Den Mørke Gudinde

The Dark Goddess

The longing for darkness is strong right now... Even though we are in the middle of January and the days are short, it is still hard to find true darkness. The darkness that just envelops you and invites you to...


And lets you immerse yourself and feel deeply.

In our modern world, almost everything is illuminated by electric light...

And it can be really hard for someone like me who really just wants to feel the dark forces of nature enveloping me...

We have become so used to turning on the light at the socket to the extent that the darkness has become something unfamiliar, something unknown, maybe even uncomfortable for some...

And I think it is because we have unconsciously understood the dark as dangerous. I even had to reconsider writing "dark forces", because it is almost automatically associated with something evil. And who wants to be.

Therefore, darkness has probably become redundant, as something we would like to avoid.

It is of course also something that instinctively arouses fear and horror in most people.

Haven't you also tried to walk through a dark path on the way home. Perhaps you took the dark path for fun to challenge yourself, and then instinctively felt the fear rise up.

I tried this recently where I was trying to take the dark road home through the woods because I just really longed for the dark, but when I started walking just a few feet into the dark woods I had to turn around because I felt the fear. And maybe I was also afraid of meeting someone on my way and then start to scare them with my mere presence in the dark..

We have learned that monsters and monsters hide in the dark, and it is dangerous to walk home alone at night...

How often have you also heard that darkness is synonymous with pain, shame, fear and even evil.. For a long time it has been shamed.

But darkness is a place for the Feminine... Darkness is the feminine path..

And one can then wonder why they have lit up all the roads with lights.

One might think that in order to control the population, the power has deprived us of the connection to the feminine by only glorifying the light, the masculine aspects of ourselves.

We see it today with electric light everywhere, and the fact that in spiritual circles we are only guided to think positive, bright thoughts..

Many of us have begun to understand that disconnecting ourselves from the darkness, both in nature and in ourselves, can actually do more harm than good.. There is talk of dark skies and light pollution as a nuisance for both people, animals and plants and trees.

Because while we suppress the darkness, we suppress our deeper feelings and our deeper connection to nature, the cosmos and the stars in the sky.. and that makes us more stressed and burned out with violent mood swings. Scientists even see that trees are stressed by too much light, which causes them to flower earlier - so you can think how this does not affect people!

Darkness is important. It is a place of rest, stillness, letting go, recharging, nourishment and deeper love and awareness. It is as necessary as the light.

Without the darkness, we cannot see our way in life. Light can blind us and disturb us, and darkness can help us actually see more clearly.

When we are in the dark, we activate the production of melatonin, which helps you sleep more deeply, and sleep is very important for optimal health and hormone balance.

At the same time, the pineal gland in the brain is stimulated, which will grow larger and open you up to being able to "see" with your inner eye. That in itself will mean that you will have much greater clarity in dreams and in meditation and experience spiritual awakening.

So the darkness is a channel to get in touch with deeper parts of yourself, your depths, your deep primal subconscious, where yes, fear lives, but equally the path to truth, enlightenment and transformation..

Perhaps it is the fear of looking inward and just being in silence that makes us many times turn on the light or the television instead...

It can also be scary to face our fears

For who you will meet there in the dark is the dark goddess .

She is the aspect of the divine feminine that teaches us to allow our fear, anger, sadness, intense emotions, without judgment.

Her name is Kali, Medusa, Lilith, Hekate and Hel (just to name a few names of this powerful feminine dark force).

She is the destroyer and bringer of death. For a long time she has been shamed and exhibited as diabolical and evil...

This is a misunderstanding, because without her, darkness and death, we cannot have life. Without her we cannot make the earth fertile and create new life.

She is the goddess of destruction, yes, but she is the destroyer of all that which we no longer need. She is the destroyer of our ego, which stands in the way of our development. So without her we will not be able to grow and develop.

She represents life, death, earth and deep transforming energy..

She is the container of magic and mystery, and without these unknown and hidden truths, our journey as a human would be meaningless.

Darkness creates meaning, and without it we would not be able to see the stars in the sky or our guiding star.

The dark goddess is often presented as the queen of the underworld, or she who goes to the underworld.

When you feel overwhelmed by sadness, depression or deep despair inside that makes you feel like you are not good enough or that there must be something more to life, she is the one calling you. This energy shift and these emotions, which on the surface feel overwhelming and uncomfortable, are an invitation to transformation. The dark goddess calls to you and invites you to travel within to meet her.

She teaches you to surrender into the fear, confront your shadows, your pain and let them move through you.. Because when you walk the dark path into the dark forest, or into your own mind, you will too see the light.. Then you will see her standing with lit torches guiding you on your way, and the darkness will therefore become clearer and not so unfamiliar to navigate. So you must muster the courage to be naked and vulnerable in front of the dark goddess and let the worn out parts of you collapse so you can see more clearly and be set free..

And the delicious thing is that your senses will be sharpened by the darkness and you will get much more into your body, feel your sensuality more deeply and be happy with your nudity, your rawness and sexuality...

Because it is also part of the dark goddess – she is extremely erotic!

You can communicate with the Dark Goddess:

  • by walking through a dark forest
  • turn off the light and "watch"
  • light candles in the dark and make friends with the shadows
  • perform an outside sitting, just one hour from sunset is enough
  • soak in nature by a big tree and imagine yourself putting down roots in the dark bosom of mother earth
  • work with an obsidian yoni egg or enjoy your body with a crystal dildo from the shadow collection
  • meditate under the dark moon…
  • or during your period, when you are naturally invited to go within yourself and rest and be in your inner winter darkness.

How do you feel about the darkness and how do you feel the dark goddess in your life?

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