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Dear Goddess,

You deserve a life of ecstatic orgasms.

And your body is fully capable of experiencing them.

Beautiful crystal dildos

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Yoni egg

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Waterproof Goddess Blankets

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Inside every woman exists an abundance of sexual pleasure and erotic ecstasy.

All women are naturally erotic and orgasmic.

In fact, YOU were born full-body orgasmic and have the ability to experience ecstatic, life-changing orgasms.

But for various reasons, e.g. due to sexual abuse, trauma, excessive gynecological operations and interventions or negative beliefs about the woman's sex, many women experience being cut off from their sexual life energy. It can manifest itself in numbness, pain, dryness, hypersensitivity and/or tension in the vagina.

As girls, we learn not to feel our abdomen - to really understand and respect the abdomen's signals and her "yes" and "no". We have not learned to take care of her, honor her and listen to her boundaries. Nor have our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers before them learned it.

Many girls and women therefore have sex before their pussy is even completely ready (open, wet and inviting). In the long run, this can cause problems, because when our boundaries are overstepped again and again, even though it may be unconsciously, we become more and more disconnected from our gender and pelvis. Because when the abdomen is penetrated again and again against its will, either by a partner, the gynecologist or ourselves, it sends a clear signal to the abdomen that she is not safe.

When she is not listened to, when she is not given time to open up and when her pleasure is not met, over time she will shut down more and more in order to protect herself.

If you experience poor contact with your abdomen and do not experience the sexual magic that your body contains, then you should know that you are NOT broken.

Your womb, your yoni, your pussy, or whatever you want to call her, is a shrine, a treasure chest, and a jewel.

By caring for her and learning to listen to her, you can bring her back to life. And you can come home to your sensuality, erotic nature and your orgasmic potential.

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