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Dick worship

Men, like women, also need sexual healing very much. After all, I'm very excited about celebrating women as goddesses, which is great, but we might also forget to celebrate men as the gods they are. Like the kings they are.

And how perfect it is to do on May 1st, when you traditionally celebrate the sun by dancing around a large maypole, which is a clear phallus symbol and a direct celebration of the male genitalia.

Today is also called Beltane. The name Beltane comes from the Celtic word "tan" which means "fire", and "Bel" is the name of a Celtic sky god. Combined, the words mean "fire in the sky", which means the sun, and the sun is traditionally associated with the masculine.

So this is the best time to show your excitement and love and desire and adoration to the man.

Men also experience a lot of sexual trauma and pain, so they also need to be adored. And as a lover of a man, you can get very deep into his heart and help him heal some of those things - because as women we are much more in touch with our ebb and flow of emotions, so we will could help a man connect to his heart and emotions as well.

One of the ways to show your love to a man is to directly adore his cock. At least I know it from myself, the more I love a man, the more I love his cock. His cock is a part of him, it's his manhood, and showing your love and adoration to his manhood will make him feel loved.

In tantric understanding, the way to a man's heart is through his cock. A man's pleasure center is in his genitals, so a man needs to be sexually stimulated on his cock to open his heart, which is opposite to a woman who often needs to be stimulated on her breasts and on the rest of her body , before touching between her legs. A man can actually feel completely abandoned or rejected if you completely avoid giving his genitals attention. This is probably why some men can tend to be overly fixated on their cock, swinging it around left and right, both because they lack care and maybe also because they are very unbalanced in their masculinity.

We live in a culture that is very focused on growth, doing and action, and this causes the masculine to be overstimulated to the point of being unbalanced. Men learn from a young age that real boys don't cry and that to be a real man, you have to act, perform, be strong, have balls, etc. to such an extent that a man can end up pushing himself all the time to be recognized.

Men can therefore be very used to being the active dominant party in life as well as in sex life. Because men can clearly have a lot of pressure on themselves in relation to having to be eternally hard, strong and tough. And this means that he also gets the relationship with his sex, that it must also be eternally hard during sex, that he must perform with his cock and have a big one in order to satisfy a woman or exercise power over his surroundings, etc. .

In tantric understanding, it is when a man can hold onto his sexual energy and lead it up into the heart that he will become more balanced, because that is when he can stop his primal urges to ejaculate and lead the sexual energy up into the heart that he will be able to connect to his feminine energy, his deeper feelings and get a sense of deep care, nourishment and love and intimacy.

It can therefore be very very healing for a man to be able to surrender and be the receiving party during sex, because it allows him to become vulnerable and soft and be in his receiving feminine energy, which men have long been told is a sign of weakness. Instead of him having to be active and satisfy and feel pressure during sex, it can be fantastic and incredibly healing and redemptive for him to be the receiving party. That it is his cock that is adored, without any pressure for it to do a certain thing, or look a certain way, or be hard, big, viral, etc., etc. But just being as it is now.

Adore the dick with words.

One way to do that is of course to tell him with words how delicious he is and how delicious and naughty it is, feels and tastes. It is incredibly important for a man to be recognized with words and compliments, because then he gets to know that he is good enough as he is. He does not need to constantly perform and perform to get recognition; but his cock is also just good enough as it is, it doesn't matter if it's hard or soft, big or small; he is good enough as he is. Then adore his cock with words. Say, "I love dick, you dick!"

Hold on to it.

Another way is to simply hold it. Holding it with so much love and care and presence, because it shows that you respect his manhood, which can be an absolutely incredible experience for a man, because a man can be so used to doing something with it, stimulating it so it get hard or become sexually aroused. So holding it can be a whole new experience of actually being held; that his manhood and his whole being is held without it having to be sexual, but more as a way of adoring him. It can open up a whole new way of relating to sexuality as something that is sacred and healing.

Give him a blowjob like a goddess.

