Medibation: Genopdag din autentiske erotik gennem meditativ onani

Medibation: Rediscover your authentic eroticism through meditative masturbation

Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of our sexuality, but let's be honest, it's been taboo for years. And you know what? It's no surprise that so many women struggle to understand their own sexuality and achieve fully explosive orgasms. We are bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards and sexualized messages telling us what our orgasms and sexuality should be like. And let's not forget that our society often focuses more on pleasure, pleasure, pleasure and orgasms, orgasms, orgasms, while our spirituality has been pushed aside.

But you know what? There is something important that we must rediscover. Something that can be incredibly healing for our sexuality. It's about reconnecting with our authentic eroticism and noticing what we really want and feel. And this is where "medibation" comes into play. Yes, you heard that right - "medibation", a new and exciting concept in masturbation that brings meditation and masturbation together.

Imagine creating a space where you can connect to your inner divine sexuality and explore your deepest desires. It is a journey that combines the calm and spirituality of meditation with the sensual pleasures of masturbation. It is an invitation to take the time to listen to your own body, find out what really turns you on and discover a connection between your sexuality and your spiritual side.

So let's go on this magical "medibation" journey together and explore how we can balance our body, mind and soul. Ready to open the doors to a universe of enjoyment, self-discovery and spiritual connection? So let's dive into this exciting practice that can transform our relationship with our sexuality and spirituality. Are you following?

Medibation, a concept introduced by inspirational sex coach Rosie Rees, has caught my attention as a trained yonimapper. It is a practice that combines meditation and masturbation and allows us to delve deep into our sexuality and achieve a deeper connection with our body. I have personally experienced how our sexuality can be the direct path to something deeply spiritual. As I usually say, "the pussy is the direct portal to the divine". Therefore, having a concept like medibation that puts words to this connection is incredibly powerful.

In this blog post, I would like to share my own interpretation and give you my best exercises to turn your self-pleasure into a medibation practice. Prepare to explore new dimensions of pleasure, self-discovery and spirituality as you open up to this exciting journey.

Golden Goddess Body meditation

One way to integrate meditation into your masturbation practice is by creating a space for calm and inner reflection. Start by finding a comfortable place where you can be undisturbed. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to focus on your breathing. Notice how the air flows in and out of your body. Allow your thoughts to pass without getting caught up in them – just let them float by like clouds in the sky.

When you are in a calm and relaxed state, you can begin to explore a desire or intention for your experience. It can be a desire or an intention to immerse yourself in your own sensuality and connection to your body. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a powerful goddess, radiant with sensuality and self-love.

When you touch yourself, let your visualization come to life. Let it become a source of inspiration and a reinforcement of your sensual experience. Imagine that every place you touch on your body turns to gold. Let yourself experience a transformation where your touch turns to gold and symbolizes your connection to your inner goddess. Feel how the golden color flows through you and enhances your pleasure and self-indulgence.

Sound during self-pleasure

I want to share with you another dimension of meditation practice that involves sound. Sound can play a crucial role in our connection to our bodies and sexuality. It is not only what we feel and touch that can bring us deeper into our experience, but also what we hear and express with our voice.

Imagine using sound as a way to express and amplify your feelings during self-pleasure. Try experimenting with consciously making sounds or singing to yourself during your masturbation experience. These sounds can be gentle, sensual and sexy, but they can also be more melodic, deep and shrill. Let the sound flow naturally from you and let it be an expressive part of your experience.

Sound is healing and medicine for the soul, but it is often something we suppress within ourselves because we don't dare to speak our mind, to be heard or because we don't think we have the beautiful singing voice. But try incorporating sound into your masturbation experience by making noises or singing to yourself. Let the sound flow naturally and let it enhance your experience. This can help release tension and worry and deepen your connection to yourself. Sound is a powerful source of connection with our emotions and our authentic selves and with something ancient in us before language. Let sound be part of your journey towards self-discovery and self-expression. It is a way to bring more healing, intimacy and soulfulness into your relationship with your own body and sexuality.

The microcosmic circuit

Another important practice that can be enriched through medibation is the microcosmic circuit. This is a Chinese traditional method that involves visualizing a flow of energy circulating through various points in the body. The microcosmic circuit can strengthen your connection to the body and increase your sexual energy. You can follow this guide to the microcosmic circuit:

Activating the energy pathways:

Imagine an energy path starting from the root of your body, your pelvic area (below the navel) and moving up the spine, along the back of the body, and ending at the top of your head (the crown chakra). This is the middle meridian. Also imagine an energy path running from your genital area up your stomach, past your chest and down your arm to your fingertips. This is the front meridian.

Circulation of the energy with visualization:

a. Begin by inhaling and visualizing the energy rising up the middle meridian and reaching the top of your head. Imagine that this energy has a certain color that symbolizes the desire you want to manifest. It can be green for healing, pink for love or blue for inner peace. Choose a color that resonates with you.

b. On the exhale imagine this colored energy flowing down the front of your face, neck, chest, stomach and down the front meridian back to the genital area. Visualize this colorful energy filling every cell and structure of your body, bringing your desire or intention to life.

Feel the energy flow through every part of your body and especially through your genitals and breasts and experience how it strengthens and intensifies your sensuality.

Using sound on the exhale:

As you exhale, you can add a sound that supports and reinforces your practice. This can be a slow and deep intoning of a certain frequency or a word or mantra that represents your desire. The sound helps send the energy out and anchor your desire in the universe.

Repetition and continuation:

Continue the circulation of the energy with visualization and use of sound on the exhalation in a smooth and flowing movement. Repeat this practice for 10-15 minutes or longer as needed.

When you finish the practice, sit quietly for a moment and feel the effect of the microcosmic circuit. Be open to receiving the gifts and opportunities that your desire brings, and be grateful for your connection to body, mind, and spirit.

Note that you can do this faster to activate the sympathetic nervous system if you need to be activated and feel your sexuality more intensely. You can breathe and do this exercise more slowly to activate the parasympathetic nervous system if you need calm and slow experience with your sensuality and pleasure.

Yoni pilgrimage

In certain spiritual practices and tantric traditions, a meditation technique is used that combines the use of a glass dildo with a yoni massage. The purpose of this practice is not simply to achieve an orgasm, but rather to delve into an inner yoni pilgrimage where one sees one's yoni as a landscape or a temple that can be explored on a deeper level.

In this meditation technique, you create a calm and sacred space for yourself. One can light candles, use aromatherapy or other elements that promote a sense of inner peace and presence. When you are ready, you take a glass dildo and start performing a yoni massage on yourself.

Instead of focusing on achieving an orgasm, the aim is to use the dildo as a tool to open up the inner gaze and experience one's yoni as a landscape or a temple. One can visualize how one's inner gaze explores the different spaces and worlds within the symbolic landscape of the yoni.

Along the way, one can imagine opening doors to different spaces that represent different aspects of one's sexuality, sensuality and emotional depths. One can discover new layers of awareness and connection as one continues one's inner journey.

It is important to note that this practice requires time, patience and respect for one's own body and boundaries. It is about being in touch with oneself in a deep and loving way, and it is a personal journey that can open up a greater understanding and acceptance of one's sexuality and self-expression.

It is important to emphasize that this practice is very individual and that it is important to find an approach that feels authentic and comfortable to you.

I hope this can inspire you to explore your own authentic eroticism and open up a more spiritual connection to your sexuality. The Goddess Temple offers online courses that can help you discover the transformative powers of sexuality and strengthen your connection with your inner goddess. Why not take the first step and sign up for either Aphrodite's Rose , The Magic Jade Egg or Vagina Wonderland .

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