Hvordan giver man sig selv en vagina massage?

How do you give yourself a vagina massage?

Vagina Massage & De-armouring guide

Our vagina can hold a lot of memories, emotions, discomfort, stress, trauma and any negative energy from past bad sexual experiences. If we don't learn to process and release them, they can create a bodily armor of tension that manifests itself as either pain, numbness, hypersensitivity or a mixture. Everything that happens to us physically will affect us internally, both emotionally, spiritually, mentally and energetically. Everything is connected. On the contrary, if we receive negative messages in our mind, it will also affect our body and settle as emotional and physical miosis and knots. If you experience pain or numbness during sex with your partner or with yourself, then it means that your pussy is trying to tell you something.

Vagina massage & de-armouring with a crystal or glass dildo is sexual healing therapy that can help to accommodate your pussy's voice and loosen, prevent, heal and restore a balanced, relaxed, strong, flexible and vibrant pelvic floor.

Heating for vagina massage & de-armouring

I invite you to take some me-time and create a sacred space for yourself where you can feel completely safe and relaxed without interruption. Create a safe, sensual atmosphere with lit candles, sensual music, soft pillows and warm room temperature. Use a natural body oil to massage the body, breasts, stomach, thighs, buttocks and groin and do it slowly. When you are ready make big strokes over the vulva and clitoris and take your time to make yourself feel turned on and erotic.

Gentle introduction of the yoni rod

Once your body is turned on, open and warmed up, you can place the dildo at the vaginal opening and breathe in and out of your pussy. Ask your pussy: "Would you like to receive the yoni rod into you today?" and then listen for the answer. You want to get a 100% YES!, before you move on, i.e. that she sucks the dildo into her out of desire and not out of compulsion. If it's a "yes", your pussy will be soft, open, wet, sensitive, pulsing with pleasure after the dildo. If it's a "no," she'll feel dry, closed, numb, hard, tense, or painful. Just do the inner massage another day. ***This step is very important!!***

If you've gotten a "yes" from your pussy, you can slowly start inserting the dildo into you.

The vagina massage itself

Start at your vaginal opening and take your time massaging by rotating and moving the dildo clockwise to find points and areas of pleasure, numbness or pain. Go forward very slowly, and if you find an extra tender point, press the dildo gently towards the point while you breathe deeply into your stomach. Hold your breath and press out against the dildo with your pelvic floor muscles. Then exhale and relax. You can stay at a point for 30 sec. to 3 min., until you feel a release.


If your body wants you to go deeper, your vagina itself will give you permission and pull you deeper and deeper until you are at the cervix.

When you want to finish, thank your yoni with a "goodbye" and then squeeze with your love muscles to guide the dildo out of your vagina. Hold a hand like a cup over your vulva and say: "I am holy, I am beautiful, I am safe, I am loved".

Give yourself plenty of time to relax and integrate the experience afterwards.

Here are the goddess tools I recommend using for vaginal massage and de-armouring.

If you want to go deeper and be supported in your journey into your sacred portal, check out my online course Vagina Wonderland.

You can also get 1:1 support from me with a yonimapping or my 3-month Women's Wisdom course. Find more information on this page.

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