3 jade æg øvelser for begyndere!

3 jade egg exercises for beginners!

Get started on your jade egg practice with these 3 jade egg exercises for beginners!

Too many women who are interested in the jade egg practice and who have already bought a jade egg may find it difficult to see how to use their jade egg. I didn't know that at first either. I just popped the egg, really thinking it would heal my vagina on its own.

I had read all the amazing properties of using a jade egg. That nephrite jade egg is a powerful healing stone that helps to strengthen the body's own healing properties. The jade egg is the most luxurious and exquisite yoni egg for tightening the vagina and the love muscles (pelvic floor muscles). That it helps you dissolve numbness and tension and cultivate more pleasure, sensitivity, sexual energy and orgasmic potential in the clitoris, the vagina, the cervix and the whole body!

However, one of the questions that I regularly had was: How long will it take before I see results? How long will it take before I feel pleasure again?

I was desperate to feel pleasure again, just to feel something, but I completely overlooked that the jade egg practice is not just a quick fix, but a regular practice that takes time (just like yoga, meditation, or a dietary change). Sure, you can just pop the egg in and go about your day, but that was not the original intention of the jade egg, nor is it through that path that you will experience the life-changing benefits of the jade egg practice.

The purpose of the jade egg is to train your vaginal muscles to isolate, cultivate and circulate sexual energy, loosen tension and bring blood circulation to the pelvic area.

It's a way to get a better relationship with your pussy, your body and your sexuality. You get to know yourself on a much deeper level, both mentally, emotionally, sensually, sexually and spiritually. To get there, however, it requires a long-term practice where you have given yourself the time, care, devotion and attention to open up and surrender to the process.

It can take time to get to know your pussy's signals better, heal old traumas and reassure her that she is safe and loved. For me it is an ongoing process and I am still in the process of understanding her limits and needs, and this after 1.5 years of practice with a jade egg and other yoni eggs.

But it doesn't have to take that long.

What I want to instill in you is that it is good to take it slow! I know you want to see results NOW! That's how I felt myself.

But trying to force pleasure and sexual development can backfire and slow down your sexual healing and development. It can backfire more to force the egg into you, without first listening to your pussy and whether she actually wants to be penetrated with the egg (or a dildo/penis). You can exceed the limits of your pussy and create more insecurity and more tension in the vagina that way. Because you can't force pleasure if your pussy is in deep sorrow or feels fear - feelings that she needs to be able to express before she can take you to orgasm land.

The first step with the jade egg is therefore to get to know it better and let your pussy become comfortable with it. I therefore recommend to anyone who is new to the jade egg practice to start by simply letting the egg rest at the vaginal opening for 10 minutes while breathing deeply in and out with the awareness of your vagina. Do this every day for at least 7 days.

The vaginal opening is the protector of your vagina and can hold a lot of pain, fear, numbness and tension – this happens when her boundaries have been crossed. Holding something at the entrance to the vagina for a consistent period of time will train your brain, nervous system and vaginal opening to feel safe and relaxed. Then you can begin to go deeper as the numbness begins to dissipate and sensitivity to the area increases.

Therefore, take at least 7 days where you are present with your vaginal opening and send a lot of good energy, love and care to her. Listen to her! After the 7 days you can (with her permission) insert the egg and do these three exercises with the egg.


Lie on your back, bend your legs so that your knees point upwards. Place your hand over your pussy and your other hand over your heart. Breathe relaxed.

Start by making some small circles with your hips, so small that it's more circles around your tailbone.

Notice what happens inside your vagina when you rotate your hips. Also notice what's happening in your hips and if you have tension there. Maybe you start to feel sensations from the egg, maybe not. No matter what you may feel, whether it's emptiness, numbness, or incipient pleasure, everything is okay and completely normal.

Keep breathing deeply and do 6 rounds clockwise. Then you change direction and circle 6 times anti-clockwise.


This exercise provides toning and flexibility. It is one of my favorite exercises
with the jade egg. Start in the same position as in the previous exercise, i.e. with bent legs and knees pointing towards the sky.

On an inhale, press down with your hands and lift your pelvis up, just as high as feels comfortable. It is the same position as the bridge in yoga. Squeeze tightly around the egg for 3 seconds while holding your breath.

On an exhalation, you let go of the clamp and lower your pelvis relaxed into the ground and open your knees out to the side in a butterfly position. When you exhale, make a "haahh" sound from you to open up your throat and thereby your vagina.

Repeat 5 more times.


This exercise provides pleasure and continence and is also known as the windshield wiper because your feet rotate in the same way as a windshield wiper.

Stay on your back. Have a good distance between the feet so that you lie in the same way as shavasana in yoga. Stretch your legs and flex your feet.

Move your bent feet towards each other so that your big toes kiss each other. Then move the feet apart so much that the heels point in towards each other and the little toes almost touch the ground. Keep flexing your feet and keeping your legs straight.

When you flex your feet, it pulls on the nerves and muscles to your vaginal canal, so when you do this exercise, notice what happens inside your vagina around the egg.

On an inhale let your big toes meet in the middle. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Feel the sensations in your vaginal canal around the egg. Let your pussy be relaxed and feel your muscles around the egg.

On an exhalation, rotate your feet outward so that your little toes almost touch the ground. Hold for 3 sec. and feel the sensations present in your vaginal canal around the egg in this position.

Make 6 rounds. If you want, you can also do 6 rounds of the exercise, where you have your legs lifted vertically towards the ceiling.

The three exercises I just went through are a good start to your new one
jade egg practice.

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