And now we get into the more juicy part, because the third thing is of course to give him a super delicious blowjob - like a real sex goddess. A man loves blowjobs. But only if you really enjoy it. So you have to do it out of desire - and not out of compulsion or because of a notion that if you just act like a porn star, you'll send him to heaven. Because your enjoyment is ultimately also his enjoyment. So when I say that you should give a blowjob like a sex goddess, I definitely mean that you should do it from a place where you are connected to your own divine femininity within yourself.

A woman's mouth is a direct mirror to her vagina. Both the throat and the female genitalia are almond-shaped with lips. Both are our only openings into the body where things can enter deep into us. There are acupressure points inside the mouth that are massaged and stimulated when you give a blowjob, and those points can open you up to pleasure both in the throat and in the vagina. Because the throat and vagina are neurologically connected. So when you open your mouth, you also automatically open your pussy. But that only happens if you enjoy it.

If you don't enjoy it or are even forced to, then giving a blowjob will feel really awful - and it can make you actually feel nauseous and want to throw up, and you will close your throat and therefore also close your pussy. But as you heal any discomfort with giving a blowjob, you'll start to enjoy it more and more. Then you automatically want to adore a man's penis. Honor it in every way. So giving a blowjob can become a fantastic meditation. The more you love your man, the more you will be able to love his cock. The cock symbolizes not only the pleasure it can give you, but also the man's manhood, the ultimate masculinity, the source of creation, pleasure and power, penetration, higher consciousness, presence and focus.

Giving a blowjob is therefore deeply intimate and a way to worship, adore, desire and love your man. Giving a blowjob thus takes on a whole new meaning. It's not just about having to give your partner pleasure, but also just as much about giving yourself pleasure.

Give him a handjob with your vagina.

So the next thing you can do to adore your man's cock is to use your own vagina. This is a very advanced exercise, so it takes some practice. As a woman, you have the opportunity to cultivate your own pleasure through various sexual techniques, e.g. to use a jade egg or another yoni egg . But did you know that by awakening your pussy's erotic energy, feminine primal power and sexual energy and pleasure, you can use your vaginal muscles to give your lover more pleasure?

There is a technique called "milking", which is super delicious and naughty, where you use your flexibility, strength and muscle control to milk or massage your partner's member. It is definitely where you give a handjob with your vagina! This gives a man great pleasure, and ultimately also gives you a lot of pleasure.

I don't believe that sex is only about one person's pleasure. But it is about two people who unite in erotic love. It's about two people giving and receiving pleasure. When you learn to isolate and train your vaginal muscles, you will become wetter and your vagina more sensitive, alive and pleasurable for you and your partner. There is a misconception that you have to have a tight pussy to give your male partner pleasure, but really we don't want a tight vagina, but we want a vibrant vagina that is strong, flexible, relaxed and open, so that your vagina becomes receptive and so that your divine consciousness within you as a woman is fully awakened. When you have a vibrant, strong and sensitive vagina, you will create a greater intimate connection during sex with a man. You will be able to feel your man's cock much better and you will be able to give a handjob with your vagina because you can activate all parts of your vagina. So you can move, squeeze, touch, suck and squeeze. And that is a much, much better feeling for a man than a tight pussy. A pussy that doesn't just lie passively, but is active and grabs what she wants. The technique of milking your partner with your vagina is a way to adore your partner's cock, but it is also a way to give a healing massage.

In Chinese Taoist practice, it is said that there are different reflex points within that are associated with different organs and glands and emotions. These reflex points are inside the vagina, but they are also on a man's cock. So when you have sex with your man, you will be able to give his cock a good massage with your vagina and activate the various reflex points, so that you actually give him a healing massage with your magical pussy. Through your vagina and its squeeze on various reflex points on the man's penis, you do sexual reflexology and enable the man to feel the gentle sensations and feelings during sex and allow him to surrender without having to do anything. This brings healing to both you and him and great pleasure and intimacy during lovemaking.

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!


Helen L.

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