Brystmassage for større og dybere kærlighed og orgasmer!

Breast massage for bigger and deeper love and orgasms!

Breast massage – the way to greater love and orgasms!

I had my heart broken for the first time at 17. I had never experienced being so sad in my entire life. Sorrow settled like a hard knot at my chest. It was only when this hardness went away that I opened myself up to a new love. Grief is stored at the heart and can block us from experiencing love, infatuation and even greater orgasms.

But what I know now is that a regular breast massage can heal heartbreak and open up to great love and even better orgasms!

The benefits of a regular breast massage

Breast massage is very good to do every day to reduce the risk of breast cancer, increase the lymphatic system's cleansing of toxins and maintain the health, firmness and sensitivity of the breasts. Since the breast and especially the nipples are connected to the endocrine system, a lot of healthy hormones are also secreted from breast massage, which gives a lifted mood, an anti-aging effect and can even increase the fullness of the breast.

In Taoist and Tantric practice, the breasts are the gateway to the heart, self-love and female orgasms. By opening our heart, we can open our pussy up to more sexual arousal and pleasure. For a man, this is quite the opposite, for there it is first his member that is the way to his heart.

See it like this:

  • The woman gives through her breasts, while the man gives through his cock.
  • A woman receives through her pussy and a man receives through his chest.

If we as women are closed about the heart, we are certainly also closed about the pussy. Therefore, as a woman, you should always start by stimulating yourself at the breasts and nipples - or get your partner to massage, tease or suck them. It is through the breasts that a woman can open her heart to love and thereby open up her pussy to receive her lover's penis, a glass dildo or a jade egg into her. It is through an open heart filled with love that you as a woman open up your body and pussy to more pleasure, orgasms and the feminine creative primal power that is inherent in every woman's pelvis.

The breasts of a woman are symbolic of a woman's sexuality, and it is through them that a woman gives love to her lover. It is through the breast that we as women nurture a child and embody our motherhood.

It is therefore only when we accept the size and appearance of our breasts that we can fully give love to ourselves and open ourselves up to the full sexual potential as a woman. We have to imagine that just as we feed a child through the breast, we can feed our inner child via breast massage.

It is worth considering completely freeing the breasts, i.e. stop wearing a bra and let go of the bra's firm grip on the breasts. Bras, especially underwire and push-up bras, can help compress breast tissue and restrict circulation in the breasts, which has been linked to the development of breast cancer. By letting go of the bra, our beautiful breasts can be free to move and bounce up and down as they please, which increases blood flow and thereby life and sensitivity in the breasts.

It is also worth considering completely stopping drinking and consuming dairy products, as cow's milk and cheese are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The cow's udder (breast) has long been a symbol of love, motherhood and nourishment, which I believe is the reason why we as humans drink breast milk from another female animal at all. But just as we ourselves have dieted at our mother's breast and received love and nourishment through it, so we can nourish ourselves through life through regular breast massage.

Regular breast massage is an enjoyable way to give love and joy to our breasts and release stagnant energy that comes from illness or suppressed grief. Chest massage softens the heart area and melts away any sorrow and shame stored there. As you begin to massage your breasts and release hardness at the heart, you may experience the release of suppressed heartache and shame, and it is only natural to begin to cry.

The more often you massage your breasts, the sooner they will be bursting with joy, health, life and pleasure. It is even possible to have orgasms just by stimulating the nipples! How to experience breast orgasms!

When you heal your relationship with your breasts, you will see that your breasts become your own, completely private erotic magnets for the great love for yourself and your dream partner!

Erotic love for you, beautiful goddess!

/ Helle

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