger mit sengetøj og min topmadras, men at jeg har bevæge mig mere frit om natten. Jeg sover bedre nu, når jeg menstruerer. Derudover passer farven meget godt til navnet: gudindetæppe, for jeg føler mig enormt feminin, mens jeg bruger det.

Tæpper ophober væsken, men det går ikke igennem tæppet, hvilket er meget trygt.

Lækkert tæppe

Smukt, luksuriøst og ikke mindst vandtæt

The Perfect base for a love nest and that godess-feeling🔥

The Perfect base for a love nest and that godess-feeling🔥 It keeps your surroundings 100% dry while allowing your juices to flow💦🔥

Extraordinary waterproof function

Up to 1 litre

Thanks to the inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the blanket can resist liquids and prevent it from seeping through to sheets and furniture. In fact, the blanket can hold up to 1 liter of liquid, and depending on the size, it can even hold much more. Unlike other waterproof blankes, where the liquid often sits on top, the liquid seeps into the Goddess Blanket, allowing you to enjoy the blanket even when it is wet. Plus, it's stain-resistant and ideal for spotting, birthing, postpartum, and other messy activities.

Total Protection against Liquids

Surrender to your pleasure

Its waterproof technology sewn into the blanket will trap and prevent any liquids from seeping through, so there are no wet spots on sheets or mattress toppers. It allows you to fully indulge and surrender to your oceanic pleasure. And there will no longer be a discussion about who will sleep on the wet spot afterwards.

Designed for washing machine

Easy and convenient cleaning

The Goddess Blanket is designed for the washing machine on a gentle cycle, making it a convenient solution for quick and efficient cleaning. After washing, it is recommended to tumble dry the blanket on low heat for no more than 30 minutes to protect the inner waterproof layer. This gentle care ensures that the blanket remains in good condition and retains its functional properties over time. With this convenient care routine, you can keep your blanket fresh and clean with minimal effort.



Luxury for the whole family

In addition to being a luxurious sex blanket for adults, the Goddess Blanket can also be used for several other purposes. It can also be used during even heavy periods and for free bleeding on days when you don't feel like using pads, menstrual cups or tampons. Use it also for putting the baby down, changing nappies or for during and after birth. As a cozy blanket for your pet, dog, cat, rabbit. Or as an attractive piece of jewelery on a sofa, bed or chair.

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