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What is a Goddess Tool?

Why we don't just sell sex toys

The Goddess Temple does not sell sex toys in the traditional way; we offer goddess tools. Our products are not only about sex, but also act as therapeutic, spiritual, healing and sensual tools. They are designed to help you as a woman connect with your womb in a loving and sacred way. This can increase your orgasmic pleasure as well as strengthen your creativity, intuition, wisdom, courage, love and health – all through a deep connection to your pussy and womb.

What is a crystal dildo?

A crystal dildo is a dildo created from raw crystal from Mother Earth. Unlike a traditional vibrator, it does not offer mechanical vibrations, but emits a unique crystal vibration. This vibration does not overstimulate, but invites slow pleasure, which can lead to deeper and more satisfying orgasms. Crystals collect and hold energy, and when used with clear intention, release healing and activating energies. When used intimately, a crystal dildo activates your own goddess energy, cleanses and heals the womb, and creates a deep connection between sexuality and spirituality.

Why you should use a crystal dildo?

There is something magical about using a crystal dildo. Crystal comes from Mother Earth, and when you use it intimately it feels like a very cosmic experience. The crystal helps you to transform masturbation into an intimate love affair with yourself.

An exciting fact is that archaeologists in Germany have found what is probably the world's oldest dildo, made of stone and dating back to the Stone Age. Women have, therefore, ever since the dawn of time cut and torn stones to satisfy themselves and perhaps also to experience a spiritual awakening. Pussy and goddess figures have been found in cave paintings and as small artifacts all over the world. It has always been known that the pussy is the direct portal to the divine.

With a crystal dildo, you can re-establish this ancient connection. A crystal dildo connects you with something deep and ancient within yourself and acts as a modern version of the Stone Age dildo, only in a luxurious version.

What is a yoni egg?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal designed to be inserted into the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor and promote sexual and spiritual development. The word "yoni" comes from Sanskrit and means "sacred temple". It is a feminine tool used throughout a practice to improve body awareness, increase sexual pleasure and promote emotional healing. Each yoni egg has different properties, and depending on what you want to work with, you can choose a crystal that can support you in your intention.

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc, like a menstrual cup, is designed to be inserted into the vagina to collect and hold menstrual blood. But unlike the cup, the disc must be placed at the top around the cervix in the area called the vagina fornix. This eliminates uncomfortable vacuum and makes it possible to use the disc even if you have an IUD. In addition, it keeps the vagina free, so you can have carefree sex.

Dear Goddess,

You deserve a life of ecstatic orgasms.

And your body is fully capable of experiencing them.

Inside every woman exists an abundance of sexual pleasure and erotic ecstasy.

All women are naturally erotic and orgasmic.

In fact, YOU were born full-body orgasmic and have the ability to experience ecstatic, life-changing orgasms.

But over generations, many women have been cut off from this inner power due to external influences, trauma and negative beliefs.

At The Goddess Temple, we celebrate the inherent power and sensuality of women. Our mission is to support and inspire women to rediscover their true, orgasmic nature.

We offer carefully selected feminine wellness products, including yoni eggs, crystal- and glass dildos and waterproof blankets, designed to bring more pleasure and joy into your life.

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