Afrodite yoga – feminitet, sensualitet og selvkærlighed!

Aphrodite yoga – femininity, sensuality and self-love!

Aphrodite yoga is a sensual form of yoga where you learn to embody Aphrodite's natural feminine sensuality, grace and freedom. You learn to celebrate yourself, your body, your sensuality, sexuality and erotic innocence, which will help you to feel yourself as a highly sensual woman.

There is a good reason why the goddess of love, Aphrodite, is deeply admired and loved.

You will discover, when you work with her energy, that you begin to attract more and more sensuality, beauty, wealth, pleasure and luxury into your life.

Aphrodite gives us sensual and sexual energy and reminds us that we are worthy and deserve to receive what we desire.

Through Aphrodite yoga you learn to charge yourself with Aphrodite's love energy and irresistible deliciousness.

You learn to surrender yourself to your innermost sensual and sexual fantasies and pleasures without fear of what others think.

So that you allow yourself to meet your sexuality, your desire, your desire and your erotic energy - which can help you as a woman to open yourself up to more and more pleasurable and potent orgasms.

Have you become curious about getting to know Aphrodite?

Then come to Afrodite yoga over the summer in Aarhus.

You can get a taste of the yoga right here in this video:

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!
Helen L.

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