Afrodites hellige feminine kunstform

Aphrodite's sacred feminine art form

Aphrodite is the archetypal goddess of love, femininity, beauty and sacred sexuality.

She rules softness, receptivity, joy, pleasure, sex, sensuality, luxury, wealth and love. As the goddess of love, she is the ultimate expression of feminine joy, and we need her to heal all evil and ills in our world.

Aphrodite activates your connection to your erotic energy, so that you come to possess an unstoppable power.

She delights in seduction, flirting and sexual play.

She transforms the ordinary into beauty through her LOVE.

She is forever desired.

She has ownership over her body, pleasure and her sex life.

She is not owned by any man. She loves the one she chooses, and when she does, she gives with all her heart.

She surrounds herself with sensual beauty.

She trusts her pleasure and follows it as an omniscient guide.

She rejects society's suppression of female sexuality.

She carries her body without shame, guilt or insecurity.

Invoking and awakening Aphrodite is about learning to honor, love and practice this sacred feminine art form.

In this video I tell you about Aphrodite's feminine art form...

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I send you so much erotic love!


Helen L.

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