5 grunde til at lave yoni yoga

5 reasons to do yoni yoga

Yoni yoga is not a normal form of yoga, but it is exactly yoga for your pussy. You simply want to exercise with your vagina - and if you use a jade egg or other yoni egg , that exercise will become even more sensual and powerful.

Yoni yoga is beneficial to you as a woman for many different reasons, but here I want to introduce you to 5 reasons why I think it should be something every woman knows about:

1) You get stronger pelvic floor and vaginal muscles

You will strengthen and maintain a strong, yet flexible and relaxed pelvic floor, which helps prevent incontinence and even prolapse, which is something that is very taboo, yet is something that many older women experience. But with yoni yoga you can completely prevent and even cure it, so you don't have to be afraid of peeing your pants when you go for a walk or cough or sneeze.

2) You increase your sex drive, arousal and the intensity of your orgasms

Due to your increased activity, strength and flexibility in your vagina, you will increase the blood flow to the area and awaken the nerve pathways, so that you increase the sensitivity in the vagina. The stronger and more relaxed a vagina, the stronger and more satisfying orgasms. You should see your pelvic floor as a trampoline. If the trampoline is too weak, you cannot jump on it, but it will actually hang looser and the energy will flow out of it. Conversely, if the trampoline is too tight, you can't jump on it either, because it can't move at all. But if, on the other hand, it is strong, but relaxed, then you will be able to jump up and down - and the orgasms will be able to bounce up and down in your pussy and all the way out in the body for full-body orgasms. Mmmmhhh...

3) You increase your feminine energy, youthfulness and radiance

By inserting a jade or yoni egg into your vagina during yoni yoga, you will massage, strengthen and soften the vaginal walls, stimulating your endocrine glands and organs and releasing a host of healthy hormones. It will make you more wet, wet and wet again, but you will also experience increased vitality. Instead of letting your precious energy seep out of your vagina, you will instead raise your sexual energy up into your body. When you use an egg, you will bring your sexual energy up into the face, which gives beautiful, more youthful skin and radiance outwards, and you get a natural lift in your face and neck. You will balance your menstrual cycle, reduce pms, but also reduce the stress hormone cortisol to instead boost all the good pleasurable love hormones such as oxytocin.

4) You release sexual blockages, shame and trauma

Yoni yoga helps you connect to your sexuality and your abdomen, allowing you to get in touch with pent-up emotions and trauma stored in the vagina. Women store a lot of their repressed emotions, stress and rush in the vagina, so yoni yoga will gently release it and also learn to listen inwardly to what your body needs to be safe and surrender to pleasure again.

5) You connect to your primal feminine power and wisdom

This is one of my absolute favorite reasons why you as a woman should prioritize your yoni yoga. You want to open up your contact with your womb, which is where you can get a lot of creative energy, life energy and wisdom - directly from the divine feminine within you. Your pussy is actually your direct portal to the divine, your intuitive guide, goddess, oracle – or whatever you want to call it. It will increase your self-esteem, your willpower and your connection to something bigger, namely your own pussy, which is truly a badass queen.

I wish for you to experience all this…

I wish for you to experience all of this and more, because it is every woman's birthright to feel true love for herself and to be fully in touch with the magic and pleasure of her pussy.

I therefore invite you to the Magic Jade Egg , where you will learn exercises and techniques to recover your innocent eroticism & pleasure and heal and awaken your body, pelvic floor and pussy on a very deep level.

More than ever, we women need to stand strong (& soft.. & surrendering) in our feminine primal power and power.

More than ever, we women need to be in touch with the wisdom of our pussies!

More than ever, we women need to honor ourselves and accommodate our bodies and what they hold... of grief, failure, trauma... and shower it with self-care, love, pleasure and maybe even orgasmic ecstasy.

Both for yourself, other girls and women, but also for the earth, because it is also a sensual feminine mother – Mother Earth <3

I gladly welcome you into my circle of sensual women over 7 weeks with your yoni!

The Magical Jade Egg online course is open again for registration to start on 24 July 2022.

Registration takes place here .

Read more about the jade egg here and buy your own yoni egg here .

I hope to see you, beautiful goddess.

I send you so much erotic love!



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