Præ-menstruel? Lad den vilde kvinde komme til udtryk!

Pre-menstrual? Let the wild woman express herself!

The wild woman... She is probably hidden away in many of us – the raw, primal feminine voice within us that needs space, time, rest and freedom to express itself fully.

She is the one who rages, screams and crows.

It is she who expresses her feelings, her sadness, anger and her sexual desire.

But she is most often seen as crazy and in some cases insane. Because society has no place for her. She is pushed away, ignored, locked up or even hospitalized.

But she is especially hidden away from ourselves.

The dark goddess, the one who bloodthirsty and savagely and horrifyingly destroys and transforms worlds and beliefs - it is she who we fear.

She is the ancient goddesses Kali, Medea and Hekate. She is Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Society's shame over the wild woman

We have always feared her destructive sides, her truths and her desires. So she has been left with so much shame and guilt and dismissed as insane.

She is seen as dangerous to society because she cannot do right, and therefore she is pushed away, rejected, medicated with anti-depressants, self-harming behavior, eating disorders or alcohol abuse.

All women really have the wild woman inside them, and you've probably already made the acquaintance of her.

She especially goes berserk if we don't listen to her in time. And with a stressful life in a society that demands a lot from us as humans, it can happen quite often.

My Crazy Woman story

When I really opened up to my wild woman, my inner Crazy Woman, a few years ago, I went through my most difficult moment, when I had a lot of anxiety and discomfort in my abdomen.

I screamed, shook and cried... and I almost wanted to rip my pussy out because she gave me so much grief and pain.

I have no difficulty in feeling my inner crazy woman, but I probably have a little difficulty in preventing her outbursts. Because she is very often expressed in the periods when I have not given myself enough time to relax, be creative and sensual.

PMS and menstruation

It is especially in the period right up to menstruation that the wild woman can express herself.

Because if we don't allow ourselves to relax, listen inward, nourish ourselves with sensuality and self-care and really get down to the body just before menstruation, then the wild woman bursts through and shouts and screams that now is the time to relax!

You probably feel this when you get a short fuse, become angry, cross, sad and depressed, or maybe you get a headache or other PMS-like symptoms.

The nice girl needs the wild woman

Many of us women are not in harmony with the wild woman within.

Some women don't even know that side of themselves because they have become so used to playing nice girls and just behaving according to the norms and what society and their family, friends or partner just expect of them.

That you are so afraid of actually expressing yourself that you actually suppress the wild woman and the deep part of yourself.

But actually it is very difficult to maintain the facade in the long run. It's hard to subdue the wild woman because sometimes she just wants out.

And if you have suppressed her for a really long time, she will probably explode.

You might even experience a moment a la the elf queen Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, where she goes completely crazy because she wants to possess the mighty ring.


The Wild Woman... Let her express herself

I want to help you connect with the wild woman and actually befriend her—so that you don't suddenly have a Galadriel outburst.

Ways to hallow the wild woman:

1) Drink a hot cup of tea or cocoa with her.

2) Dance with her to hard drum beats.

3) Shake your body and scream out her voice, e.g. over an ocean or down into a pillow.

4) Hit a pillow or jaw out in a forest.

5) Let her know you are there for her by accommodating her feelings, e.g. write in a diary and get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper.

6) Put her in soft blankets and kiss her hair and say loving words to her.

7) Rest, meditate and sleep.

8) And when the red sea comes, remember to honor and sanctify it by offering it to Mother Earth. And thank the dark goddess for all the wisdom these experiences of pain, sorrow, suffering or worry have given you.

Befriend your shadow sides

The sooner you embrace your inner wild woman, the closer your relationship will be.

She is your shadow side, your soulmate.

And over time you will get to know her signals much better. You will more quickly feel when your wild woman is expressed, and it will be a signal to you that you need to slow down and prioritize self-care, bodily touch and sensual pleasure.

I wish you a really nice day here in the dark autumn.

Blessed Be


Helen L.

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