Yoni refleksologi. De glemte følelser i vaginaen.

Yoni reflexology. The forgotten feelings in the vagina.

The yoni (or vagina) is one of the places in the body where we as women store the majority of our repressed emotions. The vagina is like a sponge that receives and absorbs everything from the outside - from everyday stress and rush to joy and love.

In the ancient Taoist practice, the sexual organs are understood as the root of all life. When our sexual energy flows freely, it contributes to optimal health, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

In reflexology, you press certain acupressure points under the foot to heal different organs in the body - but according to the Taoists, the most powerful points are inside the vagina.

When these reflex points are stimulated and given proper blood flow and attention, you can get in touch with some very deep feelings and experiences stored in your yoni and open yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure as well as optimal vaginal and physical health.


The vagina is divided into different areas and these areas are connected to different organs and glands in the body. Eg. is the vaginal opening and first part of the vagina connected to the kidneys. A little further up is the g-zone – what I call the Goddess point – which is connected to the liver.

Massage of these points not only increases the physical health of various organs, but also holds a lot of emotions, which you can get in touch with and open up through massage or point pressure. Eg. the cervix is ​​connected to the heart, so massage of the cervix can be a deep healing experience, where deep sorrows and traumas are healed, so that one's heart is better able to receive and give love.

An effective and powerful way to balance your emotions and your entire body and nervous system is to become aware of these points and work with them actively.


The vaginal opening:

Are connected to the kidneys, and if they are sick, you will experience fear, guilt, shame, frigidity. When the kidneys are healthy, you feel gentle, calm, quiet and peaceful.

G spot:

Is associated with the liver. An unbalanced liver makes you angry, greedy, frustrated, and when it is in balance, you will feel generous, kind and accepting towards yourself and the world around you.

The top of the vagina / in front of the cervix:

Is associated with the spleen. When the spleen is not well, there will be stress, worry and anxiety in your life, and when it is healthy, you feel open, centered and grounded.

Deep inside the vagina and the area around the cervix:

Is associated with the lungs. This area of ​​a woman's sexual anatomy is one of the most untouched, as it is the deepest part of the vagina and the skin surrounding the cervix, not the cervix itself. When the lungs are sick, you feel sad, depressed, self-critical and nostalgic. When the lungs are healthy and strong, you feel brave and safe with a good self-confidence and centered in the present, free from the past.

On the cervix:

This is the cervix itself. When there is imbalance in this area, there is impatience, haste and apathy. When the area is healthy, we have deep respect, unfounded joy and enthusiasm.


Jade egg and yoni egg

One of the oldest Taoist methods for stimulating these reflex points within the vagina is using a jade egg or other yoni egg. Regular use of a jade egg is one of the easiest ways to begin massaging and awakening these reflex points within while physically strengthening and softening the area.

When you start using a jade egg, you will probably notice that deep emotions are being activated within you. It is simply because the jade egg begins to massage and press against these reflex points that hold a lot of unresolved emotions.

I have jade eggs and various yoni eggs for sale on my webshop right here.

Crystal dildo

Another and perhaps even more effective and powerful way to heal tension, blockages and unresolved emotions in your body and vagina is with the help of a crystal dildo.

You can use a crystal dildo to do a yoni massage on yourself, where you actively use the various reflex points inside.

With a crystal dildo, you can much better feel the different points in the vagina and actively massage, press in and hold a point that you feel is tense, painful or numb. When you hold the point with the dildo, you can simultaneously use your breath to release emotions or energy stored at the point.

You will probably find that the deeper you get into your vagina, the more ancient and primal the energy becomes. That the closer you get to the cervix, you start to activate emotions that you didn't even think you had.

Therefore, it is good to first massage and activate the first part of the vagina and from there go deeper when you are ready to go through a larger healing process.

The vaginal opening can hold a lot of fear and trauma, just as the labia can hold shame and guilt. It is therefore so important to have a 100% yes from your pussy before proceeding to the inner massage with the crystal dildo.

I'm sending you so much erotic love your way!



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