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G-Spot Awakening Kit

G-Spot Awakening Kit

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Pussy Butter™

Experience a new dimension of pleasure and pampering with our exclusive G-Spot Awakening Kit, designed to awaken your inner goddess and take your intimate moments to new heights. This luxurious package contains everything you need to make your G-spot really sensitive, delicious and orgasmic.


  • Spermy™ Penis Ring Vibrator
  • The Magic Squirter™ Glass dildo
  • Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ in large size
  • Pussy Butter™ (can be purchased separately)
  • Our beautiful branded silk-lined velour pouch for safe storage
  • Detailed instructions in flyer
  • Read more about your Goddess-spot here.


Awakening your G-spot can be an incredibly rewarding experience that opens up new levels of pleasure and self-love. Here's a simple guide to help you on your way:

  • Preparation: Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Feel free to lay down the waterproof Goddess Blanket on your bed or the floor to experience a deep, indulgent and safe moment of self-pleasure.
  • Warm-up: Start by stimulating yourself or letting your partner do it to increase arousal. Use Spermy for clitoral stimulation and as a warm-up.
  • Find the G-Spot: The G-Spot is located about 2-4 cm up on the front wall of the vagina. Use your fingers or The Magic Squirter to feel for a slightly rough or spongy surface.
  • Stimulation: Once you've found the G-spot, you can use firm, rhythmic movements. Experiment with changing pressure and speed to find what feels best.
  • Use Pussy Butter : For extra comfort and pleasure, apply a layer of Pussy Butter . This will not only make the experience smoother, but also add a delicious scent and taste to your intimate moment.
  • Focus and breathing: Remember to breathe deeply and focus on your feelings. Allow yourself to relax and surrender to the pleasure.

With the G-Spot Awakening Kit you have everything you need to explore and enjoy your body in new and exciting ways. Give yourself or a loved one the ultimate gift of pampering and juicy pleasure.

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Crystal properties

Amethyst: Emotional calm, spiritual growth, protection, intuition

Black Obsidian: Clearing negativity, grounding, trauma release, protection

Blue Quartz: Opening throat-yoni connection, communication, calmness, stress reduction, spiritual connection

Clear Quartz: Spiritual guidance, chakra balance, energy enhancement, manifestation

Indian Jade: Heart chakra balance, attraction of abundance, good luck

Nephrite Jade: Healing of the female reproductive system, protection, harmony, wealth, balancing emotions

Rose Quartz: Heart opener, self-love, acceptance, compassion

Red Carnelian: Vitality, libido, creativity, confidence, fearlessness, passion

Red Jasper: Courage, stability, grounding, endurance, anxiety reduction

White Jade: Peace, harmony, clarity, lightness

Read the entire crystal guide here.


We deliver on all weekdays from Monday to Friday.

When the order is placed, it will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

We do a lot to love the crystals and charge them with a lot of good energy before sending them out to you.

We pack discreetly! Nothing on the outside indicates that the content has anything to do with sexuality and pleasure.

When the order is send you will get an e-mail with your tracking number.

Orders within Europe are delivered with DAO Express and DHL. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery once dispatched.

International orders outside Europe are shipped with DHL Express and transit time will vary from 2 to 10 working days at the moment the parcel is dispatched.

Free shipping within Europe at 194€ - not in combination with discount codes.

The Goddess Temple delivers to all European countries and Iceland and Norway. Let us know if you want the shipping to another country and we will see if that can be arranged.

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